If you are looking for one AI voice tool that can help with your multiple voice-related needs during creation, FineVoice is your best option. It’s free to use and available on web browser, improve your workflow efficiency anywhere, anytime.

FineVoice Overview

There are plenty of AI voice tools on the market to offer help during users’ creation workflow, however, these tools often provide only a few features and you may need to seek more tools to satisfy your every creation need.

That’s what FineVoice tries to solve, to integrate everything you need for content creation in one place. It’s a versatile AI voice studio made for users who pursue a better and smoother creation workflow.

In this FineVoice review, I will lead you to dive deeper into this versatile AI voice tool and show you how can it help you improve your creation with the powerful features.

What Is FineVoice

As an AI voice studio, FineVoice has included multiple features that are useful for different requirements, which also provides you with great versatility in different types of content creation. Whether you want to create a video with lifelike voiceovers, modify voices in audio files to make them more appealing, or generate a precise transcript for your video, FineVoice has all you need in one place.

Despite it being a versatile tool with various features, you don’t need to worry about the learning curve being overly steep. Anyone can understand how to use FineVoice in a few minutes thanks to the intuitive interface and built-in instructions. FineVoice suits both beginners and experienced creators, it works online so you can access it anywhere, anytime.


Major Features of FineVoice

Special AI Voiceover Modes

AI voice generator in FineVoice offers three mode options available before you start with your project, each has its unique advantages for creating voiceovers. The Advanced Voiceover mode allows you to customize tons of details to get the best quality. The Multiple Voiceover adds more than one speaker in voiceover to create complicated conversation scenes. At last, the Quick Voiceover mode will generate top-quality voiceovers in seconds, ensuring you always catch up with the latest internet trends.

Large Resource Collection

FineVoice has a rather large resource collection that contains 1000+ AI voices across 149+ languages and 30+ styles. You can easily find new voices to try in your project, and you will be able to reach more viewers around the world with such rich language support. Moreover, this voice library will update regularly to keep bringing you fresh experiences.

Fully-personalized AI Voice Design

The AI voice design feature in FineVoice is a quick way to create the most ideal AI voice in your mind. It gives you full control over the details of making new AI voices, you can adjust details like voice style, intensity, and effects. A unique AI voice manually crafted by yourself could be very helpful while building your own voice brand.

Easy and Convenient to Use

While FineVoice being a powerful studio consists of AI voice tools, it’s surprisingly easy to use. For new users, it takes only a few minutes to get familiar with those features, and experienced users might understand how it works at first sight. Plus, it’s an online tool that you can conveniently access with a web browser, just enter the site and you are ready to start your creation immediately.

FineVoice Pricing Details

Except for the free plan available for anyone, there are also three types of paid plans in FineVoice. Whether you are an individual creator or a group of users, FineVoice has the most suitable subscription plan for you. In the following part of the review, I will show you more details about FineVoice pricing, including what these paid plans can bring you.

Basic Plan$8.99 per month100k monthly TTS characters10 Voice Designs24 hours of monthly AI voice changeAll advanced Voiceover Features
Pro Plan$17.99 per month300k monthly TTS charactersUnlimited Voice DesignsUnlimited AI voice changeAll advanced Voiceover Features+ 2 custom models per month
Enterprise Plan$31.99 per month1m monthly TTS charactersUnlimited Voice DesignsUnlimited AI voice changeAll advanced Voiceover Features+ 6 custom models per month

The subscription prices of FineVoice are rather more cost-efficient than lots of AI voice tools that provide fewer features. Moreover, you can choose to subscribe annually to get a 33% discount.

Pros and Cons of FineVoice

😃 Pros:

    1. Versatile features for different creation needs.
    2. Personalized AI voices in high quality.
    3. Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    4. Specially designed voiceover modes.
    5. Large resource library that constantly updates.

😞 Cons:

    1. Free plan has certain feature limits.
    2. Speech to Text only supports MP4 and MP3 formats.
    3. Some AI voices have fewer supported styles.

How to Use FineVoice to Quickly Generate AI Voiceover

Using FineVoice to generate voiceovers for your content is quite easy and no hassles at all. In this part of the review, I will take the Quick Voiceover mode as an example, check the steps below to find out how to do that in a few minutes.

Step 1. Enter the online studio interface and login

On the homepage of the FineVoice product page, you will see a Get Started for Free button, click it and you will be able to enter the FineVoice online studio. Before you start to use this tool, you need to register and log in first, no credit card is required.

Step 2. Find the Text to Speech feature

On left panel, you can find Text to Speech feature option under the AI voice tools category, click it to switch to its feature page. You can also click the Quick Voiceover mode option in the tool homepage where all features are listed.

