If you are looking for a more versatile AI voice tool with more vast resources, FineVoice might be your top choice.
As an AI voice generator, FineVoice aims to provide most natural and realistic voiceovers to creators. It’s also an AI voice studio that offers a series of tools to help you save more time and energy during your creation. Also, FineVoice has a huge collection of 1000+ AI voices across 149+ languages, any resource you want to use can be found here.

SpeechNow Overview

For content creators who use AI voiceovers in the creation, sometimes they don’t need many features to edit their content, and a simple voiceover generator is enough for they need to quickly make AI voiceovers to catch up with the trends. SpeechNow is exactly one of the most convenient ways for creators to convert text into speech in a flash.

In this SpeechNow review, I will guide you through this simple structured yet very handy tool and discover what it’s capable of in helping you create AI voiceovers.

What is SpeechNow

SpeechNow is an online AI voice generator known for its ability to generate high-quality AI voiceovers and versatility in creating content for various software and platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It is easy and convenient to use, no need to follow any instructions, the interface is straightforward and you will understand how to use it at first sight. And you don’t even need to register before trying it out.

This tool could make a good start for new creators in the AI voice field, but considering its paid plans only offer two options and lack other features to assist with other audio-related creations, it’s hardly a good choice if you plan to use it for long-term creation.


Major Features of SpeechNow

Extremely Easy to Use

Although SpeechNow only has one function as an online AI voice generator, it tries the best to make itself easy to use for anyone. To generate a lifelike voiceover, all you need to do is input text, choose AI voice, and then let the AI deal with the rest parts.

Natural-sounding AI Voices

AI voices on SpeechNow can produce high-quality and natural voiceovers with ease. Among all the AI voices available, some of them are marked as neural voices, which means they are even better quality of voiceovers. Although AI voices under certain minor languages are more robotic when compared with mainstream languages like English and Spanish.

SSML Features

SpeechNow applied Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) technology in its AI voice generator function. This allows the AI to have better control over the generated voiceovers and customize the audio details like pitch, volume, rate, and so on. The adjustments can greatly improve the output quality.

High Compatibility

SpeechNow is fully compatible with all kinds of audio creations, whether you want to create a YouTube video, an Instagram reel, or a TikTok short, this tool is always ready to help you. It also works fine with video editors like Camtasia, iMovie, and Avid Pro.

SpeechNow Pricing Details

As mentioned above, the subscription choices of SpeechNow are highly limited since there are only two types of paid plans, one is the monthly plan and the other option is the lifetime plan. In the following sheet, check out the SpeechNow pricing details, including what these two plans include so you can decide which one suits you better.

Monthly Plan$12.99 per monthMonthly 1 million character limitAccess to all AI voicesAccess to all voice effects
Prepaid Plan$299.99 per monthLifetime 999 million character limitAccess to all AI voicesAccess to all voice effects

The so-called Prepaid plan is more like the lifetime plan on SpeechNow, it provides a character limit that is basically equal to unlimited. However, the cost of Prepaid plan is rather expensive than most of AI voice tools on the market, it’s recommended to think twice before paying for it.

Pros and Cons of SpeechNow

😃 Pros:

    1. Simple interface and easy for starters to use.
    2. Free to use without registration.
    3. Highly compatible with platforms and software.
    4. Provide high-quality neural AI voices.
    5. SSML technology to improve output quality.

😞 Cons:

    1. Short of AI voices and language options
    2. Few paid plan options and lifetime plan is too expensive.
    3. Only offer an AI voice generator function.
    4. Free users can only input 100 characters per conversion.
    5. The voiceover quality of some languages is worse than others.

How to Use SpeechNow to Generate AI Voiceover

Using SpeechNow to generate an AI voiceover is pretty simple. I will list all the necessary steps below and you can follow them to start your first try with this tool.

Step 1. Enter SpeechNow and find the online tool

First of all, you need to visit SpeechNow’s official site, you will see a TRY FREE option in the navigation bar, click it to enter the online AI voice generator interface.

You can use the tool without login, but you can also register on SpeechNow to get more adjustment and output options for voiceover generation.

Find the online tool
Find the online tool

Step 2. Input text and select voice

You can select language and AI voice in the toolbar on top of the AI voice generator interface, the available AI voices vary according to the language. All the neural voices will be marked, and they provide better output quality, you can click the Preview button to listen to the AI voice as well. For free users, you can only input no more than 100 characters every time, the limit is displayed at the left lower corner.

