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Top 3 Meme Text to Speech Tools to Make Funny Voice

This post gives you the top 3 text to speech meme voice generators to have fun.
SylviaLast Updated: September 15, 2023
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Do you love memes and want to hear them spoken aloud? In this post, we’ll show you how to use text-to-speech tools to create meme voices for free.


Whether you want to prank your friends, make your memes, or just have fun with AI voices, this post will help you get started. Read on and enjoy meme text to speech!

What Is a Meme?

A meme is a humorous image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.

Memes often use popular culture references, jokes, or satire to make people laugh or comment. Memes can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Some of the most famous meme formats are:

  • Caption: A text that accompanies an image or video with a funny or ironic comment.
  • Reaction: A video of someone expressing their emotions or opinions about something.
  • Challenge: A video of someone doing something difficult, embarrassing, or absurd.
  • Prank: A video of someone tricking or surprising someone else with a funny or scary situation.
  • Animation: A video of someone drawing or animating something with humor or creativity.

3 Best Text-to-Speech Meme Voice Generators

If you want to make funny voices from text for memes, you’ll need a text-to-speech tool that can convert text into speech with funny or humorous voices.

#1. FineShare FineVoice

FineShare FineVoice is a text-to-speech tool that lets you create your meme voices from scratch or use pre-made ones.

The voice library offers high-quality voice-cloning TTS voices, such as singers from Lady Gaga to Billie Eilish and politicians like Obama and Donald Trump. You can also make memes with Peter Griffin and Patrick Star’s text-to-speech voices.

Or, create your AI voice for real-time and recording use. You can also add background music and sound effects to make your audio memes more lively.

FineShare FineVoice
FineShare FineVoice

Pros Pros:

  • Free to download and easy to use
  • High-quality and realistic voices
  • Fast TTS generation speed
  • Supports 40 languages and accents
  • Real-time voice changer with sound effects


  • Software installation required
  • Only for Windows users

#2. FakeYou

This free deep fake voice generator turns your text into speech with over 3,000 different voices. You can choose from different categories, accents, and emotions to create your TTS memes.


Pros Pros:

  • Realistic and expressive human voices
  • Variety of voices, genders, accents, emotions, and styles
  • Free to download generated meme voices in WAV


  • Long wait time to process the generation
  • Only 12-second audio per generation for free

#3. Uberduck

This meme voice text-to-speech tool that lets you make cool stuff with AI and text-to-speech. It also can generate lyrics to be sung in a specific rapper’s voice.


Pros Pros:

  • Filters to find the specific voice you want
  • Easy to use without installation
  • Fun and creative AI voice tools like an AI rapper voice generator


  • No commercial user for free
  • Limited AI voices for meme creation

How to Generate Meme Text to Speech Voices for Free

Generating meme voice using FineShare FineVoice text-to-speech is easy and fast. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install FineShare FineVoice.

Step 2: Open Text to Speech and choose the voice you want to use to make meme text-to-speech.

open Text to Speech
open Text to Speech

Step 3: Enter the text you want to convert into meme voice.

Step 4: Click on Convert Now and wait for the voice to be created.

enter text and create text-to-speech meme voice
enter text and create text-to-speech meme voice

Step 5: Check the funny meme voice in FineVoice My Library or the local file. Enjoy your meme voice!

Recommended: Best Online Voice Changer to Make Meme Voices

FineShare Online Voice Changer is a free and easy-to-use meme voice generator to make meme voices from audio files and voice recordings. It lets you transform your voice into the natural-sounding voices of characters and celebrities within seconds.

FineShare Online Voice Changer
FineShare Online Voice Changer

Feature Highlights:Highlights:

  • 110+ realistic voices like Darth Vader, Donald Trump, and SpongeBob
  • Powered by AI voice cloning technology
  • Record or upload audio files for voice-changing
  • Works on desktop and mobile devices

Recently, AI covers went viral on social media. Want to make your AI rap and song cover online for free? FineShare Singify offers 100+ voice models of singers, rappers, celebrities, and characters. Try it Now!

10 Best Text-to-Speech Voices for Memes

If you want to make your viral audio meme, here are the 10 popular text-to-speech meme voices in 2023. Open FineShare FineVoice to make memes with them.

  • Darth Vader: The iconic villain from Star Wars who says “No” in a deep and menacing voice.
  • Elon Musk: The billionaire entrepreneur who says “Sorry” in a high-pitched and sarcastic voice.
  • Kim Jong-un: The leader of North Korea who says “Hail” in a stern and authoritative voice.
  • Taylor Swift: The pop star who says “You Belong With Me” in a sweet and catchy voice.
  • Beyoncé: The queen of pop who says “Single Ladies” in a confident and empowering voice.
  • Donald Trump: The former president of the United States who says “Make America Great Again” in a loud and boastful voice.
  • Shrek: The ogre who says “I’m not gay” in a funny and awkward voice.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: The cheerful sea sponge who says “Hello” in a bubbly and enthusiastic voice.
  • Harry Potter: The boy wizard who says “Wingardium Leviosa” in a magical and enchanting voice.
  • Darth Maul: The Sith assassin who says “I am Darth Maul” in a fierce and menacing voice.


Now you know how to create text-to-speech meme voices with the tools we recommend. You can use them to turn any text into speech with funny or humorous voices. Have fun and enjoy meme text to speech!


#1. How do you get the meme voice?

You can get the meme voice by using a text-to-speech tool, such as FineShare FineVoice, FakeYou, and Uberduck. You can also create your meme voice with FineShare Online Voice Changer or FineShare Singify.

#2. What text-to-speech do YouTubers use?

YouTubers use text-to-speech tools to make their videos more engaging and entertaining. Some of the popular text-to-speech tools that YouTubers use are FineShare FineVoice, Murf AI, and Speechify.

#3. What do people use for the AI voice memes?

People use text-to-speech tools to create AI voice memes for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • To make fun of celebrities, politicians, or other public figures.
  • To make jokes or puns based on popular culture references or memes.
  • To make parodies or spoofs of movies, TV shows, or games.
  • To make educational or informative videos with clear and understandable voices.
  • To make creative or artistic videos with unique and original voices.
This article is originally published on September 13, 2023, and updated on September 15, 2023


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

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