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TheReach.ai in-depth Interview with Fineshare: Unlocking New Horizons for Content Creators and Gamers with AI Digital Voice Solution

Founded in November 2021, Fineshare is making waves in the AI-driven startup scene. In this exclusive interview with co-founder Jared Dun, we explore the company’s journey, industry insights, and the challenges facing AI startups.
ZoeLast Updated: March 15, 2024
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Founded in November 2021, Fineshare is making waves in the AI-driven startup scene. In this exclusive interview with co-founder Jared Dun, we explore the company’s journey, industry insights, and the challenges facing AI startups.

A Timely Inception

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, remote work became the norm globally. This shift catalyzed the rise of applications like Zoom and live streaming, transforming how we communicate and connect online. It was during this period that Jared Dun, co-founder of Fineshare, found himself grappling with a common issue—subpar laptop webcams.

“Poor webcam quality during online meetings was a significant discomfort,” shared Jared. But a game-changing moment during a Zoom meeting opened his eyes to the potential of smartphones. “I noticed a colleague using their phone as a webcam, delivering impressive results. This got me thinking,” he added.

A Confluence of Insights

Intrigued by the stark contrast in performance between smartphones and conventional webcams, Jared dove into research. What he uncovered was revealing. Smartphone manufacturers invested substantially more in camera technology, and AI had the power to further enhance audio quality. A pivotal idea emerged: utilize smartphones as HD webcams and leverage AI for superior audio.

“Enhancing video quality, simplifying content creation, and strengthening interpersonal connections—it all seemed achievable with this approach,” noted Jared. He didn’t embark on this journey alone; colleagues Billy and Bella joined him in what would become Fineshare.

Tackling Technical Challenges

Fineshare’s inception came with its share of technical hurdles. Every user’s computer setup was unique, posing challenges in model deployment. “Analyzing users’ hardware configurations and optimizing models to minimize resource consumption was paramount,” Jared explained. Balancing effectiveness and performance proved elusive but crucial in Fineshare’s pursuit of excellence.

The Current State of the AI Industry

Jared insights extended to the broader AI landscape. He observed AI’s rapid growth across sectors such as entertainment, healthcare, remote work, and education. “The AI industry’s continual evolution, marked by neural network optimization and model size growth, is undeniable,” Dun asserted. But alongside growth, ethical and regulatory concerns have garnered significant attention.

“The development of regulations and guidelines is a response to AI’s potential risks and abuse issues,” Jared highlighted. Efforts to ensure AI’s safe, ethical, and sustainable evolution are essential for the industry.

Challenges Facing AI Startups

When contemplating the future of AI startups, Jared outlined two primary challenges. Firstly, practical applications of AI must genuinely solve real-life problems to drive meaningful development. “We must ensure that AI serves real user needs,” he emphasized. The second challenge centers on creating lightweight, portable AI models that adapt to diverse platforms, hardware, and operating systems. This adaptability enables AI to reach a broader audience.

Accessibility to AI Technologies

Jared believed that accessibility to AI technologies could empower entrepreneurs to compete with resource-rich companies. Fineshare’s journey exemplifies this philosophy. Their AI-driven FineCam project, which offers real-time background removal during video communications, showcases AI’s potential to improve efficiency and reduce costs. “The combination of AI with real-world scenarios breathes fresh vitality into competitiveness and innovation,” Jared asserted.

Disruptions in the AI Industry

Jared acknowledged potential disruptions, particularly in generative AI, owing to ethical and regulatory concerns. “The development of AI-related laws and processes may impose challenges,” he noted. As AI’s growth accelerates, navigating this evolving landscape becomes pivotal for the industry.

Image generated with Midjourney, prompt - frank sinatra and taylor swift on a stage, illustration
Image generated with Midjourney, prompt – Frank Sinatra and Taylor Swift on a stage, illustration

When asked about the specific skills individuals should focus on to excel in AI-enhanced job roles in the next five years, Fineshare’s founder had this to say:

“In the rapidly advancing world of AI, it’s imperative to have a skill set that aligns with the industry’s demands. Three critical skills for success in AI-enhanced roles are big data analysis, deep learning expertise, and domain-specific knowledge.”

  • Big Data Analysis: AI’s applications often hinge on the collection and analysis of vast datasets. Proficiency in extracting meaningful insights from data is a core competency.
  • Deep Learning: Neural networks and algorithms underpin many AI applications. Deepening one’s understanding of these architectures is essential in staying relevant.
  • Expertise in Specific Areas: Applying AI to real-world problems requires a deep understanding of specific domains. Fineshare’s founder highlighted the importance of honing expertise in areas where AI can make a tangible impact.

Fineshare Product Pricing

Fineshare’s embrace of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows customers to access their AI-powered solutions through subscription-based services. This approach aligns with the broader industry trend, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness to clients seeking AI solutions.

“At present, Fineshare is diligently refining our products while sustaining our operations through a well-thought-out pricing strategy. We’re committed to delivering value to our customers. However, as we prepare for the next phase of rapid expansion, we’ll actively explore venture capital opportunities. Investments will play a pivotal role in accelerating Fineshare’s growth and expanding our horizons.”

Product Roadmap: The Evolution of Fineshare

Fineshare embarked on its entrepreneurial journey in 2021 with a focus on innovating the webcam segment. Their initial product, FineCam, was an AI-powered webcam solution. In 2022, they ventured into the audio domain with FineVoice. Currently, their primary focus lies in the AI voice sector.

In the AI voice space, Fineshare has introduced three products aimed at different directions: Voice Changer, Voice Generator, and AI Cover Song. Notably, their AI Online Voice Changer, launched in July 2023, garnered over 60,000 users in just one month, marking a significant milestone in their AI voice journey.

