VibeCam is Now FineCam!

We renamed our award-winning webcam app VibeCam as FineCam to fit our product metrix better. All features in VibeCam are kept intant and available for free in new FineCam. Plus, you'll get an array of new features in FineCam Pro.

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VibeCam for iOS

Use Your iPhone As HD Webcam, for Free.

Have no webcam on your Windows PC? You can leverage the iPhone's super hi-res 1080p camera and use it as HD webcam. Enjoy true-to-life, multiple angles and wireless video calls on Zoom, Google Meet, MicroSoft Teams, Webex, and much more.

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No Ads. 100% Free | for iOS 13 and above


Set up your iPhone as webcam. Only 3 Steps.

With VibeCam, your iPhone can instantly turn into an HD camera.


Install VibeCam app from App Store on your iPhone.

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Download and install VibeCam for Windows on your computer.

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Connect your iPhone to your computer via Wi-Fi or USB.

Read the tutorial >

Easy capture high-quality videos from any angle

  • Without CableWi-Fi connection is supported to help you immediately set up an iPhone webcam to easily capture content and objects even on the move.
  • Multiple AnglesSwitch freely between portrait and landscape mode, and between front and back cameras, to shoot live videos for various cases.
  • Flexible ViewZoom in & out can be simply controlled on both your iPhone and PC to quickly offer an amazingly detailed view for your online teaching and presentation.

Create your own style. Be unique and stunning

With VibeCam desktop software, you can easily create your own vibe with your favorites virtual backgrounds, filters, and effects, to impress your audience on a video call or a livestream.

Set up an ideal background

Make a film-like video with filters

Bring more fun with effects

Your iPhone webcam. Smart Enough.

With VibeCam, you can 1-click to use all the camera techniques that your iPhone already has, to create an amazing live video on your computer.


Automatically adjust and set the focus for your video shot.


Automatically set and balance the exposure for your video.

Exposure Compensation

Precisely set and lock the exposure for upcoming shots.

Dolby Vision HDR

Record video in Dolby Vision HDR for true-to-life view.

Lens Correction (Auto)

Enhance the photos to make them appear more natural.

Macro Videos

Shoot videos with sharp focus as close as 2 centimeters.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Pro Webcam Instantly

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No Ads. 100% Free | for iOS 13 and above

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