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Big White Room with Tables & Chairs

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Big White Room with Tables & Chairs

This office background image is ideal for a video call if you want to talk with your colleagues, or business partners online. With white walls, sofas, wooden floors, bookshelves, and office tables and chairs, this image shows a modern and professional workplace people dream of.

Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px | Photo by Copernico


How to add backgrounds for your Zoom meetings

Once you've finished downloading the Zoom background, you can follow the steps below to change the video background on the Zoom meeting.

How to change Zoom virtual background on a computer

Step 1:Open the Zoom desktop software, sign in to your account and click your profile picture.

Step 2:On the list, click Settings.

Step 3:On the left menu, go to Backgrounds & Filters.

Step 4:You can choose one image as your Zoom background, or you can upload one image as the virtual background for your meeting.

How to add Zoom background on mobile phone

Step 1:Unlock your smartphone and launch the Zoom app and start a new meeting on the Zoom app.

Step 2:Click the More icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3:Select Virtual Background.

Step 4:Choose one background for your Zoom meeting.

Zoom background related FAQ

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