Their latest offering, Singify, launched in late August 2023, has outperformed Voice Changer, reaffirming Fineshare’s commitment to exploring the AI music field. Fineshare envisions further enhancing user experiences by integrating AI and music, thereby catalyzing music creation and unleashing the creative potential of musicians.

Fineshare’s journey reflects the dynamic nature of the AI industry, where adaptability, innovation, and customer-centricity are paramount. As they continue to evolve, Fineshare’s emphasis on skills, pragmatic business models, and strategic funding approaches positions them as a noteworthy contender in the AI landscape.

Products and Use Case

Fineshare FineCam

FineCam is an AI virtual camera that redefines video conferencing and content creation. It enables online teaching, enhances remote meetings, facilitates dynamic product demos, supports telemedicine with high-quality virtual consultations, empowers content creators, and entertains live streamers. Its versatility and adaptability make it a valuable asset in diverse industries.

Use Case

  • Online Teaching: Teachers can use FineCam to make their online classes more engaging and interactive.
  • Online Meetings: Remote teams can use FineCam to collaborate effectively and stay connected, no matter where they are located.
  • Product Demo: Salespersons can use FineCam to deliver dynamic and effective product demos to potential customers.
  • Telemedicine: Doctors can use FineCam to deliver high-quality virtual consultations to patients who are unable to visit in person.
  • Content Creation: Influencers and content creators can use FineCam to elevate their video content and engage with their followers.
  • Live Stream: Streamers can use FineCam to deliver high-quality live streams that engage and entertain their audiences.

Fineshare FineVoice

Fineshare FineVoice is a versatile AI voice studio that helps you quickly generate the voice of your favorite character and allows you to adjust the voice settings as you like.

FineVoice 1.5
FineVoice 1.5

Top features of FineVoice include:

  • Natural and Lifelike Voices: AI technology enables FineVoice to create personalized and natural-sounding voices. No more barriers, even amateurs can get professional-level voices.
  • 1000+ Voice Models: Original models for commercial usage, celebrities, characters, and a limitless potential model community await exploration. Any requirement for personalized voices will be satisfied.
  • 40+ Languages: Covering mainstream languages and accents, creators can expand global business with the most suitable voices.
  • Simple and Convenient: Choose voice, paste text, and get results. Save your time and effort.

Fineshare Singify

Singify, an online AI Song Cover Generator, caters to music creators, enthusiasts, content creators, and singer fans. It empowers users to create AI-driven music covers, explore creative possibilities, and share their musical talents. Singify’s uniqueness lies in its extensive AI voice model training, voice separation capabilities, user-friendly interface, and a thriving music community.

Use Case

  • Music Creators: Use AI to cover your own music works better, or inject inspiration into your music creation.
  • Music Lovers: Make your own voice sound like a professional, and sing your favorite songs with your own voice resources.
  • Content Creators: Lead you to explore music with a sense of contrast, and share your creativity on Youtube or TikTok
  • Singer Fans: Make unique AI covers for your favorite singers, and explore the possibilities of various music combinations.

Users have high requirements for songs generated by AI song cover, Dun told us, here are a few points they did to get users’ positive reviews and keep a high retention rate:

  • In-depth training of AI Voice Models:

We have more than 100 Voice Models at present. For each model, we conduct careful training and try our best to make it sound no different from the original voice.

  • Use AI to automatically separate voices from audio resources:

Users have no need to specifically submit acapella versions of audio. Any human voices in submitted audio resources can be quickly separated by AI algorithms and replaced with the model’s voice.

  • Zero thresholds for use:

With just three steps (select a model, select a song, and click to convert), users can get high-quality AI song covers in a few minutes, and by consuming credits, all users can truly have an in-depth experience.

What’s more, Singify has also formed a unique music community. Not only can users create their own covers, but they can also listen to fun and popular song covers produced by other fellow users to get inspiration for music creation.

Customized models are also supported, which means users can upload their voices, and we will train the voice model based on the voices, so users can perform songs of various styles with their own voices.


What are the most frequently asked questions about Singify?

  1. How do I make AI covers?
    You can use a Plankton AI singing generator like Singify to make AI Plankton sing your favorite songs. Here’s the step-by-step guide:
    Step 1. Open Fineshare Singify: https://singify.fineshare.com/
    Step 2. Select the voice model you like and add your audio by entering the YouTube URL, searching for a song, uploading an audio file or recording your voice.
    Step 3. Then start the conversion. Once done, you can listen to the Plankton AI song or directly download it.
  2. Is there a limit on song duration?
    Yes, free users can upload a song no longer than 5 minutes. For Singify subscribers, the maximum length of a song you can upload is 10 minutes.
  3. Can I upload a video for creating AI covers?
    Currently, Fineshare Singify doesn’t support uploading videos, but you can paste the YouTube video link to create AI covers.
  4. How to earn credits?
    Currently, there are two methods available: the first is to earn credits by registering or referring friends; the second is to purchase credits in bulk.
  5. How can I recommend it to my friends?
    Log into your account, go to the top right corner, click on ‘Profile’, scroll to the bottom of the page, and copy your link to send to your friends.
  6. What does custom model mean?
    Custom voice model means that we utilize your uploaded personal voice data and employ AI machine training to create a personalized model exclusively for your private use.
  7. How can I help?
    Share them with your friends & others
    Create content using Fineshare Singify
  8. Tell us why you found us & what you looking to use Fineshare Singify for
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Source: https://thereach.ai/2023/09/26/fineshare-unlocking-new-horizons-for-content-creators-and-gamers-with-ai-digital-voice-solution/

This article is originally published on January 16, 2024, and updated on March 15, 2024


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