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4 Best British Accent Generators to Get Voice Over (Free & Paid)

This post tells you the 4 best British accent generators for voice-over.
SylviaLast Updated: December 19, 2022
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Are you a content creator? Do you need voice-over for the videos on your YouTube channel or other platforms? You can find some professional voice generators to make your love characters say anything you want them to say. But, it’s not that easy to find a voice generator offering a British English accent.

Read this post, there are 4 of the best British accent generators ready for you to get.

4 Best British Accent Generators

In this part, we will give you the 4 best English to British accent generators one by one. Take the one you like and try it.

#1. ttsMP3.com

ttsMP3.com is a free British text-to-speech tool to convert your British English text into professional and human-like speech. You can use the tool for your presentation, YouTube videos, and narrated videos. ttsMP3.com offers 3 British accent voices to choose from.



How to use ttsMP3.com as a British text to speech.

Step 1. Visit https://ttsmp3.com/text-to-speech/British%20English/

Step 2. Type or paste the text to the text box.

Step 3. Select a British accent voice and click Read to listen to the speech.

Step 4. If you like the voice, click Download as MP3 to get the speech file.

#2. Narakeet

Narakeet is an online text-to-speech video maker. You can use it to turn a script into a voiceover for your videos. Narakeet offers text-to-speech in more than 80 languages and over 500 voices from English to Urdu, from an elder man to a child.

Narakeet saves you a lot of time recording the voiceover for videos and it provides some key tips to help you generate the most human-like voiceover.



How to use Narakeet as a British accent generator.

Step 1. Visit Narakeet British English Text to Speech Voices (https://www.narakeet.com/app/text-to-audio).

Step 2. Type or paste the narration script in the Script box. You can also upload a DOCX or TXT document.

Step 3. Choose the language as English – British. Select a voice you want to use for your video from the 31 British accent voices.

Step 4. Setting the output audio before creating. Click the Play button to preview the voice. Click the grey Plus button to set the volume, speed, and format of the audio.

Step 5. Click Create Audio to generate a voiceover with a British accent. After the converting process finish, you can play and download the MP3 audio file on the result page.

#3. ResponsiveVoice Text to Speech

ResponsiveVoice is an HTML5-based text-to-speech library offering 51 languages for you to add voice to your videos or website. ResponsiveVoice supports common browsers such as Chrome desktop, Safari, IE, and Firefox. And you can also access it on iOS and Android.



How to use ResponsiveVoice as a British accent generator.

Step 1. Visit ResponsiveVoice (https://responsivevoice.org/)

Step 2. Type or paste the English text. And choose a voice from UK English Female/Male.

Step 3. Click Play to let it read the text with a British accent English.

Step 4. Click the options to add voice to your website or videos.

#4. Play.ht

Play.ht is a paid voice generator and offers text-to-speech synthesis with AI technology. Play.ht comes with a Chrome Extension, WordPress Plugin, and an inter API. You can generate speech in English, German, French, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

You need to upgrade to a paid plan to use the voice generator.



How to use Play.ht as a British accent generator.

Step 1. Visit https://play.ht/text-to-speech-voices/british-english/

Step 2. Type or paste text in the text bar.

Step 3. Select the language, voice, and speaking rate.

Step 4. Click the Listen to check if you like. Click Convert to Speech to get the audio file.

Bonus Tip: A Voice Changer with British Accent Generator

FineVoice is a real-time voice changer for Discord, Xbox, Google Meet, and all other voice chat platforms. With this software, you can change your voice when streaming and gaming. And you can generate British Accent speech in FineVoice with the text-to-speech tool.

FineVoice can convert your text to speech in more than 40 accents, which includes British English. You can choose the gender of the voice and the speed of the speech. Download and try the powerful voice changer.


British accent generator is one of the secrets to becoming an expert voiceover for your YouTube videos. Thus, you don’t need to hire voice actors to get pro voiceovers. Today, we introduced the 4 best British accent generators for you. Paste a test sample and get your favorite.

This article is originally published on December 1, 2022, and updated on December 19, 2022


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

HomeText to Speech 4 Best British Accent Generators to Get Voice Over (Free & Paid)

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