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Check our full list of Zoom background image collections covering the best hand-picked HD backgrounds for Zoom meetings with everything. All backgrounds are free to download. Now, try it for your next Zoom meeting.

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How to Add Office Background to Your Zoom Meetings

After downloading Zoom office backgrounds, you can follow the steps below to add or change the your Zoom virtual background.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Step 1

Download the image of your choice. Zoom supports images and videos as virtual backgrounds. If you want to get the high quality video in Zoom, you can give FineCam a try.

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Step 2

On the desktop application, click the Settings button. Then click on Background & Filters.

Check the step-by-step guide >

Step 3

Now, you can click the plus (+) icon to upload the image you just downloaded. Or choose the image or video background you like.

Step 1

Download the image you want. Launch the Zoom app and start a new meeting on the Zoom app.

Step 2

Click the More icon in the bottom right corner. Select Backgrounds & Effects.

Step 3

Then click the plus (+) icon to upload your own virtual background.

Importance Of Beautiful Backgrounds On Zoom?

If you have young children or find yourself living alone with limited time for cleaning, there might be elements in your background that you prefer not to showcase to your colleagues or clients. This situation may not present an ideal setup for projecting professionalism and trustworthiness. However, the use of beautiful Zoom backgrounds offers a solution to this challenge.

How to Look Your Best on Zoom Meeting

Tip 1 Zoom-compatible formats include:

Images that use a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of at least:
1280x720 pixels are the best choice.

The video should be an MP4 or MOV file with a minimum resolution of:
480x360 pixels (360p) and a maximum resolution of 1920x1020 (1080p).
Tip 2 For the cleanest results, use a solid color in the background or better yet, a green screen. Avoid having windows at your back so you do not present a dark silhouette. Avoid having people walk behind or around you.
Tip 3 You need to be in a very good lit room. Don't wear clothes that are the same color as the virtual background.

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Zoom background related FAQ

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