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Parrot AI Overview

If you have ever tried to use the AI-generated voices of celebrities to troll your friends, then Parrot AI might be a familiar name to you. It is an AI voice generator that claims to be able to generate the most realistic celebrity AI voices. But can this tool really achieve what it promised?

In this Parrot AI review, I will guide you to discover what’s behind this tool including but not limited to its features and pricing, and we will find out whether it’s one of the best AI celebrity voice generators.

Parrot AI
Parrot AI

What is Parrot AI

Parrot AI is an AI voice generator tool, you can access the online web app version without registration, and there’s an iOS app for Apple users. Parrot AI excels in generating AI voiceovers based on various celebrities’ voices. Politicians, singers, actors, and so on, you can find plenty of voices to choose from in the collection of Parrot AI.

Except for the AI voice generator function, Parrot AI also allows you to create custom AI voices or add subtitles to existing video files. In general, Parrot AI is a good tool if you want to try sending AI voices to have fun with your friends.

Major Features of Parrot AI

Fast Generation

Parrot AI online AI voice generator is able to finish conversion in less than 30 seconds in most situations. Although Parrot AI can generate a short video with AI voices in a flash, it’s worth noticing that it doesn’t support text of more than 100 characters in a single conversion.

Realistic Celebrity Voices

Parrot AI offers hundreds of celebrity AI voices for you to choose from, the most-used voices are usually the most realistic ones too. These refined AI voices can generate natural and realistic voiceovers that sound like they were truly spoken by celebrities.

Easy to Share

After the conversion is complete, Parrot AI will automatically generate a short video containing the AI voiceover, plus a unique link that you can directly share to Facebook, Discord, or any other similar platforms. Meanwhile, you can also download the video to share it with friends.

Customize New AI Voice

It’s fine if you don’t find any AI voice on Parrot AI that suits your needs, because you can create your own unique AI voices. To get the best result, you need to upload audio files over one minute long, it’s also required to upload audio that includes only one speaker and no background noises.

Create new AI voice
Create new AI voice

Parrot AI Pricing Details

Parrot AI has an uncommon pricing strategy. It only supports two types of paid plans, one is weekly subscription and the other is lifetime purchase. Also, you will need to purchase the Premium Lifetime plan to truly unlock the unlimited usage of Parrot AI. Check the sheet below to know more details.

WeeklyLifetimeLifetime – Premium

To be fair, the prices of subscriptions on Parrot AI are rather high when compared with other AI voice generator tools, if you don’t have much budget for AI voice tools, you can try other more affordable tools like FineVoice. Sometimes Parrot AI team will hold challenge events on TikTok and Instagram to give away paid subscriptions for free to the winners, you can also have a try to see if you can earn free subscriptions.

Pros and Cons of Parrot AI

?? Pros:

    1. Easy to use even for beginners, with no steep learning curve.
    2. Hundreds of AI voice resources available.
    3. No signup is required to use the online AI voice generator
    4. The iOS app is well compatible with other apps like Snapchat and Instagram

?? Cons:

    1. Free AI voice generator has strict limits on characters.
    2. Free AI voiceover videos include watermarks.
    3. Subscription prices are too high.
    4. No customization options for AI voiceover generation.
    5. Customer support response is very delayed.
    6. Inconvenient to search for certain AI voices in the online version.

How to Use Parrot AI to Create Videos With AI Voice

It’s quite easy to create a short video with AI voiceover, you don’t even need a Parrot AI account to do it. In this part of Parrot AI review, I will show you the necessary steps to generate your own AI voices.

Step 1. Enter online AI voice generator on Parrot AI

First of all, you need to visit the official site of Parrot AI. On the homepage, you will see a grey button for online usage. Click it to enter the AI voice generator interface.

Try Parrot AI online
Try Parrot AI online

Step 2. Choose your favorite AI celebrity voice

There is a list of available AI voices for online generator, you can select one of them to proceed with the generation. The online version already provides a lot of AI voices, but you need to download Parrot AI app to view all of their voice resources.

AI voice list
AI voice list

Step 3. Input the text you want the AI to say

While inputting text, you can switch to another AI voice at anytime. Please also note that the maximum number of characters you can input for online generation is 100.

