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FineVoice 1.5 Launch: Evelating to a Versatile AI Voice Studio

Fineshare brings a major update to the product FineVoice after an innovative deep dive inside the AI voice area.
ZoeLast Updated: March 15, 2024
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LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan 11, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The usage of audio is in-depth in different areas. However, making voiceovers takes lots of time and is highly skilled. Creators who dub on their own can’t always get satisfying results and creators with disability or speech difficulty cannot dub. Moreover, hiring voice actors is too expensive.

As an intelligent software company, Fineshare brings a major update to the product FineVoice after an innovative deep dive inside the AI voice area. Now, FineVoice has started its way to the goal of becoming a versatile AI voice studio.

FineVoice 1.5
FineVoice 1.5

AI-powered FineVoice 1.5 provides audio creators who pursue high quality with various features like voice changing, dubbing, voice cloning, transcription, etc. Creators can skip the tedious processes and generate desired voices without leaving home. FineVoice also lowers skill thresholds while allowing you to control every detail. You can start online audio creation with your favorite voice and in the way you prefer, anywhere, anytime.

“You know, high-quality voices have always been ‘spoken’ by professionals, but AI is changing the situation and making voice creation more accessible.” co-founder of Fineshare, Jared Dun says, “What we are doing is to bring this change to everyone in a faster, better, and more affordable way, so people are free to create voiceovers.”

Top features of FineVoice Text-To-Speech include:

  1. Natural and Lifelike Voices: AI technology enables FineVoice to create personalized and natural-sounding voices. No more barriers, even amateurs can get professional-level voices.
  2. 1000+ Voice Models: Original models for commercial usage, celebrities, characters, and a limitless potential model community await exploration. Any requirement for personalized voices will be satisfied.
  3. 40+ Languages: Covering mainstream languages and accents, creators can expand global business with the most suitable voices.
  4. Simple and Convenient: Choose voice, paste text, and get results. Save your time and effort.

The evolved FineVoice TTS feature will help creators reach new areas of voice creation. What’s more, any AI voice tool you need can be found in FineVoice.

  • AI Voice Changer: Turn the original voice into anything you want. Real people or fictional characters, get any style you want.
  • Transcription: Automatically identify language and correct punctuation, faster and more accurately than manual script. Multiple formats are available.
  • AI Voice Cloning: AI can preserve accents and nuances of human speech, and even mimic real human emotions. Clone once, use forever.
  • Voice Recorder: Record simultaneously from multiple sources and adjust details. Get high-quality audio without specialized equipment.
  • Audio Extractor: No extra software is needed. One-stop extracting audio from videos and starting creation.

Compatibility and Pricing:

FineVoice is available on the Web and Desktop. It offers a Free Plan, and Paid Plans start from $8.99/month.

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About Fineshare Co., Ltd.:

Fineshare is an intelligent software company that offers various services such as voice generator, voice changer, music generation, dubbing, and more for individuals and businesses. It helps them showcase themselves more expressively in the ever-expanding virtual world.

Source: https://www.send2press.com/wire/fineshare-finevoice-embraces-its-new-1-5-version-upgrade-as-a-versatile-ai-voice-studio/

This article is originally published on January 16, 2024, and updated on March 15, 2024


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HomeBlog FineVoice 1.5 Launch: Evelating to a Versatile AI Voice Studio

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