If you log in, the interface will show the options to control details like volume, speed, and effects.

Input text for conversion
Input text for conversion

Step 3. Preview the conversion output

After you finished inputting text and deciding which voice to use, click the LISTEN button down below to preview the conversion result. You can make adjustment to the text while listening to the preview audio.

Preview the voiceover
Preview the voiceover

Step 4. Save the audio as local file

If you are satisfied with the generated AI voiceover, click the SYNTHESIZE button to proceed with the voice generation. All the synthesized results will be listed below, you can click the download button to save the project as local file.

Download AI voiceover
Download AI voiceover

Who Is SpeechNow Best For?

Overall, SpeechNow is a handy AI voice generator that is also convenient to use, no downloading, no registration, just visit the website and you can try its AI voiceover generation service and decide whether it is good or bad. It’s a nice tool for beginners to experience what it feels to create AI voiceover. It’s better for users of small group to purchase the paid plan since it offers one million characters available monthly.

On the other hand, SpeechNow isn’t a good choice of AI voice generators for most creators since it may not suit creators’ needs for content creation in many aspects. This tool lacks language options, there are only 50+ languages to choose. Except the AI voice generator function, SpeechNow doesn’t offer extra features to help with your creation. What’s more, it only provides two types of paid plans and one of them is overly expensive lifetime plan.

User Reviews of SpeechNow

“I was on the verge of seeking a refund as using the software without any kind of user manual was painful. I decided to press on but had some painful learning curves.”

Source: https://www.dealfuel.com/seller/speechnow-ai-speech/

“A whole bunch of work was lost as I hadn’t understood that the ‘Synthesise’ button effectively saved the file. So be prepared to experiment to make sense of it. Fortunately that proved not too onerous but a plea to support went entirely unanswered. If I had not paid the super price on offer here I would be spitting nails.”

Source: https://www.stacksocial.com/sales/speechnow-true-to-life-ai-text-to-speech-sn001-lifetime-subscription

“Good news: having overcome my initial problems I am very impressed. The voices are very convincing, not quite a 100% but very close. There is a large range of adjustments within any voice, including the ability to slow down a sentence, or create dramatic pauses. If it wasn’t for the curious lack of instructions this would be a clear 5 star. Take my warning not as a reason not to buy but as a caveat with the end conclusion if you have a need this is a great offer.”

Source: https://aiai.tools/t/speechnow

FAQ About SpeechNow

Does SpeechNow support voiceover customization?

Yes, SpeechNow allows you to customize AI voiceover to make it close to your ideal before generating it. You can adjust details like pitch, speed, volume, and voice effects.

Can I use SpeechNow for YouTube videos?

All the AI-generated voiceovers from SpeechNow can be used in your YouTube videos. It supports both commercial use and personal use, and works compatibly with many other video creation software.

Is SpeechNow free?

SpeechNow provides a free plan, and you use it without registration. There are certain limits for free users, including max character for a single conversion, available customization options, and conversion times.

Best Alternative to SpeechNow

Being an online AI voice generator, SpeechNow is practical and straightforward, not bad for simple creation. Though it does have some negative traits that can’t be ignored, and all of its drawbacks make SpeechNow rather a secondary choice for most of content creators. If you are interested in finding an AI voice generator for your next creation project and want to use a better tool, FineVoice could be your best choice.

As a versatile AI voice studio, FineVoice offers a series of tools including a powerful AI voice generator. There are 1000+ AI voices and 149+ language options available, and this huge resource library also updates regularly. Moreover, FineVoice offers more cost-efficient paid plan options for users to choose from, you can always find the option that suits you the best whether you are an individual creator or enterprise user.

FineVoice is available on the web browser and all features are available without downloading extra software, have a try and see how it can help you.



To make a quick sum-up for this SpeechNow review, it’s a handy AI voice generator that can be used in various video content, though the paid plan suits users who create lots of content better.

It’s a simple tool, which means everyone can easily understand how to use SpeechNow in a few minutes, but being simple also means it can’t handle tasks other than generating AI voiceovers. This tool can be a good start for beginners to take the first step into the field of AI voiceover, as for advanced users, you may need to seek other better tools for your needs.

Were you a SpeechNow user before? We’d like to hear how was your experience with this tool, and you are welcome to leave a comment below!

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