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High quality & Eco-friendly webcams in your pocket

No need to buy a new Webcam. FineCam turns your phone into an HD webcam for your Windows and Mac computers, upgrades your webcam, and makes you look great on Zoom, Twitch, and all your videos.

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No Ads, 100% Safe. Supports iOS 13 and above | Android 5.0 and above


Your Phone Camera, Beyond Your Imagination

Turn your phone into a high-end webcam that unleashes the power of wireless and multiple angles to deliver remarkably high-definition video images up to 4K at 60fps. You can zoom in/out, switch to portrait or landscape mode, choose a resolution, and use the front or rear camera, or even both, all at your fingertips.

Use Your iPhone's Front and Rear Cameras Simultaneously

Need to shoot in picture-in-picture mode? It is not a problem at all. FineCam provides a top-notch solution to fire up your iPhone's front and rear cameras simultaneously for shooting. More importantly, you can freely adjust the size and position of the frame to best suit your calls, presentations, streaming, and more.

Shoot from A Fresh Perspective Easily

No need for another USB webcam. Simply add your phone as a source to your favorite streaming apps. FineCam lets you move around while broadcasting from anywhere on the same network for the best visual aid.

Make Overhead Video Recording Easier

FineCam directly saves your overhead video recordings on your computer to free up space on your phone. Let you focus on content creation.

Photograph Gems & Jewelry
Shoot Food Videos
Shoot Products/Scenes
Teach Art Lessons

Allow You to Be More Confident in Online Meetings

Take advantage of your phone's superior processing capacity and image quality-enhancing algorithms to make you look better in remote meetings, live broadcasts, and all your videos.

3 Steps to Set up Your Phone as Webcam

With FineCam, your phone can instantly turn into an HD camera.


Install the FineCam app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone.

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Install FineCam on Windows or macOS

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Connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi or USB.

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Make You Stand Out Using FineCam

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No Ads, 100% Safe. Supports iOS 13 and above | Android 5.0 and above

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