Input text
Input text

Step 4. Generate and share your AI voice creation

After the text is prepared, click Generate button to continue. Parrot AI will finish the generation in seconds, and then you will be able to download the video, copy the video link, or directly share it through email, Facebook, Discord, and so on.

Share your creation
Share your creation

Step 5. Try to use the text templates offered by Parrot AI

If you have run out of ideas about what messages to send to your friends, Parrot AI offers some templates for popular AI voices. When you input text, scroll down and you will see the templates below.

Templates for generation
Templates for generation

Who is Parrot AI Best for

Parrot AI is an AI voice generator that is best for having fun with friends. This tool can generate interesting short videos with AI-generated voiceovers, and you can use these videos to send messages like birthday wishes and prank calls to surprise your friends.

Unfortunately, Parrot AI is hardly a good tool for any other purposes. Its AI voice generator isn’t made for content creation due to the lack of customizations, language options, and supplementary features. Generally speaking, it’s a good tool to have some fun with AI celebrity voices occasionally, but you may need a tool which specializes in the field of audio creation, such as an AI voice studio software.

User Reviews of Parrot AI

“In one word, it’s a frustrating tool. Using was like trying to teach a parrot to do calculus. It’s slow, it’s frustrating, and in the end, you’re left wondering why you even bothered in the first place. First of all, the demo is a joke. A 100-character limit? Seriously? It’s like they don’t trust their own AI to handle more than a tweet’s worth of text. And don’t even get me started on the actual video generation process. Five minutes to generate a one-minute video? Are you kidding me? I could hand-draw a flipbook faster than that.”


The app has done well in producing videos but it requires extra dollars to make my own voices. I made one of my custom voices and for some reason the last half of it was Joe Biden saying something completely unrelated. I fixed it after running it through again so I’m hoping things will be smooth going ahead.


I am blown away by the realistic and high-quality speech it produces. Not only can you make super-sounding audio but the video part is fricken awesome. I have downloaded these videos it makes and shared in so many fun ways From creating personalized voicemail messages and prank calls to creating custom videos for my snap story of people hyping me up (lol), this app has exceeded my expectations.


FAQ about Parrot AI

Is Parrot AI trustworthy?

Yes, Parrot AI voice generator is considered trustworthy by users. However, as with any tool that involves personal data, you should review the company’s privacy policy and terms of service to ensure your data is handled securely.

Is Parrot AI free?

Parrot AI does provide a free version that you can use through web browser directly. However, there are limits of max characters and available resources for free users.

How to cancel Parrot AI subscription?

To cancel your Parrot AI subscription, you need to open your Parrot AI profile interface on the device you made the purchase, then go to Billing section and you’ll find the option to cancel your subscription.

Best Alternative to Parrot AI

Parrot AI is enough to create some funny moments between friends with the AI celebrity voiceovers. It’s surely a nice tool to have some fun, but not a tool to help with any form of audio creation. Parrot AI doesn’t do well in customizing audio content and full access to features and resources is locked behind an expensive paywall. If you find Parrot AI isn’t the best choice for your creation needs, you may try using an AI voice studio tool FineVoice.

FineVoice AI voice generator includes a ton of customization options, from speed to emotions, you can adjust every detail of the AI voiceovers. Compared with Parrot AI, the subscription prices of FineVoie are more affordable and have more options, you can select one of them according to your actual needs. Moreover, FineVoice provides other features like AI voice changer and audio transcriber to cover all your needs while creating audio content.

Feel interested? FineVoice provides both a desktop version and an online version, try it now without downloading!



To make a final conclusion for this Parrot AI review, I would say Parrot AI has proved itself to be a tool for casual users to have fun with it. If you want to know how can AI celebrity voices make your communication with friends funnier, it is a tool worth trying.

Overall, Parrot AI is a convenient and simple AI voice generator that does well in the field of online communication. On the other hand, however, Parrot AI lacks more features related to audio creation and doesn’t allow any customization on the AI voice generation, the high cost of subscription is also a big drawback for many users.

Have you tried using Parrot AI to surprise your friends with AI celebrity voices? You are welcome to share your thoughts on this tool by leaving a comment below!

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