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Top 8 Cat Soundboards for Cat Lovers on Desktop & Mobile

This post gives you the top 8 cat soundboards for cat people.
SylviaLast Updated: April 3, 2024
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Are you a cat lover? Do you have a cat or love watching kitten videos on YouTube or TikTok?

Cute animal videos always lift your mood and relieve stress. Their fluffy body, beautiful eyes, and meowing and purring make us heart-warming and light-hearted.

More and more cat lovers post their daily lives with their cats and get millions of views. If you like listening to cats meowing but don’t have a cat, you don’t need to find YouTube cat videos. A cat soundboard website or app could do everything for you.

If you don’t have time for your cat, a cat soundboard can also amuse them.

Read this post if that’s what you need. We will introduce the top 8 soundboards offering cat noises or meow sounds. If you want to create a custom cat soundboard with your cat sound clips, try VoiceTrans.

Top 6 Cat Soundboard Websites

#1. Cat Soundboard

Cat Soundboard (http://catsoundboard.com/) offers 36 cat noises. You can find all kinds of cat meows on the page. Happy, angry, lazy meows played when you hover over the adorable cat pictures.

Cat Soundboard
Cat Soundboard

#2. Meow Soundboard

Meow Soundboard (https://www.meowsoundboard.com/) is a cat meow soundboard posting 24 cat meow sounds. You need to click a cat picture to play the meow sounds.

The website owner had a lovely orange cat named Quetzal (2006-2016). His love for it led him to build this website. “He will be missed dearly. Best cat ever.”

Meow Soundboard
Meow Soundboard

#3. 101 Soundboards

101 Soundboards offers a cat noises soundboard (https://www.101soundboards.com/boards/10207-cat-sounds) containing about 70 cat sounds. There are sounds of cat eating, growling, hissing, purring, and kittens meowing.

101 Soundboards supports playback by hotkeys. And you can download the audio file of the sound clips in MP3 format. Try to find funny soundboards like a girlfriend soundboard on 101 Soundboards.

101 Soundboards
101 Soundboards

#4. Myinstants

Myinstants is an instant sound play website for the sounds from TV shows, anime, and games such as Talking Ben soundboard.

Myinstants offers a meow soundboard ((https://www.myinstants.com/en/search/?name=meow)) with dozens of sound clips. And you can use the virtual cat soundboard buttons to play them whenever you want.

Myinstants supports sharing a single sound button by copying the link. You can share your favorite sound button with your friends or save it on the browser for easy access.


#5. Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness (https://www.realmofdarkness.net/sb/cat/) provides a cat soundboard. There are 30 cat sounds on the page. And they are classified into different types.

Click on the buttons to play the sounds. There is a Stop Sounds button that enables you to stop all playing sounds. And you can share this cat soundboard page on your Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, or other social media.

Realm of Darkness
Realm of Darkness

#6. Blerp

If you are a Blerp user, this cat soundboard on Blerp may be the most convenient one.

You can play the cat sounds and save them to your collection.


Top 2 Cat Soundboard Apps on Mobile

In the first part, we gave you 6 websites to play cat sounds. You can access them on your browsers whenever you want to play them on a computer or smartphone.

Next, we will introduce two apps for you to play cat sounds on a phone. So you don’t have to visit websites every time.

#1. Cat Soundboard – Android

This app is for Android users. Cat Soundboard features multiple cat and kitten sound clips. You can play the sounds randomly or play several sounds at the same time.

But you need to pay per item at $1.99. After buying it, you can tap one sound to share the clip or set it as a ringtone or a notification sound.

Cat Soundboard – Android
Cat Soundboard – Android

#2. Cat Sounds – Meow Soundboard – iOS

Are you an iOS user? Cat Sounds is an app for iPhone and iPad. There are different types of cat sounds. You can find 164 cat sounds, such as angry, cute, funny cat sounds, meow, or kitten sounds.

The app is free and the sounds are copyrighted and licensed.

Cat Sounds - Meow Soundboard – iOS
Cat Sounds – Meow Soundboard – iOS

Best Cat Soundboard Software on PC

Can I play cat sounds when I stream on Discord or Twitch?  Yes, of course. A real-time voice changer with an animal soundboard can help you. Try the versatile AI voice changer –VoiceTrans. It has a vast sound library featuring sound memes, free sounds, SFX, and game sound effects.

VoiceTrans can work seamlessly on Zoom, Google Meet, Xbox, Twitch, and all other voice chat platforms. You can play funny cat sounds matching the modified voice like SpongeBob or Minions while streaming.

VoiceTrans Cat Soundboard
VoiceTrans Cat Soundboard


In this post, we gave you the top 8 cat soundboards. You can use these websites and apps to play the cat sounds for fun. Try them and see your house cat or dog’s reaction to meowing, purring, and hissing.

This article is originally published on December 23, 2022, and updated on April 3, 2024


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

HomeSoundboard Tips Top 8 Cat Soundboards for Cat Lovers on Desktop & Mobile

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