Real-Time AI Voice Changer with Abundant Resources

No matter where you are, VoiceTrans empowers you to better express yourself. Seamlessly switch your voice to mimic your beloved characters or utilize our extensive library of entertaining sound memes to add a touch of humor to your conversations. Enliven your chats and gaming experiences with a burst of personality, spreading joy with every interaction.

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The Ultimate and Simplest Voice Changer You'll Ever Use

With just a few clicks, you can completely alter your voice, share it anytime, anywhere, and make your voice more fun and expressive.

Realistic AI Voice Changer

Explore our AI Voice Changer, allowing you to completely transform your voice. With it, you can effortlessly convert your voice into various realistic characters and celebrity voices, retaining accents, intonations, and emotions. You can even change your voice from male to female or female to male with ease.

Whether you want a humorous voice or aim to create a new sonic identity, our AI Voice Changer enables you to easily create a unique and personalized voice.

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1000+AI Voice Models

AI Voice

Zero Delay Real-Time Voice Modulator

The benefits of our real-time voice changer lie in its lightweight and fast performance. It can make your voice sound like a robot, demon, chipmunk, female, kid or allows you to add voice effects such as cave and echo. You can not only completely changing your voice, but also fine-tune it. Most importantly, it has extremely low CPU and GPU usage and will not have an impact on your game or application performance.

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More Than a Voice Changer

Send voice messages and short sound memes using VoiceTrans in your games and chats.

Speak Like Your Favorite Character in Gaming and Chatting

VoiceTrans brings together creative, imitative, humorous, and entertaining AI voice packs, as well as delightful voice packs from anime voice actors. It also features exclusive AI voice packs for various game characters such as Roblox, League of Legends, Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, Valheim, Sea of Thieves, and many other popular games.

By customizing key bindings and integrating them with voice messages, you can send these voice messages at the right moment. Inject personality and playfulness into your chats and games, making every simple gaming moment or communication with teammates unique and enjoyable. Additionally, you can choose your favorite character to create personalized voice messages.

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Use Soundboard to add Sound Effects to Your Games and Chats

VoiceTrans also boasts a rich sound library, where all sound memes and soundboards are gathered together. You can seamlessly integrate these sound effects into your games and applications by customizing key bindings. It not only brings surprises to everyone in your gaming team or group chat, but also adds fun to your overall gaming experience.

VoiceTrans allows you to import MP3 or WAV files and build your own soundboard according to your preferences, easily editing and adding amusing sounds at any time. Prepare them when needed and share your sound collection with others.

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Offer Tens of Thousands of Free Voice Memes and SFX

VoiceTrans gathers tens of thousands of voice clips created by creators, including thousands of sound memes, free sounds, SFX, game sound effects, and voice packs. The sound library is continuously growing. VoiceTrans allows you to directly send your favorite sounds to the VoiceTrans soundboard or put numerous amusing sounds into your pocket. Use meme sounds to make your friends burst into laughter with unprecedented voices anytime, anywhere.

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Melia Old - Good Night

Plankton - How Far I'll Go

Hatsune Miku - Good Afternoon

SpongeBob - Good Night

One client, two clients, three clients!

CS:GO - Legacy fireassis

Build New Sonic Identity with VoiceTrans

No matter where you are, VoiceTrans empowers you to better express yourself. Seamlessly switch your voice to mimic your beloved characters or utilize our extensive library of entertaining sound memes to add a touch of humor to your conversations. Enliven your chats and gaming experiences with a burst of personality, spreading joy with every interaction.

Why Choose VoiceTrans to Change and Deliver Your Voice?

Real-time Voice Changing

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly transform your voice into different styles in real time.

AI Voice Pack

Create personalized voice messages with the voice of your favorite character, adding vibrancy to your online games and chats.

Rich Sound Resources

Choose from tens of thousands of sounds and play them at the right moment.

Share Anywehre

Whether in gaming, live streaming, or chats on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, or even applications like Slack and Zoom, effortlessly share your voice—everything is under your control.

Optimized Performance

Low CPU and GPU usage, without any impact on your game or application performance.

Voice Customization

Offering high-quality voice modulation and voice cloning to help you effortlessly create your own unique and personalized voice.

