Look Superb in All Videos.

FineCam is the go-to webcam software that helps enhance your webcam quality with iPhone and 100+ effects, working for all your favorite video calling and streaming apps.

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Makes Your Great Video Apps, Better.

Works with all video calling and streaming apps to offer stunning webcam optimization effects.

Use Your iPhone as 4K HD Webcam.

Turn your iPhone into high-end webcam and unleash the power of cable-less, multiple-angel and remarkably crisp videos, up to 4K at 60fps. You can zoom in/zoom out, switch between landscape or portrait mode, choose resolutions, use front or rear camera, or even both, just at your finger taps.

See how to Use Your iPhone as a 4K Webcam >

Double The Video Scenes with Both Your iPhone's Front and Rear Camera

Need to capture a secondary scene at the same time? Not a problem. FineCam gives the first in class solution to launch both your iPhone's front and Rear cameras, place the additional picture frame everywhere, and best of all, resize it for fitting best for your calls, demos, streams and more.

Boost Webcam Image Quality with A.I. powered color correction algorithm.

AI Quality Booster

AI Quality Booster

With the innovative image quality enhancer engine powered by AI algorithms, FineCam can boost up your webcam quality in just 1 click.

Webcam Master

Webcam Master

Not a hero of your webcam's settings? No worry. FineCam saves your the learning efforts and auto tunes up the best webcam exposure.

Auto and Manual

Auto and Manual

You can submit all these complicated settings to FineCam and let the Quality Booster take care of these jargons while you focus on your audience.

AI Quality Booster

Smart Recording

FineCam offers high-efficient recording method that helps avoid creating giant video files. So you don't have to worry about your computer running out of storage.

Millions of Webcam Backgrounds. Free for Everyone.

UnsplashBlurRemoveChroma Key

FineCam works with Unsplash to deliver you millions of stunning video background scenes. Your video calls could never be so exciting and amusing.

Get Cinematic Webcam Effects.

Bring studio-like video experience to your audience with professional webcam filters and effects.


Use webcam filters like Bourbon, Byers, Chemical, etc., to apply a color style and make your live video cinematic and unique.


With essential webcam effects, you can play, teach, communicate and learn in a way your audience love.


Adjust your webcam light conditions, produce bright, contrast images, even if you’re in a dim room.

Cinematic Video and Branding Made Easy

Easily combine cameras, create multiple scenes, add brand logos and overlays. Make your videos come to life in every call, stream, and video.

Create and switch between multi-scenes

Add images and logos for your brand

Add text, titles, and overlays to videos

Must-have webcam software for various cases

Remote Meeting

Live Streaming

Video Chat

Video Recording

FineCam Pro is for saving your time and money.




AI-powered webcam color and image correction

Capture snapshot & record videos - up to 1080 full HD

Use iPhone as HD webcam for PC

Remove, blur and change background without green screen

Change webcam background using Chroma Key

Cinematic filters & effects

Add texts at the top or bottom layer (Coming Soon)

Shot iPhone's Front/Rear Cameras in one Window

Add/Remove Branding Watermarks

Unlock iPhone 4K Full HD Camera

Create Multiple Videos Scenes

Customize Temp Away Screen Image

Upgrade for all Pro features

Starting from $6.90/m. Unlimited devices.

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Robert CondoracheReview Editor at SoftPedia

"If you're looking for a higher degree of webcam customization, then FineCam might just be for you."

Create Best-Ever Webcam Vibe using FineCam

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No Ads. 100% Safe | for iOS 13 and above

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