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Quickly convert text or audio into the voice of your favorite character and add pauses, emphasis, and even unique personality. Whether it's in creativity, or entertainment, you can convey any message with your beloved voice.

What Make FineVoice Different?

FineVoice boasts a rich selection of realistic AI voices, allowing your favorite character to speak any content in the way you like.

Lifelike AI voices
1000+ Diverse AI voices
Custom voice model
Perfect voice change
Word-level precision control
Practical voice tools

Your Favorite Voices at Your Fingertips

Whether you need cheerful tones, fun sounds, professional voiceovers, or creative sounds, our feature-rich studio can meet all your needs.

Diverse AI Voice Changer

Explore AI-powered voice effects that effortlessly transform your voice into various styles, making it sound like SpongeBob, a demon, a robot, a girl, a kid, an old person, or anyone you can imagine.

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AI Voice Changer Sample






Noah OldOriginal







AI Voice Generator

Utilize our versatile AI voice generator to quickly convert text into the realistic voices of your favorite characters. With FineVoice Text to Speech, you can add studio-quality voiceovers to your podcasts, videos, and presentations in just a few minutes, infusing them with a unique personality. This process has never been easier.

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High-Quality Voice Cloning

You don't need expensive equipment or complex software, nor do you require perfect studio-quality audio. Our AI voice studio can help you create any style of voice, while preserving accents and all subtle nuances of human speech, mimicking real human emotions such as anger, happiness, and sadness. One-time cloning for lifetime use.

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More Tools to Meet Your Audio Needs

FineVoice also provides a full suite of tools to solve complex speech processing tasks.

  • Fast & Accurate TranscriptionFast & Accurate Transcription
  • Multitrack Voice RecordingMultitrack Voice Recording
  • Audio ExtractorAudio Extractor
  • SoundboardSoundboard
  • Voice LaboVoice Labo

Fast & Accurate Transcription

FineVoice Speech to Text can quickly and accurately convert audio and video recordings into text, providing you with efficient textual records and summaries. This helps you save valuable time, enabling you to conveniently view and manage content.

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Multitrack Voice Recording

With FineVoice Voice Recorder, you can effortlessly mix audio, music, and vocals. We support recording from mulitple audio sources, whether it's from microphone, computer, iPhone, or your existing audio files. Furthermore, you can easily add audio effects like EQ, compression, and reverb to color your voice.

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Audio Extractor

Want to edit the audio track of your favorite video? FineVoice allows you to quickly extract the audio from a video and make adjustments as you like.

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Built-in over 200 sound effects for entertainment and chatting. You have full control over playback, including options like replay, loop, overlay, and mute. Additionally, it allows you to import MP3 or WAV sound clips to create your favorite soundboard.

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Voice Labo

FineVoice Voice Labo provides you with 28 audio effects. Unleash your imagination, create your ideal sound, and build a new sonic identity.

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Your Voice, Your Way

FineVoice allows you to control pitch, tone, speech rate, pronunciation, pauses, and emphasis, enabling AI voices to convey the information in the way you prefer.

Diverse AI Voices Options

Choose from over 1000+ AI voices in 40+ languages and accents.

Precision Control

Fine-tune control over emphasis, pauses, pitch, speed, and more at the word-level.

Voice Gender Conversion

Easily change your voice from male to female, female to male, and mimic voices of different ages.

Audio Enhancement

Turn your recordings into professional voiceovers, elevate your audio quality to the next level.

Custom Voice

If you can't find the voice you like in FineVoice, you can upload your voice recordings for training.

Automatic Transcription

Generate accurate transcriptions quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

A Voice Tailored for Every Need

Whether it's in creation, entertainment, you can find the right voice here.

Content Creator

As a content creator, I've always strived to find ways to make my work stand out in the sea of content and attract a larger audience. Luckily, I stumbled upon a true secret weapon - FineVoice.


Creating engaging educational content, especially voiceovers, often consumes a significant amount of time. Thanks to the development of AI technology, text-to-speech tools can now produce natural and lifelike voices.


The charm of animation lies in breathing life into characters. Visual elements and outstanding voice acting are equally crucial; they together form the key components that make characters come to life.


The quality of the audio not only speaks to the professionalism of the podcast but also influences whether the audience is willing to continue listening. As a beginner in podcast production, I didn't have enough budget.


As an author, I dream of transforming my books into audiobooks. The voice is the soul of audiobooks, but finding a suitable narrator is no easy task. Fortunately, I discovered FineVoice, a powerful AI voice studio.

We Are Trusted and Recognized Worldwide

100+ AI voice models

1000 +

1000+ AI voice models

1M+ active users worldwide


1M+ active users worldwide

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3M+ software downloads

50,000+ satisfied business partners

50,000 +

50,000+ satisfied business partners

An audio recorder utility that can enhance the presentation of your recordings, while also featuring text to speech and speech to text functionalities.

FineVoice doesn’t consume too much CPU power or memory during the text to speech/speech to text converting process. It can quickly finish all your conversion tasks.

FineVoice is a voice changer and audio mixer utility for Windows PC. This tool is a perfect choice for YouTuber or streamers. It has a straightforward interface where all the features are placed neatly.

FineVoice is the best choice when you want to bring your voice to the high professional level for your podcast or live recording.

Whether you want to transform your voice in real time, convert speech to text or record voice - FineVoice is there to help you! It's a must have tool for streamers, gamers, podcasters and other audio content producers.

FineVoice is the ultimate voice changer tool to change your voice on your Windows PC.It is a valuable tool that will make your live streams and content creation enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FineVoice?

FineVoice is a versatile AI voice studio that helps you quickly change your voice and create studio-quality voiceovers. Whether in creativity, entertainment, or real-time communication, you can make your favorite character say whatever you want to say.

2. Is FineVoice free?

To learn more, click here to learn more details about the differences between the free version and the pro version.

3. Is FineVoice safe?

FineVoice is 100% safe and use. It's virus-free and ad-free.

4. Does FineVoice work on Mac?

Yes. FineVoice has got you covered with both a web version and a desktop version. The FineVoice desktop client works on Windows, and the FineVoice web app on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and more.

5. Can FineVoice's original voices be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use FineVoice's original voices for commercial use, but this feature requires an upgrade to the PRO and ENTERPRISE versions. Please note that, apart from the original voices authorized for commercial use by Fineshare, all other voices are intended for personal or parody use only.

6. Can I convert text to speech in different languages?

Yes. FineVoice offers 1000+ AI voices and supports 40+ languages, allowing you to quickly convert text to the realistic voices of your favorite characters.

7. Can I transform my voice into different styles of audio?

Yes! FineVoice offers over 1000+ AI voice modulation options, allowing you to quickly transform your voice into your favorite sounds, enabling you to express yourself in a different voice

8. Is there a duration limit for FineVoice AI Voice Changer?

Yes, free users can upload audio files up to 2 minutes in length. For premium users, the maximum duration for uploaded audio is 15 minutes.

9. Does the voice generated by FineVoice sound natural?

Yes, it does. Thanks to significant advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can effectively preserve emotions and accents. Importantly, these improvements aren't confined to English alone; they span across various languages. Whether it's Portuguese, Italian, or other languages, FineVoice can seamlessly transform them in real time, producing voices that sound incredibly natural with their respective native accents.

10. Can I create an AI voice of myself?

Certainly! You can create your own AI voice by uploading your voice recording file.

11. Do you have an API for developers?

We don't currently offer an API. If you'd like to see it in the future, please contact us at [email protected] to stay updated on any exciting new features that may be coming soon

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