Voice Changer App, Achieving a New Way of Communication

Discover and create personalized voice content instantly, brighten up your communications with creative voice messages, making each interaction more vibrant.

Explore Fun Sound Clips

Explore your saved or favorite voice library, from various game characters to captivating AI voice packs exclusive to anime voice actors, from enchanting memes to SFX sounds that match the scene. Get inspired by the massive community voice clips contributed by tens of thousands of users. Gain fresh ideas and experience the magic of the latest and hottest short audio clips.

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Create Personalized Voice Changing Content

Gain creativity while exploring, and start your personalized creations in the application directly. Utilize the built-in 500+ AI Voice Models, including various styles of original characters, celebrities, and animated characters. Record a voice clip, transform it into a completely new tone, save it in your voice library, or share it with the community to spark other users' creative inspiration.

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Share Your Favorite Voice Messages

Explore what you've gained or innovated—whether it's funny, amusing, captivating, professional, good-sounding, or anything you urgently want to share. Just tap on VoiceTrans gently and send it as a voice message to any chat or messaging application instantly, allowing your friends to burst into laughter with unprecedented voices. The conversation begins here...

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Use VoiceTrans in All Chat and Gaming Applications

Your voice messages, as you think, can be delivered freely. Try it for yourself!

FB Messenger

Is it a Voice Changer, a Soundboard, or a Voice Pack?

Brilliant voice content comes from the combination of voices: your own voice, other people’s voice clips, natural ambient sounds, background sounds, etc. VoiceTrans App will make your voice shine from now on.

Voice Changer, Unleash Creativity

Familiar voices can be dull; try changing your voice into a chipmunk to prank your friends, transform it into a devil to add gaming fun with your companions, or use a professional broadcasting tone for a more persuasive podcast or YouTube content. VoiceTrans Voice Changer adds new AI Voice models every day, making your voice infinitely changeable.

Soundboard, Create Atmosphere

Meow sounds, piano tunes, door opening sounds, even fart noises – unlimited atmospheric sound effects need to be created through Soundboard. VoiceTrans is here to help in every aspect: send Sound effects directly to your chat applications and liven up the communication atmosphere. If you're gaming on your PC, click on the sound effects on the App and output directly to your PC. Even during live streaming, use your phone as a substitute for a hardware soundboard, enhancing your atmosphere.

Voice Pack, Enhance Interactivity

Whether you're looking for the latest and hottest voice memes to bring a relaxing and enjoyable experience to friends, or you want a favorite celebrity quote to emphasize your point of view or concept, or even speaking in the voice of a game character to send voice messages to your teammates for coordinating strategies, sharing information, or enhancing social interaction. From VoiceTrans online community voice library, you can search, send, collect, and make the interaction more fun.

No more waiting, install and experience directly.

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VoiceTrans, Voice Changing Everywhere

VoiceTrans helps you express yourself better, from professional and serious tones to relaxed and entertaining ones, whether in one-on-one private chats or 1V N live streams. VoiceTrans can meet all your needs.

Social Entertainment

Use VoiceTrans on mobile devices to change your voice or send voice memes, sharing interesting voices with friends, even on social media, to make voice communication more fun and express your thoughts in a more personalized way.

Gaming Experience

Use voice changer apps in online games, interact with other players by altering your voice, enhance the entertainment of the game, or use short AI voice pack messages to make collaborative gaming more immersive.

Voice Calls

While the iOS app cannot change voices in real-time, in voice chat applications, you can use the voice changing function to send voice messages, which can increase fun, protect privacy, or engage in interesting voice communication.

Content Creation

Looking for a mobile application to create creative audio content, such as podcasts, short films, or audio dramas? Try VoiceTrans to create new voice content with voice change, or find inspiration from a vast collection of voice content.

Educational Learning

Need to practice voice imitation, learn accents, or do voice training, perhaps related to language learning or drama studies? Open VoiceTrans now, use AI voice-changing features and let learning happen anytime.

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More Than a Voice Changer App

VoiceTrans is more than just a Voice Changer App; it's also a Voice Modulator, Soundboard, Voice Pack, and more. With VoiceTrans, you can discover and create personalized and entertaining voices, sharing your voice with friends, family, or anyone, anytime, anywhere.

How to Pair and Play with VoiceTrans?

VoiceTrans is a voice changer that integrates App, Desktop, and Web across all three platforms. Use them together to unlock a broader range of scenarios.

You Can:

VoiceTrans App

VoiceTrans Desktop

VoiceTrans Web

Explore & Customize Voice Effects



Explore & Customize AI Voice Models


Explore & Create Funny Sound Clips

Real-Time Voice Changing



Record AI Voice


Send Voice Messages


AI Voice Cloning



Download Sound Resources


FAQ About Voice Changer App

1. What is the VoiceTrans Voice Changer App?

VoiceTrans Voice Changer App is a funny and personalized AI voice changer & soundboard application that integrates a voice changer, soundboard, and voice pack. It provides users with a versatile platform to creatively modify and enhance their voices for various purposes.

2. Is the VoiceTrans Voice Changer App free?

Yes. VoiceTrans usually offers a free version with basic features that users can use without any initial cost. It also has optional subscription plans to access advanced voice models and additional features.

3. What is the best voice changer app?

While many voice changing application options are available, our top recommendation is the VoiceTrans Voice Changer App. It is a multi-functional AI voice changer that provides interesting sound clips and rich voice messages that you can use in all chat and game applications.

4. Is it possible to create and customize my own voice models?

VoiceTrans allows users to explore and customize AI voice models, offering a personalized touch to voice-changing experiences.

5. How to use the VoiceTrans Voice Changer App?

On how to use the VoiceTrans voice changer app, we recommend you read this guide. You can find detailed instructions and step-by-step tutorials in the guide section to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Explore features, and voice options, and unleash your creativity with VoiceTrans!

6. How do I get technical support if I encounter issues?

If you encounter any issues or have questions, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. You can reach out to us via email([email protected]) or Discord, and we'll be happy to help you.

See What Our Users Are Saying

Caroline Dickson

Fun and Creative

I love VoiceTrans! It's a fantastic app for adding a touch of creativity to my voice messages. The variety of voice options and the ease of use make it a go-to for playful communication with friends. Highly recommend!

Faisal Humphrey

Great for Gaming

As a gamer, VoiceTrans has taken my online gaming experience to the next level. The real-time voice-changing feature adds an extra layer of fun and interaction with fellow players. It's a must-have for anyone who loves gaming and wants to stand out!

Maeve Pena

Versatile and Entertaining!

VoiceTrans is so versatile! Whether I'm sending voice messages with funny sound effects to friends or using it for professional voiceovers, the app never disappoints. It's become an essential tool for both work and play.

Gianluca Davidson

Perfect for Podcasting

VoiceTrans has become my go-to tool for podcasting. The ability to customize my voice and add unique tones enhances the overall quality of my content. It's user-friendly and offers a wide range of options, making it ideal for content creators.

Kacie Mathews

Enhances Social Media Presence

VoiceTrans has significantly boosted my social media engagement. By using different voice styles in my content, I've attracted more attention and created a distinct online presence. It's an innovative way to connect with my audience.

Anas Clements

Simple and Effective

VoiceTrans is straightforward and effective. Whether I'm changing my voice for fun or adding unique tones to messages, it's always reliable. The simplicity of the interface makes it easy for anyone to use, and the results are impressive!


Get VoiceTrans App, explore entertaining sound clips, unleash your creativity, and let voice changing be everywhere!

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