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How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you have subscribed to a product from our website via Paddle and would like to cancel your subscription or change certain details, we are here to help. There are two methods that you can use to cancel the subscription.

Method 1. Using Virtual Assistant.

Step 1. Find Your Transaction Receipt Email.

Generally, you will receive a transaction receipt email from Paddle if you purchase a subscription plan. And the easiest option is to look for a link to within the email and click it.

FineCam Cancel Subscription Paddle

Cancel Subscription Paddle

Step 2. Cancel Subscription using Virtual Assistant.

This will open our virtual assistant, and it will already know your order details and be able to help you straight away with many common queries such as subscription cancellations.

Use Virtual Assistant to Cancel Subscription

Use Virtual Assistant to Cancel Subscription

Alternatively, you can visit directly, but you will first have to find your transaction using your email address or transaction details.

Method 2. Send Cancellation Request Directly

You can directly send a request to cancel the subscription to our support team via email.

There are two cases. 

  • If you send the request from the email address that you use to place the order, you don’t have to include the order information.
  • If you send the request from another email address, please provide the email address that you use to place the order and the order ID.

If You Still Can’t Cancel Subscription?

If all the methods above are not able to resolve your query or you purchased FineCam from another platform, be free to contact us with your purchased information and we are willing to help you get it out.

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