Are you in need of cutting-edge deepfake voice generation tools? Resemble AI leads the charge in this realm, providing potent solutions for enterprises and content creators. But is it truly worth your investment?

Delve into our comprehensive review, where we dissect Resemble AI’s features, benefits, and drawbacks. Whether you’re striving to elevate customer service, craft captivating content, or fortify digital defenses, our analysis will aid in your decision-making process.

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Details about Resemble AI

What is Resemble AI? Is it good? What can Resemble AI do? Let’s go through Resemble AI’s key features, pros and cons, and pricing.

What is Resemble AI?

Resemble AI is a cutting-edge voice synthesis platform that allows users to create realistic AI-generated voices. It offers advanced features like voice cloning and multilingual support, catering to developers and businesses seeking to enhance their audio content. Resemble AI is designed to deliver lifelike and customizable voice solutions for various applications, from entertainment to professional services.

Resemble AI Homepage
Resemble AI Homepage

Key features of Resemble AI:

Voice Cloning:  Create realistic AI voices using just a few seconds of audio.

Speech-to-Speech:  Convert real-time speech into AI voices with nuanced control.

Multilingual Support:  Supports 149+ languages for global communication.

Neural Audio Editing:  Simplify audio editing with synthetic voices.

On-Prem Deployment:  Option to self-host for enhanced security and customization.

Deepfake Detection:  Real-time detection of AI-generated audio.

AI Watermarking:  Protect intellectual property with invisible audio watermarking.

Flexible API:  Robust API for developers to build custom integrations.

?? Pros:

  • High-Quality Voices: Resemble AI utilizes advanced AI techniques to produce realistic and expressive AI voices, suitable for personal, business, or commercial use.
  • Voice Customization: Users can fine-tune generated voices by adding emotions like happiness or sadness, and adjusting pauses, speed, and pitch to create more natural and diverse audio outputs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform provides an intuitive interface for editing voice clips, making it accessible to users without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Fast Audio Generation: Resemble AI can quickly generate high-quality audio, benefiting users who need rapid turnaround times for their projects.

?? Cons:

  • Voice Quality Variability: Speech Quality Variation: The quality of generated speech can vary greatly from input to input, which can be frustrating for users who need consistent, high-quality audio for professional projects.
  • Subscription Issues: Issues with the subscription model include unexpected charges and difficulties in canceling subscriptions, leading to user dissatisfaction.
  • Customer Support: Customer support has been reported as subpar, with delayed responses and a lack of adequate assistance.
  • Complexity: The platform’s powerful features can be complex and challenging to navigate, particularly for users without adequate technical support or guidance.

How Much is Resemble AI? Resemble AI Pricing

PlanCostKey FeaturesValue Assessment
Personal$0.006/sec1,000 seconds free/month, 3 Rapid Voice Clones, API access, 40+ marketplace voicesAffordable for occasional use
Creator$29/month10,000 seconds free/month, 5 Rapid Voice Clones, 1 Professional Voice CloneGood for individual creators
Professional$99/month80,000 seconds free/month, 25 Rapid Voice Clones, 3 Professional Voice Clones, 68 local languagesSuitable for small teams
Growth$299/month200,000 seconds free/month, 100 Rapid Voice Clones, 5 Professional Voice Clones, 68 local languagesIdeal for growing companies
Business$499/month320,000 seconds free/month, 500 Rapid Voice Clones, 10 Professional Voice Clones, 149 local languagesComprehensive for large-scale use
EnterpriseCustom PricingAll Business features, white-glove voice training, dedicated support, enterprise SLAsTailored for enterprise needs

How to Use Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a robust platform that offers text-to-speech (TTS) and voice cloning capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using its features effectively.

For TTS: Generate Voiceovers from Text

Step 1: Sign Up and Access the Platform

Visit the Resemble AI website and sign up for an account.

Access the Projects tab to start creating clips.

Sign Up and Access the Platform
Sign Up and Access the Platform

Step 2: Input Text and Find a Voice

Input the text for the AI to voice.

Explore different voices available or go to Marketplace to find Resemble AI voices or create custom voices with voice cloning.

Input Text and Find a Voice
Input Text and Find a Voice

Step 3: Edit and Fine-tune

Use the editor to adjust emphasis, emotion, language, pauses, and other parameters. You can also insert speech-to-speech, BGM, and adjust clip settings such as speakers and audio format.

Listen to previews and make necessary changes.

Edit and Fine-tune
Edit and Fine-tune

Step 4: Generate and Download

Click Generate All at the bottom. You can download full audio or separate tracks.

