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Diverse AI Voices

Get Best AI Voices Which Sounds Like Real Human

FineVoice AI Voice employs cutting-edge training methods for authentic emotional expression, fast and accurate. Creative, Corporate, or Entertainment, there is a FineVoice voice for every creator. It serves as your extensive voiceover team, accessible 24/7, unlocking limitless potential for content creation anywhere, anytime.

Explore the Latest FineVoice AI Voice Features
Standard Pronunciation, Clear Enunciation
FineVoice breaks pronunciation and dialect limitations, precisely controls syllables, adjusts language and regional pronunciation, ensuring standard pronunciation and clear enunciation.
Natural Tone, Rhythm and Cadence
FineVoice automatically generates appropriate tones based on the text content and context, making the voice natural and expressive, no voice actor required.
Delicate Emotions, Precise Expression
FineVoice can generate emotional voices, from joyful to sad tones. Just select the desired style, and the corresponding emotional voice will be generated.
Rich Sound Effects, Immersive Experience
FineVoice can directly add sound effects such as Wind, footsteps, and other sounds to enhance immersion, and it supports adding background music, making the sound richer and more vivid.
Unlimited Voice Design

Build your brand sound identity

It's time to infuse your brand with soul through sound, allowing sound to construct your brand identity. With just one listen, it's unmistakably you.

Design Your Sound Do you want to stand out in the vast sea of AI voiceovers? Would you like to have your own unique voice identity without speaking? Do you have a natural local accent but want to showcase authentic American pronunciation in your videos? Look no further—FineVoice's AI voice design feature lets you effortlessly create a unique and versatile voice persona with just a few clicks. FineVoice never limits your creativity or hinders your growth with sound. Try AI Voice Design Now
Clone Your Voice Want to transform your voice into an online brand? Let FineVoice handle your voice cloning. No need for pricey gear or intricate software—just follow three simple online steps to swiftly clone your voice for perpetual use. You retain 100% ownership and private access to your voice. In the future, you can switch your voice style to over 149 localized languages at your convenience. Your throat is the speaker of your real-world voice, while your digital twin serves as your online broadcaster. Try AI Voice Cloning Now
3 Voiceover Modes

Upgrade Your Voiceover Creation Experience

Your rich and creative video ideas comes to life with FineVoice AI voice studio. Whether for long, mid-form, or short videos, or professional, efficient, or multi-character imitation, FineVoice perfectly matches your creation needs.

Advanced Voiceover

Professional Customization, Extraordinary Listening

Provides advanced voice over solutions for professional content creators. Have a large amount of text that needs voiceover but want every detail to be perfectly presented? By adjusting speech speed, pitch, and sound effects, ensure that every detail meets your high standards.

Whether it's story creation, business cases, or funny animal voiceovers, the Advanced Voiceover feature delivers superior audio quality and personalized voice performance, making your work stand out in terms of auditory experience.

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Multiple Voiceover

Lively Dialogues, Within Reach

Easily fulfill the voice over needs of complex dialogue scenes. When creating animated videos, children's educational content, or funny game commentary, you often need different character voices but lack suitable voice actors? Now, simply input your text, and FineVoice automatically divides it into different paragraphs, selecting appropriate voice models for each character. the Multiple Voiceover feature adds realism and interactivity to your project, bringing each character to life and making the audience feel immersed in the story.

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Quick Voiceover

Efficient Creation, Instant Generation

Quickly generate high-quality voiceovers to efficiently complete your projects. Need to release trending social media videos, tutorials, or book summaries in a short time? Just input your text once, select your desired voice, and FineVoice will instantly generate the voiceover. The Quick Voiceover feature saves you valuable time, letting your creative ideas shine immediately and freeing you from tedious voice over work.

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Go Viral Globally

Ignite Your Video with FineVoice

No only do we bring text to life or enhancing voice-over, FineVoice delves deeper into popularizing and monetizing your content. Imagine adding emotion to your images, incorporating memes into your videos, instantly capturing audience attention, and garnering global interest. Come see how FineVoice meticulously plans for you.

Inject Viral Propagation Factors into the Video You may have seen many people humorously and surrealistically impersonating celebrities like Obama and Trump in various video scenes, or been captivated by unexpected dialogue videos featuring characters from shows like "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "The Simpsons." Additionally, some videos vividly mimic Elon Musk's image and characteristics through 3D animation and realistic voiceovers, recreating his speaking style and the ambitious spirit of his space plans. Simply add your creativity to the FineVoice community to start creating and spreading modern meme videos, making them go viral online! Check FineVoice's 1000+ Voices Want to directly change your voice? Why Not!
30 x 500 Commercial Voices Ensures Secure Monetization You need a happy, energetic tone for product promotions, a calm and composed voice with consistent pitch and rhythm, a relaxed, fun, and informative style similar to a professional documentary, a faster-paced, higher-pitched narration that conveys tension and urgency, or a strong, dynamic, and thrilling emotional expression for broadcasting sports events. FineVoice's vast commercial voice resources cover all your stylistic needs comprehensively. Explore More Voice Styles
Cover Global Regions with 149+ Local Accents Humor, trends, and memes can adapt to different cultures and languages. Do you want to present your viral content in different languages to attract a broader audience? Your city travel guide may need to be translated into various languages to meet the needs of international tourists. Your online courses may need to support different languages so non-English-speaking students can watch. Your brand advertisements might be dubbed in Spanish, French, Chinese, etc., to cater to the needs of different regions. Listen to FineVoice! Explore More Languages
149+ Local Accents
4 Simple Steps