Enter Text to Speech interface
Enter Text to Speech interface

Step 3. Input text for conversion

In the FineVoice Text to Speech interface, you can manually input or copy-paste the text for voice generation. The max character limit of a single conversion and the total remaining character limit will be displayed around the text block.

Input text in the feature page
Input text in the feature page

Step 4. Adjust details of AI voiceover

You can click the character avatar to change to another AI voice, the commercial voices with decent quality can be used for monetization projects. There are also community voices that include all kinds of interesting AI voices like celebrities, cartoon characters, and movie figures.

Moreover, you can change the voice style, and adjust details like intensity, pitch, and speed. Do whatever you want to make the voiceover close to your ideal.

Choose an AI voice
Choose an AI voice

Step 5. Preview and download your voiceover

After adjusting every detail to your liking, click the Generate button below the block to start the conversion. The voiceover conversion will complete fast and will show up in the Conversion Results section. You can click the buttons to preview the voiceover, then you can choose to download the conversion. Of course, you can delete the conversion too if the result doesn’t meet your requirements.

Preview and download
Preview and download

Who Is FineVoice Best For?

Generally speaking, FineVoice is indeed a versatile and handy AI voice studio that could be any content creator’s top choice of AI voice tool. Individual users can start with basic or pro plans, these two give you full access to the features while the character and duration limit is enough to cover creators’ monthly needs. Subscription for enterprise users is rather affordable when compared with similar plans in other tools as well.

FineVoice offers a lot of options for different requirements and preferences during content creation. AI voice generator, AI voice changer, AI voice design, and many so on, combine the features and all your creation needs can be achieved with ease in FineVoice.

It’s not a perfect tool just like mentioned above, the conversion occasionally fails and limits on free plan could be an issue. But FineVoice is still an overall good choice for any content creator who requires AI voices in their creation. It has free plan and works online, you can try FineVoice thoroughly and find out whether it suits you or not.

User Reviews of FineVoice

“It changes voice as per selection using AI technology. This change of voice happens quickly, so the listener can not differentiate whether it’s the actual voice or it’s AI generated. There is no mechanism using with we can use in our any audio recording software so we can enjoy its power everywhere. It solves the problem of converting existing voices to newer voices. In order to use it, no learning is required. It’s simple and easy to use. It solves the problem of giving a professional voice to video background talk, podcast, or any discussion where we are explaining something to the audience in the video without showing face.”

Source: https://www.g2.com/products/finevoice/reviews/finevoice-review-8250300

“Large repertoire of ready-made voices, sound effects, and soundboards. They even have David Attenborough! But the interface is easy to use and navigate. Email response may be the following day. However, the folks that respond are caring and wanted me to be absolutely happy with my experience and their product. When using Text-To-Speech, the processing function would hang at 80% and then timeout, “The Conversion Failed”. However, if I wait, it will process in a moment.”

Source: https://www.g2.com/products/finevoice/reviews/finevoice-review-8572271

“Good Voice app for transcript or voice effects. Really, I used FineVoice app for windows for voice. I loved text to speech feature and speech to text. It is so easy and so useful. Thanks.” Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/645234fc42a5dc6ff001d18a

FAQ About FineVoice

Does FineVoice support voiceover customization?

Yes, FineVoice provides you with plenty of customization options during the process of generating voiceover. You can change AI voices, set voice style, adjust pitches, and more. If you are using Advanced Voiceover mode, there will be even more detailed options for you to control the voiceover generation.

Is FineVoice safe?

Certainly, FineVoice is 100% safe. Customer data and information is paramount and highly secured in FineVoice. There are technical and organizational measures and safeguards to keep user information safe, and FineVoice has undergone security testing by Apple and Microsoft.

Does FineVoice have commercial voices?

In FineVoice, you can find about 500+ pre-made voices that can be used for commercial purposes. They have decent quality and the 30+ style options produce more variants. You can the commercial voices in monetization content.

Is FineVoice free?

Of course, FineVoice provides a free plan for everyone. There are certain limits on free plan, but you can still access most of its features as a free user. The free plan is always available, you can use FineVoice for free as much as you want before deciding to subscribe. Check the guide for more information.


To sum up today’s review, it proves to be a handy and powerful AI voice studio. Whether you want to use it for personal entertainment, or create a load of professional content, FineVoice always got your creation needs covered.

It’s easy to access and operate FineVoice, while the great versatility allows you to process tasks in different stages of your creation workflow in one place. Have you tried FineVoice before? We’d love to hear your feedback when you use it, leave a comment below and share your insights!

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