Is there an AI voice generator that can create AI voiceovers in different languages while ensuring good quality? Certainly yes, the AI voice studio tool FineVoice supports generating realistic and emotional voiceovers of various languages. Any listed language and AI voices you find in FineVoice can be used to create voiceovers.

PlayHT Overview

Using AI voice generators is now a rather common thing, AI-generated voiceovers can be very useful in areas like content creation, education, and software development. Most AI voice tools only have a single feature or have their features separated, which is inconvenient. Users who prefer consistency during creation are now requesting the tools to have features like a voice studio where they can create with less hassle.

Among all the AI voice generators with a studio feature, PlayHT is considered one of the best. It is widely known for the online studio function that allows users to have better control over the ongoing audio creation project, and it has realistic AI voices that are almost indistinguishable from real human voices. In this PlayHT review, I will lead you to discover more secrets behind this AI voice generator and find out whether it’s still good today.


What is PlayHT

PlayHT is an online AI voice generator that provides a handy online studio for audio creators. It claims to be able to generate the most realistic AI voiceovers that are indistinguishable from human voices. There are over 800 AI voices across more than 100 languages and accent variants available on PlayHT. It also offers 4 voice models with different advantages for you to choose from.

PlayHT could be a solid choice for creators who pursue high-quality creation of AI voices, and it fits enterprise users very well for its powerful API support and platform compatibility.

Major Features of PlayHT

Rich Collection of AI Voices

PlayHT offers a lot of AI voices available for users to choose from, the number of total voices is over 800, which is above average when compared with similar AI voice generators. Though all the AI voices are pre-made voices, so you are unlikely to find AI voices of fictional characters like Darth Vader or celebrity voices like Donald Trump.

Cloud-based Online Access

No need to download any extra software before using PlayHT to create AI voiceovers. This tool has built up all its services and functions on the cloud, so users can access it through a web browser at anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive API Support

PlayHT offers very convenient API access, it only takes a few clicks to generate your own API key after making a subscription. For users who have no experience in using an API key, there are also detailed documents to help you proceed with it. Before you pay for API, you can also try it first in the PlayHT API playground.

Set Emotions for AI Voiceovers

In the AI voice generator online PlayHT studio, you can select a type of emotion from six different choices and apply to the current paragraph. This allows you to enhance AI voiceovers with realistic human emotions. However, there are no options to adjust other details like voice pause, emphasis, or pitch in the text.

Select voice emotion
Select voice emotion

PlayHT Pricing Details

The free plan of PlayHT allows you to use all AI voices and languages, and the subscriptions give you more available characters per month, more voice clones, faster generation speed, and commercial usage permission.

$39 per month$99 per monthContact Sales

The subscription plans of PlayHT cost more than other AI voice generators. It fits users of a whole team or enterprise better than individual audio creators. You will need at least a $99 plan to get unlimited generation, download, and voice clones on PlayHT.

?? Pros:

    1. Customer service responds very fast, and the support is professional.
    2. Highly compatible with various platforms and tools.
    3. Online studio interface is intuitive and easy to operate.
    4. Integrated with podcast platforms like iTunes and Spotify.
    5. Support adding multiple speakers in one AI voiceover.
    6. All voices and languages are available for free plan.

?? Cons:

    1. Non-English AI voiceovers are not as good as English ones.
    2. The AI voice generator doesn’t understand some acronyms.
    3. AI voice quality is uneven, some are good and some are still robotic.
    4. Paid plans are rather expensive, especially for individual users.
    5. Voice clone requires long audio material of over two hours.

How to Use PlayHT to Create AI Voiceovers

Using PlayHT to generate AI voice is quite easy thanks to its intuitive interface and clear instructions. From beginners to experienced creators, everyone can learn how to use this tool in a few minutes. In this part of PlayHT review, I will show you the necessary steps to create AI voiceovers with its online studio.

Step 1. Enter PlayHT AI voice generator

After registration, you will be able to access the online studio by clicking the Go to Studio button at the upper right corner on the PlayHT official site.

Enter the online studio
Enter the online studio

Step 2. Create new project for AI voiceover

On the left panel of the studio interface, you will see an option to Create New File, click it and you will be asked to choose one voice model from four options. Each model has its advantages like stability or speed, but if you want to create voiceovers in non-English languages, you can only choose the standard model.