FineVoice Accelerates Your Video Creation

Great product experiences are seamless and effortless. FineVoice enhances your overall video creation perspective, meticulously refining details for smooth transitions. We support your efficiency without dragging you down, helping you complete tasks quickly. Until next time!

Step 1: Import Script Paste/Enter your script into the text box, or import your script with just one click.
Step 2: Word-like Editing Edit your desired voice just like editing a Word document: choose voice models, adjust details, etc.
Step 3: Quick Preview Preview your creation quickly until you're satisfied. The Quick Voiceover feature even skips this step.
Step 4: Export Audio and Subtitle Files Your next step is to integrate it into your video, so when exporting, not only audio but also subtitles can be included.
11.21x Efficiency Boost

FineVoice AI Voice Over, 11X+ Efficiency Boost

Stop wasting time and money, and let FineVoice handle your voiceovers for highly efficient, high-quality results at a minimal cost! See how FineVoice can bring you a 10X+ efficiency boost!

Financial cost
  • FineVoice Average Cost: $0.08 per 10 minutes
    • 10 minutes of content corresponds to 1300 characters
    • Based on different FineVoice packages, 1300 characters correspond to approximately $0.04 - $0.12
  • Minimum Human Voiceover: $100 per 10 minutes
    • Prices vary based on narrator's experience, location, voice type, and required narration style
    • Low-end: $100-200 per minute. This rate typically applies to beginner voice actors or projects with very limited budgets.
    • Mid-range: $200 - 500 per minute. This is a more common rate for experienced voice actors working on commercial projects.
    • High-end: $500 per minute and above. This rate typically applies to top-tier voice actors working on prestigious projects.
  • FineVoice AI: Human = 0.1:100 = Saves 1000X
FineVoice AI: Approximately $0.08 per 10 minutes
Human voice over: Approximately $100 per 10 minutes
Time cost
  • FineVoice AI: 5 seconds = Click to generate, wait 5 seconds
  • Human voice over: 50 minutes = Recording time: 30 minutes (3 minutes per minute * 10 minutes) + Editing time: 20 minutes (2 minutes per minute * 10 minutes)
  • FineVoice AI : Human = 3000 (50 minutes * 60 seconds) : 5 = 600X
FineVoice AI: 5 seconds per 10 minutes of audio
Human voice over: 50 minutes per 10 minutes of audio
  • FineVoice AI: 100 points: Can flexibly adjust various tones and styles, customize different types of voices, sound effects, etc., and combine unlimited possibilities of sound.
  • Human voice over: 50 points: Personalization ability depends on the skills of the voice actor.
  • FineVoice AI : Human = 100 : 50 = 2X
FineVoice AI: Strong (100 points)
Human voice over: Meduim (50 points)
User scenarios
  • FineVoice AI: 90 points: Suitable for most standardized applications such as advertising, customer service, documentaries, broadcasting, sports events, whispers, chatting, etc.
  • Human voice over: Depends on the voice actor's experience and ability, but the work style is relatively fixed for creators.
  • FineVoice AI : Human = 90 : 80 = 1.125X
FineVoice AI: Strong (100 points)
Human voice over: Meduim (50 points)
  • FineVoice AI: 90 points: Natural sound quality, automatically enhances generated voice, without any noise.
  • Human Voiceover: 90 points: Best sound quality and naturalness, requires post-production software to remove background noise.
  • FineVoice AI : Human = 90 : 90 = 1X
FineVoice AI: Good (90 points)
Human voice over: Good (90 points)
Emotional expression
  • FineVoice AI: 80 points: Select emotional type, accurately express 100%, finely set details.
  • Human voice over: 80 points: Abundant emotions, strong mobilization, but depends on the voice actor's current state and understanding of the copy;
  • FineVoice AI : Human = 80 : 80 = 1X
FineVoice AI: Strong (80 points)
Human voice over: Human voice over: Strong (80 points)
  • The formula for the geometric mean of 𝑛n factors 𝑎1,𝑎2,…,𝑎𝑛a1,a2,…,an is:
    • 𝐺𝑀=(∏𝑖=1𝑛𝑎𝑖)1𝑛GM=(i=1∏nai)n1
  • For the six indicators:
    • 𝐺𝑀=(600×2×1×1×1.125×1250)16GM=(600×2×1×1×1.125×1250)61
  • First, calculate the product:
    • 600×2×1×1×1.125×1250=1,687,500600×2×1×1×1.125×1250=1,687,500
  • Next, take the sixth root of the product:
    • 𝐺𝑀=(1,687,500)16GM=(1,687,500)61
  • Using a calculator to find the sixth root:
    • (1,687,500)16≈11.21(1,687,500)61≈11.21
  • Result:
    • The overall improvement factor is approximately 11.21x.
Versatile AI Voice Studio

Your Voiceover Partner & AI Voice Studio

From audio capture to text processing, and then to speech generation, FineVoice provides you with a range of audio tools to address your audio processing tasks at every stage of your creative process. When you need audio tools, come to FineVoice!