Generate and Download
Generate and Download

For Voice Cloning: Create a Lifelike Voice Replica

Note: A paid subscription is required for this feature.

Step 1: Access the Feature

Choose Create Custom Voice tab or click Voices on the top bar.

Access the Feature
Access the Feature

Step 2: Choose How to Create Your Voice

Name your voice and choose to record on the site or upload recordings as data.

Choose How to Create Your Voice
Choose How to Create Your Voice

Step 3: Choose a Script to Read

If recording on-site, select a script to read.

Choose a Script to Read
Choose a Script to Read

Step 4: Record and Submit

Click the Record button and read the sentences on the screen. After recording, click Finish and Submit.

Resemble AI will create a voice clone that closely replicates the original voice.

Record and Submit
Record and Submit

For more detailed instructions, visit the Resemble AI tutorial videos

Who Is Resemble AI for?

Resemble AI is a cutting-edge platform designed for enterprises and professionals seeking advanced voice generation and deepfake audio detection capabilities. It’s ideal for:

Resemble AI may not be the best fit for casual users or those with simple, infrequent voice generation needs due to its advanced features and enterprise focus.

User Reviews for Resemble AI

Username: Shreya N.


Username: Anonymous


Username: Alex


Frequently Asked Questions about Resemble AI

1. How does Resemble AI work?

Resemble AI uses deep learning algorithms to synthesize human-like voices from text, allowing real-time voice cloning and custom voice creation for various applications, such as podcasts and tutorials.

2. How much data is needed for voice cloning?

A minimum of 50 recorded sentences is required for initial training. More data improves quality, with training done in increments of 50 sentences.

3. Can I use Resemble to clone somebody else’s voice?

Yes, with their consent and awareness of the use. The Professional plan allows data uploads, subject to approval. See their Ethics page.

4. Can we license a voice from Resemble for our brand?

Yes, you can license fictitious voices from Resemble AI for your brand. Learn more on their fictitious voices page.

5. How can I create content in my cloned voice?

Once your voice is cloned and ready, you will receive an email notification. You can use the cloned voice via Resemble AI’s web platform or API.

6. Can I fine-tune or apply emotions to the audio?

Yes, Resemble AI’s editor allows fine-tuning of audio, with plans to add different emotions soon.

7. Do Resemble AI support foreign languages?

Yes, Resemble AI supports various languages. The Trial, Personal, and Creator tiers offer Spanish (MX), French, and British English. The Professional plan supports 67 languages, and the Business plan supports 149 languages.

8. What’s the pricing to clone my voice?

Voice cloning is not included in the free trial. Check their Pricing page for details. The Personal plan offers a pay-as-you-go option to create a custom voice.

9. Is Resemble AI free?

Resemble AI is not completely free. It offers a pay-as-you-go Personal plan, and other plans with varying features and pricing details can be found on their Pricing page.

10. Is Resemble AI safe?

Yes, Resemble AI adheres to strict ethical guidelines and offers advanced security features, including deepfake detection, to ensure the safety and integrity of its voice cloning technology.

Best Alternatives to Resemble AI

If you’re exploring text-to-speech and voice cloning options beyond Resemble AI, consider these top alternatives. Each offers unique strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different user needs and scenarios.

ProductProsConsUser Cases
DescriptEdit audio files like text
User-friendly interface
Excellent user support
Focuses primarily on audio editingIdeal for content creators, podcasters, and video editors needing precise audio editing
Murf.aiFast voice response
DIY online tool for voice timing and editing
Versatile for various applications
Limited feature set compared to Resemble AISuitable for eLearning, YouTube, podcasts, software demos, marketing, and IVR systems
FineVoiceStable, high-quality voice generation and cloning with much cheaper pricing
1000+ customizable realistic AI voices
Online platform and Windows software
No APIBest for content creators, marketers, and users needing high-quality, customizable voices
Resemble AIFlexible deployment options (cloud or on-premises)
Advanced deepfake detection
Higher pricing compared to other solutionsPerfect for customer service, gaming, entertainment, and security applications


Each alternative to Resemble AI offers distinct advantages. Descript is perfect for detailed audio editing, excels in versatile applications, and FineVoice provides customizable, high-quality voices for content creators. Choosing the best tool depends on your specific needs and priorities.

Wrap it Up!

In this review, we explored Resemble AI’s innovative AI voice generation and cloning. We’ve highlighted the platform’s strengths in producing realistic voiceovers and ensuring security, as well as noted areas where it could improve, such as pricing.

Overall, Resemble AI stands out as a robust tool for enterprises and content creators seeking advanced voice solutions. If you’re considering enhancing your digital content or securing your audio, Resemble AI is worth a try. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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