Create new file
Create new file

Step 3. Input text and adjust settings

You can enter text paragraphs by paragraphs in the text blocks. It’s recommended to not input too many words in one block or the voiceover quality might be affected. You can set a speaker voice and emotions for each single block, plus advanced settings like similarity and intensity.

Customize each paragraph
Customize each paragraph

Step 4. Generate audio and preview the result

After you have done adjusting settings, click the Generate button to create audio for the selected paragraph. You can listen or download the audio immediately, or click the Regenerate button to try again.

Generate voiceover
Generate voiceover

Step 5. Export the AI voiceover project

If you have successfully finalized the whole project, click the Export button at the upper right corner to proceed. You can choose to export paragraphs separately or export them all in one file.

Export voiceover
Export voiceover

Who Does PlayHT Fit the Best

PlayHT can be applied for a wide range of purposes related to AI voices since this AI voice generator is quite handy and easy to use. In my opinion, it’s best for users like a content creator team, or a software company that wants to use AI voices to enhance their product. Its subscription cost is more affordable for a whole team.

While PlayHT indeed provides a lot of AI voice and language resources, only a small part of them are available for non-English users. Furthermore, users who prefer in-depth controls on the content may not be satisfied with the customization options on PlayHT for there are no options to customize single sentences or words.

User Reviews of PlayHT

“I had a great experience so far with the web application. But the audio generation needs some cleaning up, even though our VO recording is all done in a sound studio. It would be great if we could have some way to apply nuances to the audio generation. Though we do not have 3-4 hours of recording as recommended?”


“The support is nice and quick. When I could not find a way for a free demo version or something, almost immediately some nice support person contacted me and I thought at first it was just some bot, but in fact I got help from a real and nice person. Due to the small scale of my project, the support unlocked 1000 free words for me.”


“The languages are not diverse enough. They only have American, British, and Canadian Caucasian voices. No minorities whatsoever. You need to pay that extra $300 per year to clone minority voices. Customer service is terrible. The first representative left the conversation because he couldn’t handle the truth. The 2nd representative tried tricking me with the word game, but found out that I’m a master at it. They’re dishonest people!”


FAQ about PlayHT

Is PlayHT suitable for podcast production?

PlayHT is a useful tool for podcast production. It not only offers voices of various styles for you to choose from, but also allows you to set multiple speakers in one project to create realistic conversations.

Is PlayHT free?

Certainly. PlayHT provides a free plan that gives you access to all voices and languages. But there are also limits on the number of characters, and you can’t use PlayHT for commercial purpose as free user.

Does PlayHT have an API?

PlayHT has an API available, and you can choose to use its free plan or paid plans. You can check the API documents on PlayHT official site for more information.

Can I use PlayHT for commercial purposes?

PlayHT currently only allows commercial uses under paid plans. So you have to subscribe if you plan to use PlayHT for commercial projects.

Best Alternative to PlayHT

PlayHT is a handy AI voice generator with rich features for sure, but it still has something that can be improved. For instance, PlayHT only provides pre-made AI voices that sometimes sound dull when compared with voices of other tools. It also costs a lot to subscribe PlayHT paid plans, especially for individual users who may not have much budget.  For those looking for an affordable alternative tool with more diverse AI voices, the AI voice studio FineVoice could be a good choice.

FineVoice offers a wide range of AI voices, except for the standard pre-made voices, you can also find lots of community voices that varies from celebrities to cartoon characters. Any AI voice you want can be found here, and the voice collection will be updated regularly. FineVoice also has more budget-friendly prices for subscriptions, both enterprise users and individual users can have a nice trip in audio creation with FineVoice. Additionally, FineVoice offers an online web app that you can try out for free at anytime.

FineVoice AI voice generator
FineVoice AI voice generator


To sum up, I would say this is a good tool for generating AI voiceovers that require standard quality. The online studio is easy to use for any user and the ability to create conversation between multiple speakers is very useful.

On the other hand, PlayHT lacks diversity in the types of AI voices, and the available languages are restricted in most of its voice models, which makes it not the best choice for multilingual users. Meanwhile, the subscription is rather high when compared with other AI voice generators.

Were you a PlayHT user before? If so, we are always glad to hear about your thoughts on this tool, leave a comment below and join the discussion!

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