Trusted by

120+ 120+ Countries Worldwide
1M+ 1M+ Global Active Users
50K+ 50K+ Satisfied Partners
1K+ 1K+ Mentions by Media and Influencers

FineVoice by Fineshare excels in providing a diverse array of voice transformation features, making it indispensable for various user groups. Its vast selection of lifelike AI voices and deep customization options offer unparalleled advantages for content creators and professionals. Despite minor drawbacks like the learning curve and limitations in the free version, FineVoice's overall performance and functionality position it as a top contender in the AI voice studio space.

FineVoice AI Voice Studio is your one-stop-shop toolbox for all things voice-related. From text-to-speech conversions to voice cloning, the platform uses state-of-the-art AI to bring your voice to life in ways you might not have thought possible.

With 220+ built-in natural sounding voices in 40 languages, users can quickly convert text to speech and customize the chosen voice by controlling the speed, style, pitch, and volume.

FineVoice’s linguistic proficiency extends beyond borders, as it can fluently communicate in a range of languages. Whether you’re communicating in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language in the global tapestry, FineVoice exemplifies communication technology’s inclusivity by breaking down language boundaries and promoting a seamless flow of ideas.

See What Our Users Say

Robert T.

"Responsive Service and Powerful Tool"
Large repertoire of ready-made voices, and sound effects. They even have David Attenborough! But the interface is easy to use and navigate.

Emily Chen

"Good Quality voice over"
FineVoice has revolutionized our content creation process. With its vast library of AI voices and speaking styles, we can produce engaging videos in multiple languages without hiring voice actors. Highly recommended!

David Patel

"Lots of Natural Sounding Voices"
FineVoice is a must-have tool for any YouTuber. The AI voices sound incredibly natural, and the ability to customize voices adds a unique touch to my videos. The speech-to-text feature saves me hours of transcription work, and the voice changer adds a fun element to my content. It's an indispensable tool in my creative arsenal.

Samantha Lee

"Great for podcast production"
FineVoice has transformed the way we produce podcasts. The diverse range of voices and accents allows us to cater to our global audience effortlessly. The voice cloning feature is particularly impressive, enabling us to maintain consistency across episodes. The speech-to-text functionality also streamlines our editing process. A must-have for any podcast producer!

Rachel Wong

"Multiple Language Choices"
FineVoice has become an indispensable tool in our digital marketing campaigns. The extensive selection of voices and languages allows us to create localized content for our global audience. The voice design features enable us to maintain brand consistency across all channels. The speech-to-text functionality is a lifesaver, helping us repurpose audio content for various platforms. Highly recommended for digital marketers!

Thomas Smith

"Fast and Easy"
FineVoice has simplified our e-learning content creation process. The diverse range of voices and accents caters to our multicultural audience, enhancing engagement and comprehension. The voice cloning feature ensures a consistent learning experience across modules. The speech-to-text tool accelerates our content development, allowing us to focus on instructional design. A fantastic tool for e-learning developers!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is FineVoice free?

Yes, FineVoice is free to use. Free users can generate 2,000 TTS characters per month

2. Is FineVoice safe?

FineVoice is 100% safe without viruses and ads. No need to worry about privacy leak problems.

3. Does FineVoice work on Mac?

Yes. FineVoice has got you covered with both a web version and a desktop version. The FineVoice desktop client works on Windows, and the FineVoice web app on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and more.

4. Can FineVoice's voices be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, FineVoice offers you commercial voices that you can use for commercial purposes.

5. Can I convert text to speech in different languages?

Yes. FineVoice offers 1000+ AI voices and supports 149+ languages, allowing you to quickly convert text to the realistic voices of your favorite characters.

6. Can I transform my voice into different styles of audio?

Yes! FineVoice offers over 1000+ AI voice modulation options, allowing you to quickly transform your voice into your favorite sounds, enabling you to express yourself in a different voice

7. Does the voice generated by FineVoice sound natural?

Yes, it does. Thanks to significant advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can effectively preserve emotions and accents. Importantly, these improvements aren't confined to English alone; they span across various languages. Whether it's Portuguese, Italian, or other languages, FineVoice can seamlessly transform them in real time, producing voices that sound incredibly natural with their respective native accents.

8. Can I create an AI voice of myself?

Certainly! You can create your own AI voice by uploading your voice recording file.

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