Change and Deliver Your Favorite Voice Anytime, Anywhere

VoiceTrans offers powerful desktop, mobile, and online solutions, allowing you to change and deliver your favorite voice, no matter where you are. Start showcasing your unique vocal world now.

Desktop: Real-Time voice changer & Soundboard applied for Windows

Fully compatible with your favorite games and programs on Windows, make yourself more expressive and fun by using voice changers, voice packs, and soundboards.

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Mobile: Realistic AI voice changer & Soundboard applied for iOS

Easily transform your voice and share it as voice messages in any chat application and game.

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Online: Discover, Create and share your favorite voice clips

Share amusing sound memes with your friends anytime, anywhere, adding a touch of fun to your conversations.

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Where to Use VoiceTrans

Whether in gaming, chatting, or working, you can always find a voice to convey your mood in VoiceTrans.

Team Comp Building

Use voice changer and short sound memes to surprise everyone on your gaming team and add unparalleled fun to your gaming experience!


Use our AI Soundboard and real-time voice changer to express yourself.


Communicate in a new way, making your friends burst into laughter like never before.

Meeting & Calling

Add some personality to your conversations, making both you and your teammates and friends even more delightful.

Video Chatting

Play perfect sound effects at the perfect time during chats with friends.

Online Teaching

Create a refreshing atmosphere for your next online teaching session.

See What Our Users Are Saying


Gaming Immersion Unleashed!

VoiceTrans adds a new level of excitement to my gaming experience. Now I can immerse myself in the virtual world using the voice of my favorite characters. It's like bringing the game to life!

Taylor Parker

Fun and Entertaining!

Wonderful! VoiceTrans works seamlessly with OBS. I love its voice effects and sound effects, adding more fun to my live streaming. Stable, reliable, and budget-friendly, it's the ideal choice for any streamer. I highly recommend it!

Morgan Bailey

Lively Meetings Made Easy!

VoiceTrans seamlessly integrates into my communication tools, enhancing my online meetings and calls. With just a few clicks, I can bring laughter and a lively atmosphere to Zoom meetings.

Jordan Mitchell

Simple Moments, Cherished Memories!

VoiceTrans makes gaming with friends more enjoyable. The ability to play sound effects at the perfect time adds an extra layer of fun to our gaming sessions. Now, even simple moments become cherished memories.

Riley Evans

Engaging Online Classes!

Creating a refreshing atmosphere for online teaching is crucial, and VoiceTrans helps me achieve that. The real-time voice changer and sound effects make my online classes engaging and enjoyable for students.

Casey Taylor

Versatile Tool for Voice Expression!

VoiceTrans provides a unique opportunity for aspiring voice actors. The extensive AI voice model library lets me experiment with different voices, whether it's mimicking celebrities, creating characters, or showcasing my own vocal style. It's a versatile tool for voice expression.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VoiceTrans

1. What is VoiceTrans?

VoiceTrans is a funny and personalized AI voice changer & soundboard that makes your voice more fun and expressive and enhance your communication.

2. Is VoiceTrans free?

VoiceTrans offers a free version. You can use basic features for free and experience some voice effects. If you want to experience advanced features include custom voice effects, AI voice cloning, you can upgrade your plan. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

3. Is VoiceTrans safe?

VoiceTrans is safe without ads and viruses. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable user environment to ensure the safety of your personal information and devices. If you have any concerns regarding security or privacy, please feel free to contact our support team at any time.

4. Can I use VoiceTrans for online games?

Yes, you can use VoiceTrans on online gaming platforms. Whether it's for real-time voice changing or playing sound memes, VoiceTrans can meet your needs. We've designed VoiceTrans to ensure an excellent sound experience in various online gaming environments, adding more fun to your gaming experience.

5. How do you change your voice without noticeable delay?

Choose a voice effect in Voicebox with just one click. You can instantly change your voice without any delay. Even if your computer lacks a GPU or has a lower hardware configuration, you can still perform voice change quickly.

6. Can I use VoiceTrans for free?

Yes, VoiceTrans offers different voice packs, sound effects, and voice effects for free use every day. If you wish to access more voices quickly or unlock additional content, please consider upgrading to our premium subscription plan.

7. Do you have an API for developers?

We don't currently offer an API. If you'd like to see it in the future, please contact us at [email protected]


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