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Select & Upload

Drag and drop the file you want to convert to FineVoice Speech to Text. You can upload various files in formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, AMR, MP2, WAV, etc.

Set Up & Convert

Choose the original language of your audio file and your desired output format from TEXT, JSON, SRT, and VTT. Then, click Convert Now.

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FineVoice immediately starts the conversion. Once the conversion is complete, click Download to save the transcribed text file to your local device.

Spice Up Your Videos with Online Voice Changer

Whether you're dubbing movies, creating tutorials, or making e-commerce content, our tool adds a fresh vibe to your voiceovers. Engage your audience better and bring your content to life!

Academic Excellence RedefinedSay goodbye to overwhelming notes! FineVoice transforms recorded lectures, seminars, or group discussions into accessible text, making academic content more digestible and enhancing your learning experience.
Research Prowess UnleashedElevate your analysis game! Effortlessly convert recorded interviews, surveys, or research sessions into text, empowering you to delve deeper into your studies and streamline your workflow.
Corporate Harmony in Every MeetingTransform your meetings! Our speech-to-text app excels in transcribing company meetings, training sessions, or workshops, making it a breeze to record and share vital information across your team.
Legal Agility, SimplifiedMeet your ally! FineVoice simplifies your legal workflow by transcribing courtroom debates, trial records, or client meetings into precise text, enhancing document preparation and analysis.
Medical Mastery Made EasyEmbrace efficiency! Our speech-to-text converter turns medical lectures, case discussions, or patient consultations into text, facilitating seamless record-keeping and information analysis.
Content Creation ElevatedThe power is in your hands! FineVoice effortlessly transcribes audio content, allowing podcast hosts, audiobook creators, and more to edit and optimize their content with ease.
Language Learning, ReinventedFineVoice Speech to Text seamlessly transforms language courses, listening exercises, and learning resources into text, providing invaluable support on your language-learning journey.

Unleash AI Power of FineVoice Speech to Text

FineVoice offers over 1000+ AI voices in over 149+ languages, word-level precision control and a perfect AI voice cloning tool. This allows you to create unique and expressive voices in a better way.

Multilingual Mastery

Our AI STT tool effortlessly speaks every language, turning a global soundscape into text—your words, your way.

Swift as Thought

With FineVoice, time bends to your needs. Swift conversions turn spoken words into written brilliance in the blink of an eye.

Precision at its Peak

Our prowess hits new heights—up to 95% accuracy powered by AI ensures your words are transcribed with unwavering precision.

Your Voice, Anywhere

FineVoice is your companion across devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones—transform your voice into text wherever inspiration strikes.

Formats Tailored to You

Upload any popular audio format, and FineVoice instantly converts them into text files that suit your working style, including TEXT, JSON, SRT, and VTT.

Fortress of Privacy

At FineVoice, your secrets are safe. We guard your voice with the utmost care, ensuring your privacy is as sacred as your words.

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John Maxwell

FineVoice Speech to Text has been a game-changer for my work. The accuracy is impressive, and the easy-to-use interface makes the whole process seamless. Definitely my go-to AI tool!

Kiana Daniel

User friendly, intuitive interface

I love the versatility of this online AI-driven STT tool. It supports multiple languag

Jago Salazar

FineVoice brings narrations to life

As a content creator, this speech to text free tool has become my secret weapon. Converting my voice notes to text is a breeze, and the high accuracy saves me a ton of time. Can't recommend it enough!

Ava Garcia

FineVoice Speech to Text is a lifesaver for my transcriptions. The multilingual support is fantastic, and the fact that it's free is incredible. It's an indispensable tool in my workflow now.

Bryony Sanford

I've tried several speech-to-text tools, and FineVoice stands out. The simplicity combined with accuracy is unmatched. The added language options and download formats make it my top choice.

FAQs about Speech to Text Online

1. Is there a free speech-to-text converter available?

Yes, FineVoice Speech to Text is a free and efficient tool for converting speech into text seamlessly. Experience the power of accurate conversion without any cost.

2. How does the conversion from speech to text work?

FineVoice employs advanced speech recognition technology to analyze audio input and convert it into written text. Our AI-driven system ensures precision and speed in the transform process.

3. How do I use speech-to-text?

Using FineVoice is easy. Simply upload your audio file, select your preferred language, and let FineVoice do the rest. The converted text will be ready for download in the format you choose.

4. What is the best AI speech to text app?

The best AI speech-to-text app seamlessly balances accuracy, ease of use, and versatility. FineVoice stands out, offering high precision, multilingual support, and a user-friendly experience—all for free!

5. Is this speech-to-text service free to use?

Absolutely! FineVoice offers this free speech to text converter, which provides a user-friendly and efficient way to convert your speech into text without any charges.

6. Which languages are supported by FineVoice Speech to Text converter?

FineVoice supports a wide range of languages, providing a versatile solution for users around the globe. Check our language support to ensure compatibility with your desired language.

7. How accurate is FineVoice Speech to Text conversion?

FineVoice can be a fun tool for various purposes, including entertainment. However, for commercial use, you can use our original voices in FineVoice.

8. Is this speech to text generator compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, FineVoice Speech to Text is a web-based tool, ensuring compatibility with various operating systems. Access it conveniently from your browser without any system-specific restrictions.

9. How can I obtain transcriptions of audio files?

With FineVoice, obtaining transcriptions is simple. Upload your audio file, choose the desired output format (TEXT, JSON, SRT, or VTT), and download your transcription hassle-free.

10. Can I use FineVoice to convert text into speech?

Absolute!FineVoice offers other dedicated AI tools for audio creation. Grab our powerful TTS tool called FineVoice Text to Speech for 1000+ realistic voices.

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