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FineVoice is a simple yet powerful all-in-one AI voice changer. It can transform your voice into different styles in real time and work with Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch, YouTube, OBS, streamlabs OBS, Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, Spatial, etc.

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Why FineVoice Is Your Go-To Voice Changer?

FineVoice gives everything you need. Make your voice sound better and more fun and reenergize your live streamings, meetings, chatting, games, videos, and podcasts.

Voice Changer
Text to Speech Text to Speech
Speech to Text Speech to Text

Voice Recorder

No Learning Curve

Abundant Sound Effects

Make Your Voice Better and More Fun

Simple and intuitive interface, no audio processing techniques are required. Make your voice sound better and more fun and reenergize your live streamings, meetings, podcasts and videos.

Voice Changer

Your Best Real-Time Voice Changer

Want to make your voice younger? Want to add special effects to your voice and make it sound funny? FineVoice is there to help you. It allows you to change voice and create any voice you can imagine. With a library of 30+ voice effects, FineVoice can quickly transform your voice into different styles in real time with just one click.

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Youg lady Anna

Old man




Make Adjustments to Get Better Vocals

Make your vocals stand out by applying audio effects like Noise Reduction, Low Pass, High Pass, and Tone. FineVoice adopted the advanced voice enhancing system built by experienced professionals.

Customize Your Voice Like a Pro

FineVoice Voice Labo provides you with 28 audio effects. Unleash your imagination to create your ideal voice and build a new voice identity. Quickly make adjustments to make you recognizable and identifiable.

Voice Recorder

Easy to Get Studio-Quality Recording

FineVoice can record audio in WAV at 48kHz without quality loss. Besides that, it can record your conversations from apps like Zoom, Skype, Discord in separate audio tracks. More importantly, you can modify your voice with built-in voice & audio effects when recording.

Record without FineVoice

Record with FineVoice

Record with FineVoice Effect

Transcribe Audio Quickly and Accurately

  • Any Audio SourceCapture any sound coming from computers, microphones, iPhones, Zoom, YouTube, etc.
  • Audio TranscriptionQuickly transcribe hours of conversations, Zoom meetings, interviews to editable text.
  • 60+ Audio & Voice EffectsBuilt-in 60+ audio & voice effects make your recordings unique and fun.
  • Save and ShareExport to TXT, VTT, SRT, and JOSN and share your recordings and transcript with others.

Record Sound More Efficiently

  • Mix RecordingEasily record all sounds and blend them together.
  • Record SeparatelyRecord separate audio tracks for easy editing.
  • Bridge RecordingOutput all sounds captured by FineVoice to other apps like FineCam and Gemoo, etc.
  • Auto SaveAutomatically save your recording project settings for future use.

Bring Your Content to Life Effortlessly

Bring you stunning voice effects, soundboards, and other resources for your live streams, podcasts, meetings, and online teaching. Exceed your expectations.

Capture More Sounds to Boost Content Creation

FineVoice helps you capture sound from computers, iPhone, microphones and apps like Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok to enrich your content and make it more vivid.

Generate Lifelike Voiceovers for Your Content

FineVoice has 220+ built-in natural sounding voices in 40 languages, quickly converting text to speech.

Play Sound Effects at the Right Time

Voice effects and soundboards can be used with keybinds, making it easy for you to apply effects at the right moment. Liven up your next live streams, meetings, podcasts and online teaching.

Hundreds of Sound Effects

There are 200+ sound effects for meetings, podcasts, live streams, and online teaching. You can control the playback including: replay, loop, overlay, and mute. Meanwhile, it allows you to import your MP3 or WAV sound clips and create your favorite soundboards. New sound effects will be added every month, please check back regularly.

Boost Productivity, Expedite Your Workflow

By leveraging deep learning technology, FineVoice can accomplish complex voice processing tasks with just one click.

Text to Speech

Find a voice to represent your brand to make it stand out. There are 40 languages and 220 human-like voices. You can customize the chosen voice by controlling the speed, style, pitch, and volume.

Learn more about Text to Speech >


Want to edit the audio track of your favorite video? FineVoice allows you to quickly extract the audio track from video and make adjustments as you like.

Audio File Voice Changer

Change the voice of your audio files and make them sound like Loli, Venom, SpongeBob, and more. Share your modified audio files on social networks to capture the audience's attention.

Speech to Text

Transcribe telephone interviews, meeting recordings, and podcasts in English, Spanish, German with a high accuracy rate.

Learn more about Speech to Text >

Why Choose FineVoice?

FineVoice, based on cutting-edge technology and deep learning model, ensures you get the easiest, smartest, and most secure solution. In addition, FineVoice provides you with ever-growing exclusive content, 100% hassle-free experience, and priority support.

Real-time audio engine

Real-time audio engine empowers you to make a unique voice.

ASR deep learning model

Smartly complete transcription tasks and achieve high accuracy based on the ASR deep learning model.

Ever-growing effects

Various voice effects, sound effects, and audio effects bring you more possibilities.

Multitrack recording

Easily capture multiple audio sources and mix them together, simplifying your recording process.

What Can FineVoice Do for You

FineVoice helps you save time and money, maximize your productivity.

Privacy and security

Change your voice to protect your privacy.

Save money

No need to spend a lot of money on hiring voice actors.

Save time

No need to spend hours on transcribing recordings manually.

Abundant resources

Easy to get ideal resources without a complex setup.

Smart and efficient

Using leveraging deep learning technology, one-click to finish voice processing tasks.

Use Cases for FineVoice

A must-have voice assistant is suitable for all kinds of scenarios. FineVoice helps you unleash the charm of voice and get more attention.

Live stream

Various high-quality sound effects and voice effects, keep your audience engaged.

Podcast creation

No need for expensive equipment, record high-quality audio to create your podcast like a pro.

Video production

Supports multiple languages, quickly generates human-like voice overs for your video.


Apply entertaining voice effects in chats, brings more fun.


Disguise your voice to hide your identity and stay anonymously while gaming.

Online Meetings

Filter out background noises and get better and clearer sound in online meetings.

Lectures and Meetings

Convert your important recordings like lectures and meetings into text to study and work efficiently.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

"An audio recorder utility that can enhance the presentation of your recordings, while also featuring text to speech and speech to text functionalities."

"FineVoice doesn’t consume too much CPU power or memory during the text to speech/speech to text converting process. It can quickly finish all your conversion tasks."

"FineVoice is a voice changer and audio mixer utility for Windows PC. This tool is a perfect choice for YouTuber or streamers. It has a straightforward interface where all the features are placed neatly."

"FineVoice is the best choice when you want to bring your voice to the high professional level for your podcast or live recording."

"Whether you want to transform your voice in real time, convert speech to text or record voice - FineVoice is there to help you! It's a must have tool for streamers, gamers, podcasters and other audio content producers."

"FineVoice is the ultimate voice changer tool to change your voice on your Windows PC.It is a valuable tool that will make your live streams and content creation enjoyable."

"Highly recommended. The best voice changer I've experienced so far. And saved me a lot of time recording my podcast in such a professional way. FineVoice excels in what it goes for."

By Phil Peachey

"No Complaints. Really convenient and easy to use.You can change your voice, transcribe recordings, convert text to speech and extract audio files from video. And I looooove the sound effects."

By Katherine Collins

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