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FineCam is an AI-powered virtual camera. It makes video production easier, more efficient and works with all your favorite video calling and streaming apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, OBS, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

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Available for Windows 7/8/10/11 | macOS 11 and above
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Connect to All Your Favorite Video Conferencing and Streaming Apps

Make Your Video Look More Cinematic without Effort

FineCam turns any camera you own, such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices and GoPro into a high-end webcam. You can capture those magical moments like a Pro.

Your High Quality Webcam Is At Hand

No webcam? Poor webcam quality? No worry, FineCam can easily turn your iPhone or Android phone into an HD webcam, up to 4K. Besides, FineCam works with iPad, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, webcams, etc., and there is no limit on the number of cameras.

Learn more about how to turn your phone into an HD webcam >

Capture Creative and Unique Scenes Like a Pro

FineCam allows you to build a multi-camera setup for your video. Capture one shot from multiple angles, seamlessly switch between lenses, change video resolution, and so on. Making a professional multi-shot video is so easy!

Simply Get Cinematic Webcam Effects

Bring a studio-like video experience to your audience with awesome features like AI enhancement, auto focus, advanced adjustment, and webcam effects.


Improve low light performance


Keep moving subjects in focus


Fine tune the webcam brightness & color


Make your video unique and fun

Bring Your Content to Life

Get rid of background interferences and make you look best during online meetings, virtual interviews, online classes, and live streams.

Superimpose Yourself with Any Content

Whether you want to display PowerPoint slides, a YouTube video, or a web page as a virtual background, FineCam can meet all your needs.

  • PowerPoint
  • YouTube
  • Webpage

Present with PowerPoint as a Virtual Background

You can use powerPoint slides as a virtual background for an engaging virtual presentation, so your participants can see your face on the screen over the shared slides. Besides, FineCam allows you to pre-record virtual presentation and share it with others.

Add a YouTube Video as a Virtual Background

Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video and the video will be set as a virtual background immediately. Any YouTube video can be used as a virtual background in super high quality without trouble.

Display a Web Page as a Virtual Background

No need to open your web browser. FineCam lets you access any web page without restrictions and shares the web page as a virtual background. Easily and smoothly switch between web pages.

Millions of Webcam Backgrounds Free for Everyone

Working with Unsplash, FineCam allows you to access millions of stunning video background scenes directly from Unsplash. Your video calls could never be so exciting and amusing.

Choose from pre-made branding templates and create a cool branding design in seconds.

Professional Branding Templates

Offer pre-made branding templates with simplicity style for your business. All branding templates are customizable. Just find a template you like and get started.

Make It Easy to Create and Edit

Simply enter your brand or company's name, adjust the logo transparency, and change the logo layout and theme color. It's easy to create a perfect branding design. No design skills are required.

Real-Time Video Processing Using Deep Learning

Apply a deep neural network in real-time video processing. Make FineCam faster and smarter.

Background Subtraction Algorithms

With semantic analysis and edge detection, quickly remove the background to help protect your privacy. No need to worry about privacy leaks.

Low Light Video Booster

Make use of low light video enhancement algorithms to automatically tune the brightness of video and improve your appearance in meetings, live streams, etc.

Gaussian Blur

With the computational image processing technique, blur the webcam background to eliminate distractions in real-time when you have no time to clean your house or office.

Auto Framing

Use AI technology to recognize, track movements, and automatically frame primary subjects, which helps you get the best shots.

FineCam Saves Your Time and Money

  • No need to buy an LED video light
  • Live stream without buying a green screen
  • Make you look best without buying a webcam
  • Easy to set up wherever you are

Must-Have Webcam Software for Various Scenarios

Online Teaching
Live Cooking
Vlog Creation
Talk Show
Remote Meeting

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"If you're looking for a higher degree of webcam customization, then FineCam might just be for you."

Robert CondoracheReview Editor at SoftPedia

"Help you turn your iPhone into an HD webcam for your computer for free."

Oliver HaslamReview Editor at redmondpie

"I like how simple it is and how effectively it does its job. The enhanced video feeds it generates are creative, fun and practical."

Phil SouthReview Editor at maketecheasier

"FineCam is the best solution that helps customers build better connections by using a smart, reliable, and finely crafted continuity camera. It will help you make more successful video calls and live streams."

Phil SouthReview Editor at softlay.com

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Make You Stand Out Using FineCam

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Available for Windows 7/8/10/11 | macOS 11 and above
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