5 Free Webcam Background Removal Software for Windows & Mac

5 professional webcam background removal apps provided in this article to help you easily blur, remove and change the background of your webcam on your computer for free.
Luca TangenLast Updated: June 20, 2022
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The world of work has become increasingly remote, with millions of people worldwide making video calls for professional and personal purposes more frequently. Likewise, the social media influencer and online gaming communities have created a need for relevant tools to enable high-quality video recording, live streaming, and visual content creation.

A significant proportion of people want to keep the interior of their homes private when they join professional calls from home. Some people also feel anxiety about their environment and would get a confidence boost from being able to use creative filters and change their virtual backgrounds as desired.

Top 6 Free Webcam Background Removal Software

Webcam background removal software is a valuable tool for personalizing video calls and improving the quality of streaming content. It also boosts comfort and protects privacy by helping users hide their real backgrounds. The best part is it allows you to add filters to your virtual backgrounds to beautify, blur and tone.

Outlined below are the five best free software to remove your webcam background during Zoom calls, online meetings, virtual classes, and other video calls. (Most of them support only Windows 10 / macOS 10.13, and above.)

1. FineCam – Webcam Software for PC

FineCam is a webcam software developed for recording, streaming, and video chatting. Asides from background removal, blurring, and green screen effects, it is also capable of adding multi scenes for a complex live video for teaching, presentation, and even for simple streaming.

Remove Webcam Background using FineCam

Remove Webcam Background using FineCam


  • The free edition of FineCam supports up to 1080p.
  • Use iPhone as HD webcam.
  • Remove, blur and change the background.
  • Webcam Effects & Filters.
  • Supports Chroma Key.
  • Add multiple cameras and multiple scenes.


  • Watermark inserted. (free edition)
  • Doesn’t support Mac computers.

2. Xsplit VCam – Webcam Removal Software

Xsplit VCam is a background removal and blurring tool for webcams. This tool eliminates the need for green screens in PC/Mac setups. Furthermore, Xsplit offers a high-quality blurring effect to the webcam and an adjustable blur slider. Also, it allows you to replace your virtual background with a wide range of image formats and web pages. Xsplit VCam further offers auto-framing technology, which keeps the streamer in the center frame at all times.

Webcam Background Removal Software - Xsplit VCam

Webcam Background Removal Software – Xsplit VCam


  • User friendly
  • Unlimited streaming and recording space
  • Flexibility to add custom backgrounds from photos and webpages
  • Allows you to pause the camera during a live feed
  • Light use of PC resources
  • Auto-framing capability


  • The camera feed for free licenses is watermarked
  • Users cannot use content created under the free license commercially

3. OBS Studio – Background Removal Plugins

OBS Studio is one perfect webcam software for streaming, which was developed by an open-source community and allows video mixing during a live stream. With some background removal plugins like Background Removal – Portrait Segmentation, you can easily remove the background using Chroma Key.

OBS - Webcam Background Removal

OBS – Webcam Background Removal

OBS studio offers a wide range of features and settings. It also includes a wizard that helps to optimize the video streaming/recording setup, especially for novices. It is a highly regarded option for producing highly professional-looking video streams.


  • Completely free and open source.
  • Built-in scene templates for scenes and audio.
  • The audio mixer offers noise suppression and gain.
  • Allows multiple video sources.
  • Flexible, customizable configuration options.


  • More resource-heavy than alternatives.
  • More useful for advanced users.

4. Logitech Capture for Logitech Camera Users

Logitech Capture is a video recording and streaming software that brings ease and speed to webcam video content. It enables streamers to personalize content by applying filters, borders, transitions, blurs and other effects to live and recorded videos. It also includes a feature called ‘Chroma Key’ which allows users to eliminate their backgrounds.

Zoom In or Zoom Out Logitech Webcam on Windows

Zoom In or Zoom Out Logitech Webcam on Windows/Mac


  • Switch between up to six different scenes
  • Record from multiple sources
  • Create multiple settings under distinct profiles
  • Integrates with major streaming platforms


  • A tiny selection of scenes and transition effects
  • Doesn’t support recording on its own

5. ChromaCam

ChromaCam enables the blurring of virtual backgrounds for all types of webcams. It works with all leading video conferencing software, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and BlueJean.

Webcam Background Removal - ChromaCam

Webcam Background Removal – ChromaCam

For Windows PCs, ChromaCam recommends at least Windows 8 with a minimum of 4GB memory and Intel 6th generation or the AMD equivalent processor chip for the best background replacement experience. ChromaCam’s free license is called ChromaCam lite.


  • Integrates with OBS, XSplit, and Twitch.
  • Can make the background invisible and animated.
  • Standard image backgrounds.


  • Watermarked camera feed on free license.
  • Limited blur on free license.
  • FPS limits.


Replacing virtual backgrounds with an image during a video call or live stream is a handy trick. Bright colors may effect photosensitive viewers, and certain images may come across as busy during a business call. Thus, in several instances, it is best to keep things visually neutral and use colors that are easy on the eyes. Webcam background removal and blurring tools come in handy here as they provide access to a wide range of options. Hence, ensuring that you can appeal to all kinds of viewers while maintaining privacy, security, and quality.

We have compiled the best free tools for subtracting, blurring or adding filters to virtual webcam backgrounds. With these, you can take control of your virtual space during live streams and bring your best and most confident self to every virtual call.

This article is originally published on April 12, 2022, and updated on Last Updated: June 20, 2022

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