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Why Need AI Voice Cloning?

AI Voice Cloning revolutionizes traditional voice acting, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and complex post-production processes. Leveraging unprecedented speed, cost-effectiveness, and creative AI machine learning, establish your unique sonic identity in the digital world.

It can preserve your accent, style, and subtle nuances, enabling you to consistently reuse your highly recognizable and memorable voice in online communication and media expression. Clone once, use forever.

Make your custom voice with AI, because you need:

  • In personal life
  • In team collaboration

Freeze Your Voice Just Like You Take a Photo

Converse with your current self using your childhood voice. This isn't science fiction! Preserve the sound of special moments, create a voice clone of your childhood voice from now on, and let it be more than just a memory.

Recreate the Voice You Miss

Is looking through photographs and videos the only way to cherish the memories of your deceased loved ones? No, create the synthetic version of their voices, and you can still recreate their warm words. Let the cloned voice create new memories and companionship as if they never left.

One Voice, Many Languages

Are you proficient in using two or three languages? Don't worry, clone your voice, and you can express yourself fluently in 49+ languages with your own accent, achieving seamless communication just like a local.

Make Life More Entertaining with Your Own Voice

Create your personalized voice, whether it's for a voice assistant or navigation app. Add fun to your life and create a unique listening experience.

Automate Your Recording Tasks

The recording time is too short, making you feel pressured and unable to express yourself easily? Why not take a break, have a cup of coffee, and then hand it over to your cloned voice. It can perfectly accelerate any of your projects, podcasts, or voiceovers.

Voice Backup Plan

When your team needs a large volume of voiceovers, there may be a risk of actors leaving or becoming unavailable. To ensure the smooth progress of your project, adopt the Voice Backup Plan—replicate their voices to provide the most reliable assurance for your project.

Build Your Sonic Identity

Your unique voice is your most valuable asset for commercial use. By providing a distinctive and consistent voice to your audio content, you can bridge the gap with your audience, reinforcing your content brand.

Connect with Local Audiences

For multinational companies, utilizing voice clones can deliver localized content with the same brand voice to diverse audiences, enhancing brand consistency across various languages.

How to Perform AI Voice Cloning

By training the target voice through artificial intelligence and machine learning, combining classical digital processing algorithms with modeling techniques, imitating the synthesis of the target voice through speech synthesis, recording voice to build a dataset collection that can be used to construct new voice models, and then using natural language processing (NLP) to analyze your text and convert it into Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).

No, you don't need to know any of these. All you need to do is upload a recording of your own voice, and let our AI do the rest. Here's what you need to do:

Submit your voice data

In a quiet environment, please record audio for at least 10 minutes, or upload existing audio files.

Wait for voice clone to be

The voice cloning process can be completed within 6-72 hours. Visit the Voice Cloning Center at [] for more details.

Use it for 24 hours!

Use your voice with Fineshare products for dubbing, voice changing, singing, and more.

Why Choose SonixTw to Clone Your Voice?

Advanced Technology

Advanced voice cloning technology preserves the speaker's tone, pitch, and rhythm, making the voice cloning model nearly perfect.

Diverse Scenarios

Your AI Voice reads text, generates narrations for videos, sings songs, and more. Speaking, voice changing, singing. One voice, multiple scenarios.

Information Security

AI models and voice data are stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring that no one except you can access any of your voice clones.


The substantial financial and time expenses related to recording, such as equipment, time, and effort, are effectively tackled with a single solution – AI cloning solution, providing you with cost-effective and lifetime access.


You only need to record your voice, upload it to your account, and once the cloning is complete, it's as easy to use as the most common software. Zero learning curve, quick start.

Technical Support

Our team of engineers and support staff is here to help you with any questions or concerns. Reach out to us at [email protected] or join our Discord channel for live discussions and quick assistance.

SonixTw AI Voice Cloning

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How to Use Cloned Voice in Fineshare Products?

High-quality voice cloning marks a wonderful start for all your sound creations. But to make the most of it, you should use it in specific situations. Fineshare is the first to create a complete AI Voice solution that covers various use cases such as speaking, voice changing, and singing. This lets your voice be used in many ways, making your creativity more efficient.


Enter your text, choose your own cloned voice or select one from FineVoice's extensive library, and have it read aloud with enthusiasm, professionalism, or gentleness to match your preference and the desired style.


Clone your voice to say anything you want, creating a personalized voice pack. Alternatively, transform your voice in real time into your cloned voice for use in games, live streaming, and other interactive communication, adding a fun twist to your interactions.


Whether you are a music fan, a music creator, or a singer, singing others' works with your own voice or having your works performed by your favorite voice is just a simple three-step process.


Input text


Choose a model


Generate voice


Select a model


Enable voice change


Output to the chosen platform


Open Singify and choose your voice model


Upload the desired song


Get the modified cover song

Clone Your First AI Voice Today

SonixTw AI Voice Cloning

Clone once, use forever

Exclusive access to your AI voice is yours alone

All products under Fineshare are universally compatible.

