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13 Best Fart Soundboards | Use on Desktop and Mobile

This post gives you the 13 best fart soundboards you can use both on a desktop and mobile device.
SylviaLast Updated: February 26, 2024
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Want to trick your friends with farting sounds during video chat or games? This article lists more than a dozen fart soundboards for you, including online and mobile apps.

Part 1. Best Fart Soundboard Websites

#1. Fart Soundboard

Fart Soundboard
Fart Soundboard

The web page of Fart Soundboard is very simple.

It offers 14 different fart sounds and you can use hotkeys to play fart sounds quickly.

Fart Soundboard even offers a Chrome extension.

If you are a fan of fart spoofs, you will love the website Fart Sound. In addition to the fart soundboard, this site also sells a variety of fart-style clothing accessories.

#2. Jayuzumi


Jayuzumi’s soundboards are beautiful and easy to use, and the Fart Soundboard contains two pages of at least 80 different fart sounds.

And you can find more fart sounds that are not included in the soundboard at the bottom of the webpage.

#3. Soundboard City

Soundboard City
Soundboard City

Soundboard City’s Fart Machine offers 42 fart sounds, which you can click to play individual sounds or play randomly.

After upgrading to the full version, you can record sequences, upload recording files, remove ads, etc. Upgrading to the lifetime version costs $1.99.

#4. Myinstants


Myinstants is a great sound effects website. All the instant sound buttons are divided into 12 categories.

The fart Soundboard contains thousands of fart sounds. You can favorite, copy links, or share buttons.

You can also download the Myinstants web app.

#5. 101soundboards.com


The 101Soundboards.com website has hundreds of soundboards containing celebrities, animations, games, and more. One of them, Ultimate Fart Soundboard, offers 39 fart sounds so far.

You can share individual sounds, and download their MP3 file. And it supports hotkeys to play each sound. You can download the Ultimate Fart Soundboard web app to your computer so that you can use it anytime.

#6. Soundboardguy.com


Soundboardguy.com is another website that offers Fart Soundboard online. There are now 12 pages of over 350 fart sounds in this soundboard.

It’s similar to Myinstants‘s interface in that you can play, download, share, or add to each sound you like.

#7. Peal.io


To find fart sounds on the Peal website you need to search for Ultimate Fart Soundboard. Currently, there are 36 fart sounds on this soundboard.

After logging in to your peal account you can upload your audio to the soundboard.

#8. Soundboard.com


Soundboard.com’s Ultimate Fart Soundboard also offers 36 different fart sounds, including juicy farts, nasty farts, explosive farts, wet farts, and more.

You can click to play each track. But if you want to download the sound, the price is $0.99 per track. You can also buy all the sounds as a package for $4.99.

Part 2. Fart Soundboard App for iOS and Android

#1. iFart


You need to pay $1.99 to use this wonderful fart sounds app. It was first published in 2009. Last year, the app was recorded and rebuilt, and the new version 8.0.0 is for iOS 10.0 or later.

It offers many good features. It offers 8 fart packs and each of them contains up to 10 fart tracks such as presidential, movies, bands, and celebrities. You can also use iFart to record your fart sounds and create a playlist for your favorite fart sounds.

It has two security features that may be helpful when you encounter some bad guys.

#2. Tap & Fart – Fart noise & prank soundboard machine

Tap & Fart - Fart noise & prank soundboard machine
Tap & Fart – Fart noise & prank soundboard machine

Tap & Fart is another fart noises soundboard for iOS users. It has a clean interface. Just click one button to play a fart sound.

But it doesn’t have the Stop all sound button, so you have to wait for one track to complete to play the next one. If you want to remove ads, you must purchase in-app.

#3. Fart Sounds

Fart Sounds
Fart Sounds

Fart Sounds is an app for Android users and you can download it from Google Play. The application offers 48 fart sound effects. The user interface is easy to use. You can play a fart sound by clicking its icon. It has 1 million downloads on Google Play by now.

#4. Fart sounds | fart noise prank

Fart sounds | fart noise prank
Fart sounds | fart noise prank

This fart sounds app offers 100+ high-quality fart sounds.

It has a unique feature: Timer. How to prank your friends: Set the countdown timer and then choose a fart sound. Press Start and put your phone into a pocket. Wait for the laughter.

Part 3. Fart Soundboard in Voice Changer Software for PC

Besides a soundboard for fart sounds, you can also access fart sounds in a voice changer such as VoiceTrans.

# VoiceTrans


VoiceTrans is an excellent real-time voice changer for Discord, Twitch, Zoom, and other voice chat platforms.

VoiceTrans boasts a rich sound library including sound memes, free sounds, SFX, and game sound effects. Its Soundboard offers free fart sounds and you can upload fart sound clips to the soundboard. Add keybinds to freely play them while gaming and streaming.


After reading this article, you know where you can get funny fart sounds. The fart soundboards we mentioned above are some of the best. You can easily access them on your computer and smartphone. Hope you have a great time when using them.

This article is originally published on November 1, 2022, and updated on February 26, 2024


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

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