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Top 5 Dog Soundboards for Prank and Security 2024

This post gives you the top 5 dog soundboards.
SylviaLast Updated: April 3, 2024
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Dogs are our loyal friends. Dog barking sounds can be the guard of your house when you are out. And you can use dog noises to prank your friends on a call.

You don’t have to have a dog to defend your house. A dog barking soundboard would be helpful. In this post, we will give you the top 5 online dog soundboards. Play the sounds to make a prank call. Download the sounds to make them warning sounds for house burglars.

And if you want to manage the barking dog soundboard, click the button to download VoiceTrans. Create your own dog soundboard with this free voice changer software.

Top 5 Online Dog Soundboards

Dog soundboards are sounds of a dog barking, growling, whimpering, whining, and all other dog noises. Now, let’s look at the top 5 dog soundboards one by one.

#1. 101 Soundboards

The dog noises soundboard you must get is the Dog Sounds soundboard (https://www.101soundboards.com/boards/10204-dog-sounds) on 101 Soundboards. It offers 700+ dog sounds including eating, drinking, chewing, barking, crying, breathing, panting, groaning, and all other dog noises.

All sounds can be identified by their clear names. You can play the sounds by hotkeys, download them in MP3 format, or share them with others by the links.

Download the barking sounds of a large dog and keep your house safe.

101 Soundboards
101 Soundboards

#2. Jayuzumi

You got to try Jayuzumi for the barking dog soundboard. Jayuzumi is a great website specializing in soundboard creation. It offers funny sounds from anime, cartoons, memes, Christmas, Disney, etc.

You can also find celebrity soundboards like Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards on Jayuzumi. Some soundboards have a virtual board that can be shared with others. Other soundboards give sounds shown in a list.

The Dog Bark Soundboard (https://jayuzumi.com/dog-bark-soundboard) contains barking sounds of 11 kinds of dog breeds. You can play or download the boxer, chihuahua, and Pekingese barking sounds. And the sounds are named by the dog breed, so it’s easy to find what you want.


#3. Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness is a website for sound playback but not sound downloading. As all sounds are made by buttons, you can click to play them. And there is a Stop Sounds button to stop all playing sounds.

Mark this site (https://www.realmofdarkness.net/sb/dog/) to play the sounds while voice chatting on Zoom, Omegle, or Teams, or when you stream on Discord or Twitch.

Realm of Darkness
Realm of Darkness

#4. SoundBible

SounbBible is a website for royalty-free sound effects. The users upload high-quality sound clips and share them with others. Different sound clips have different licenses. Some of the sounds can be used on public domains, others are only for personal use.

You can find dog bark sounds (https://soundbible.com/tags-dog-bark.html) on SoundBible. Some are more than 30 seconds long, which means they are perfect for scaring away thieves. All the dog barking sounds are available in both WAV and MP3 formats. Click the sound name to go to the download site.


#5. Myinstants

If you are looking for dog soundboard buttons, Myinstants is perfect. The Bark Soundboard (https://www.myinstants.com/en/search/?name=bark) on Myinstants offers you dozens of barking sounds. You need to click the button to find if a sound is truly a dog barking or other barking sound because the names are not clear.

You can share your favorite dog barking sound on your social media for easy access, but there is no way to download this free dog bark soundboard.


Best Dog Soundboard Software on PC

Now you have the 5 best dog soundboards on the internet. You can collect dog sounds from these websites or record them by yourself.

There is an application to manage all your sound clips. VoiceTrans is a real-time voice changer that offers a wonderful soundboard feature.

You can upload sound clips and create custom soundboards to manage the sounds. Adding keybinds to the sound effects and playing them with hotkeys while streaming on YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms.

VoiceTrans Dog Soundboard
VoiceTrans Dog Soundboard

You can record high-quality dog sounds with FineVoice high-quality voice recorder. This multi-track voice recording feature can record voices from your computer microphone, iPhone, and audio files at the same time.


In this post, we gave you the top 5 dog soundboards to get all dog noises and sounds. And you can manage your sound clips in VoiceTrans and easily access them when streaming or voice chatting. Download these dog noises soundboards for your house security.

This article is originally published on January 4, 2023, and updated on April 3, 2024


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

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