FineVoice: Dubbing
Singify: Singing
VoiceTrans: Transforming
Personal 1 Voice Model
Family 3 Voice Models
Team/Business 10 Voice Models

Unlock Boundless Possibilities: AI Voice Cloning Beyond Your Imagination

Your AI Voice * SonixTw = Infinite Possibilities for Sound. See how SonixTw empowers your AI Voice in your life and work.











Voice Cloning for Family Life

Clone your or your family's voices to create a dynamic conversational AI assistant for your family life.

Voice Cloning for Memories

Make AI voice clones of your loved ones, allowing the cloned voices to read your favorite memories or stories to your children.

Voice Cloning for Wellness

Create soothing AI voices to accompany your daily meditation guide, relax your body, and engage in meditation and mindfulness.

Voice Cloning for Singing

Through voice cloning, you can sing any song with your own voice, even those that were once challenging for you.


Voice Cloning for Podcast

Create an entire podcast with your truly distinctive brand voice without having to speak, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Voice Cloning for YouTube Videos

Add a unique and consistent voice to your YouTube videos, establish a brand identity, attract viewers, and improve the overall production quality of your content.

Voice Cloning for Audiobooks

Generate lifelike narrations at an unprecedented speed, creating an immersive and enjoyable audiobook experience for your audience.

Voice Cloning for Animations

By capturing human intonation and subtle nuances through vibrant and dynamic verbal expression, cloned voices inject more vitality into your animated characters.


Voice Cloning for Advertising

Convey impactful information with a captivating and persuasive voice to enhance brand engagement and customer conversion rates, strengthening advertising effectiveness.

Voice Cloning for Social Media

A unique and attention-grabbing voice helps creators strengthen social media content to make them stand out, increase engagement, and establish a powerful online presence.

Voice Cloning for Marketing

Without the need to speak, create personalized messages and voicemails to bridge the gap with your target customers, thereby boosting conversion rates.

Voice Cloning for Customer Service

No more cold machine tones; provide a personalized and empathetic voice to enhance customer service experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Voice Cloning for E-Learning

Transform course text into real and familiar voices within seconds, aiding students in better information absorption and enhancing efficiency in online learning.

Voice Cloning for Explainer Videos

Enhance your videos with professional voice narration, making complex concepts easier to understand, capturing audience attention, and effectively conveying the intended information.

Voice Cloning for Product Demos

Utilize an informative and persuasive voice to showcase product features and benefits, enhancing product demonstrations and resonating with potential customers.

Voice Cloning for Corporate Training

With a consistently engaging voice, virtual training instructors boost employee commitment and retention in corporate training through dynamic content.


Voice Cloning for Film and TV

Actors repeatedly dubbing, and their schedules conflicts? Let the AI Voice, preserving all the subtle nuances of human language, handle it all.

Voice Cloning for Game Development

Create personalized voices for specific users in the game or develop diverse character dialogues and interactions to enhance immersion in the gaming experience.

Voice Cloning for Localization

Dub your accent into 49+ languages to reach a broader audience, convey your brand message, and maintain the consistency of your brand voice.

Voice Cloning for Professionals

For professionals such as entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and others who require extensive and professional dictation or speeches, your AI Voice can complete these tasks in just a few seconds.

FAQ About AI Voice Cloning

1. What is voice cloning?

Voice cloning is a technology that involves replicating and mimicking a person's voice using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. It allows the creation of a synthetic voice that closely resembles the unique characteristics, tone, pitch, and cadence of a specific individual.

This technology is achieved by training AI models on a person's existing voice recordings, enabling the generation of new spoken content in that person's voice. Voice cloning has applications in various fields, such as entertainment, virtual assistants, accessibility services, and more.

2. Is it possible to clone your voice with AI?

Absolutely! We support AI voice cloning. You can replicate your voice to effortlessly generate personalized content.

3. Can I clone anyone's voice?

While it's technically possible to clone someone's voice using AI technology, ethical considerations and legal implications come into play. In most cases, voice cloning without the explicit consent of the individual is not only unethical but may also be illegal.

It's crucial to respect privacy and adhere to applicable laws when considering voice cloning. If you're interested in cloning your own voice or that of someone else, ensure you have the necessary permissions and comply with ethical standards and legal requirements.

4. What languages do you support for Custom Voice Cloning?

We support Custom Voice Cloning in a variety of languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

5. How does AI Voice Cloning integrate with Fineshare products? Are there any specifications for recording voice data?

AI Voice Cloning seamlessly integrates with Fineshare products, allowing you to easily create personalized and lifelike voices for various projects. You can use FineVoice to convert text into your own voice, utilize AI Voice Changer to transform audio files into your own voice, and employ Singify to create cover songs with your unique voice, enhancing the richness of your sound creation experience.

Voice Cloning Training Specifications:

Speech Quality: Maintain clarity in speech.

Recording Environment: Record in a quiet background environment.

