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Kratos Voice Actor: Who’s Behind the God of War

This article tells about Kratos voice actor.
VashLast Updated: February 23, 2024
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As an action-adventure game series since 2005, God of War has millions of fans around the world. It was a hit in the action game genre and become a flagship series of PlayStation consoles. The game emphasizes on hack-and-slash combat, plus some puzzle-solving elements and an epic story about revenge.

The developer Santa Monica Studio has created a legendary adventure of Kratos in God of War games across from Greek to Norse. And Kratos has also become one of the most famous video game characters.

In this article, we will show you who the God of War Kratos voice actor is, and the best way to get the iconic deep voice of Kratos, the god killer.

Who’s Kratos from the God of War series

Every famous game franchise has a memorable protagonist, like Master Chief to the Halo, and Batman to the Arkham series. In God of War games, that character is Kratos.

This game series is divided into two parts, the first part is based on Greek mythology, and the second part is set the stages on top of Norse mythology. Kratos is the protagonist of the whole series all along, in the first part, he was a Spartan soldier who serves Ares, the God of War in Greek. But Kratos was tricked by Ares into murdering his wife and daughter. Extremely angry Kratos killed Ares and become the new God of War, then he eventually started his long revenge against all gods of Olympus.

After he killed Zeus, the god who rules all the Olympus, Kratos came to Norse where he tried to start a peaceful life and find redemption for his past. Kratos married another wife Faye and had a son named Atreus in Norse. After Faye passed away, they set out on a journey to fulfill her final wish. Along their journey, Kratos comes into conflict with Norse gods, and get involved in the war with the Aesir gods. Kratos and his companions managed to defeat Odin in the end and stopped his plan. After that, Kratos becomes a hero who was praised by the people, and begin to rebuild the realms and restore peace.

Kratos in different God of War games
Kratos in different God of War games

The Most Memorable Kratos Quotes

“A Spartan Never Lets His Back Hit The Ground.”

In the flash back scene of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos said this to his younger brother Deimos. As a Spartan, Kratos is born to be a warrior, and this line epitomizes his will in single words.

“A Choice From The Gods Is As Useless As The Gods Themselves.”

When Zeus tried to kill Kratos, but also said that Kratos didn’t have to die had he chosen to respect the gods, he still choose to show his despise against gods even after he already becomes one of them.

“Don’t Be Sorry, Be Better.”

This simple and direct line might be one of the major themes in the two Norse God of War games. Kratos values the growth of his son and tries to teach him not to fall into the same mistakes that Kratos made before. And in Ragnarok, Atreus says the same thing to his father, they really helped each other to grow, to become better.

Best Kratos quotes
Best Kratos quotes

Who are the Kratos Voice Actors in God of War games

There are two Kratos voice actors in total throughout all God of War games. T. C. Carson is the voice actor who has been casting voices for Kratos since the first God of War game in 2005, and he performed the “Greek Kratos” for 6 games in total, and the last time he voiced Kratos was the God of War: Ascension in 2013.

In the first Norse mythology God of War in 2018, the original Kratos voice actor was replaced by Christopher Judge, who’s also the God of War Ragnarok Kratos voice actor in 2022. According to the creative director Cory Barlog of the developer team, this replacement was made because they need the voice actor to do the motion capture for Kratos too. Christopher Judge is more suitable since he has a strong body close to Kratos. Christopher Judge voices Kratos in a different way when compared with Carson, the voice is deeper, more steady, and perfectly represents Kratos’s changes in the new story.

T. C. Carson and Christopher Judge
T. C. Carson and Christopher Judge

Best Kratos Voice Changer to Get the God Killer’s Deep Voice

Whether the angry Greek Kratos voice or the deep Norse Kratos voice, they are both fascinating voices acting in video games. If you ever wanted to imitate the Kratos voice actor, a voice changer such as VoiceTrans can help.

VoiceTrans is a versatile AI voice changer that allows you to change your voice in real time. There are more than 30 voice effects for you to choose from. And the built-in Voice Labo function will enable you to create any voice you want. Except for Kratos’s iconic voices, you can create voices of other famous game characters like Revenant and Genji.

You can find VoiceTrans on Windows systems, and it’s free to download. Have a try now!

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Kratos is a complex character full of stories. He’s cruel, violent, and a vengeful avatar of anger and hate. But he has changed after his vengeance ended, more like a man and a father. Players love how Kratos’s characteristics developed in the God of War games, and the Kratos voice actors’ brilliant performance made him even more memorable.


Who is the original Kratos voice actor in the previous God of War games?

T. C. Carson used to cast voices for Kratos from God of War 1 to God of War: Ascension. In God of War (2018) and its sequel, the Kratos voice actor was changed to Christopher Judge.

Why did they change Kratos voice actor in God of War (2018)?

The creative director Cory Barlog says that due to the need for camera work, the voice actor will have to do the motion capture too, and Christopher Judge is more suitable than T. C. Carson since his size is closer to Kratos.

This article is originally published on June 16, 2023, and updated on February 23, 2024


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