Minimum Recording Duration: Ensure each recording has a duration of at least 10 minutes.

6. How much time does this take to create a Custom AI voice?

The duration of model training typically ranges from 6 to 72 hours. The exact time required may vary depending on the complexity of the audio data. Rest assured, we will notify you via email once the training process is completed.

7. Can you create different styles for the same voice? Does voice cloning preserve its accent?

Yes, you can create different styles for the same voice by adjusting parameters such as pitch, volume, and rate, or by adding pauses and emphasis.

Regarding accent preservation, SonixTw AI Voice Cloning strives to replicate not only the voice style but also the unique nuances, including accents, of the original speaker. The technology aims to accurately capture and reproduce the distinctive features of the speaker's accent, enhancing the overall authenticity of the cloned voice.

8. Who owns the IP and has the right to use the trained voices based on our data?

Users have all rights to their voices. Fineshare does not retain rights to clone the voices; all generated voice clones belong to the users. We respect and protect users' intellectual property, ensuring they have complete control over their creations. Fineshare's services aim to provide users with personalized and private sound experiences without infringing on their ownership and privacy rights.

9. How much does it cost to clone a voice?

SonixTw offers the most affordable voice cloning package, starting at only $6.99.

10. Do I need to read specific content to clone a voice with Fineshare?

Yes, you don't need to. You can read any content, and we can clone your voice.

11. Can multiple people be speaking in the audio used for cloning?

No, typically, voice cloning technology works more effectively when trained on a single speaker's voice. Cloning multiple voices simultaneously in the same audio is challenging due to variations in speech patterns, tones, and styles across different speakers.

The technology is optimized to learn and replicate the specific characteristics of an individual speaker, ensuring a more accurate and natural-sounding cloned voice. Attempting to clone multiple voices in a single audio file may result in a less precise and coherent reproduction of each individual voice.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use voice cloning technology on separate audio samples of each distinct speaker.

12. Is it legal to use AI voices?

The legality of using AI voices depends on the specific context and terms of service. Personal use is generally legal, but commercial use may have copyright and legal considerations. Always review and comply with the platform's terms and local laws, and consider obtaining consent for commercial applications. If unsure, seek legal advice.

13. Can I use other SonixTw software directly after cloning?

Yes, after cloning your voice using SonixTw AI Voice Cloning, you can seamlessly integrate the cloned voice into Fineshare products including FineVoice AI Voice Changer, FineVoice Text to Speech, and even Singify.

See What Our Users Are Saying

Emily Rodriguez

A Cherished Memory Preserved Forever

As someone who cherishes memories and the special moments shared with my loved ones, discovering SonixTw AI Voice Cloning has been a heartwarming experience.

This unique application has allowed me to capture and preserve the essence of the voices I hold dear, turning ordinary recordings into priceless keepsakes. The emotional impact of being able to clone and preserve the voices of my loved ones cannot be overstated.

Liam Anderson

A Game-Changer for Content Creation!

I have been using SonixTw AI Voice Cloning for a while now, and I must say, it has completely revolutionized the way I produce content for my YouTube channel.

The accuracy is mind-blowing – capturing nuances, tone, and rhythm seamlessly. The level of detail is astonishing, and it has significantly reduced the time and effort I used to spend on recording and editing voiceovers for my videos. It allows me to focus more on the content creation itself rather than getting bogged down by the technicalities of recording and editing audio.

Marcus Johnson

Podcasting without the Talk: My Voice Cloning Experience

Instead of talking endlessly, I just feed the tool a bit of my voice, and it clones it effortlessly. No need for me to utter a word. It's like having my voice on autopilot, doing the talking while I kick back. Privacy is top-notch. If you're into quiet podcasting brilliance, this tool is your go-to. Your voice, your podcast, no talking required.

Sophia Chen

Revolutionizing Anime Dubbing: A Candid Review of SonixTw AI Voice Cloning

As a big fan of dubbing anime, this cool tool lets me put my own voice into anime characters without dealing with the usual recording fuss.

SonixTw AI Voice Cloning just nails it in copying my voice. It's crazy how close the cloned voice sounds to me – it's like they really get my style. The whole process is super easy, no need for complicated dubbing setups. The user interface is straightforward, making the whole character voice creation thing more fun and less techy.

Aisha Malik

Effortless Multilingual Dubbing

Discovering SonixTw AI Voice Cloning has simplified my video dubbing routine. It's a breeze to use – a few clicks, and my voice transforms into different languages. No need to re-record; it's like magic for my videos. The variety of voices adds a nice touch, and I love privacy assurance. If you're into hassle-free multilingual dubbing, this tool is a must-try!

Jackson Williams

Preserving Memories with Voice Cloning

Uncovering this voice cloning tool has been a remarkable journey in holding onto memories. Its straightforward recording process effortlessly replicates voices, offering a unique way to relive moments with loved ones. The user-friendly interface and strong emphasis on privacy make it a reliable choice for transforming recordings into cherished keepsakes.

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