Overall, ElevenLabs is a good tool that has more highlights than drawbacks. If you haven’t made up your mind, keep reading and I will show you more details about this well-known AI voice generator in the ElevenLabs review today.

The lack of available languages and customizations in ElevenLabs makes it may not be the best tool for you if you prefer diversity in AI voice generation. Instead, you can try the AI voice studio FineVoice, a tool that provides more language options and more detailed customizations, and it will cover every need of yours to get the ideal AI voiceovers.

Overview of ElevenLabs

Using AI voices in works and creation is no longer a rare thing in nowadays. In the world of AI-generated audio where various kinds of AI voice generators are blooming all around, ElevenLabs is considered one of the most groundbreaking AI voice tools. Today in this ElevenLabs review, I will show you every aspect of this AI voice generator including analyzing both of its good sides and bad sides so you can make your decision easier on whether to use it for your creation needs.


What is ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator that works online, which means you can access it with your web browser directly. It’s also known as 11 labs AI voice generator among users. ElevenLabs was founded in 2022 based on the inspiration from the poor dub quality of old movies, it aims to eliminate the linguistic barriers of content. Now, ElevenLabs has become one of the most famous AI voice tools on the internet.

ElevenLabs is good at generating AI voices that sound natural and realistic thanks to its deep learning technology. It’s a solid choice for users who have high standards for the generated AI voiceovers.

Major Features of ElevenLabs

High-quality AI Voice

ElevenLabs provides several speech synthesis models for you to choose from. They focus on different languages and have different advantages. Some models can produce AI voices in decent quality, which are natural-sounding, smooth, and carry realistic emotions. Some can generate AI voiceover in low latency and cost only a few seconds.

Simplified Customization

In the online AI voice generator interface of ElevenLabs, you can choose to adjust settings for the whole generation project. Change stability, similarity, and style exaggeration to adjust the final result of AI voices. It’s very friendly to users who are not familiar enough with audio detail adjustment.

Create New AI Voice

EleveneLabs offers 100+ premade AI voices that you can use directly, but if you find none of the premade voices suit your needs, you can try to create new AI voices in the VoiceLab section of ElevenLabs. You can set details and generate new voices, or upload audio files to clone the voices.

Voice Lab interface
Voice Lab interface

Easy and Convenient to Use

ElevenLabs has an intuitive interface that everyone can understand how it works with no troubles. What’s more, the AI voice generator is partnered with an AI voice changer function, so you can change the voice of the generated AI voiceover on the same web page without extra tools.

ElevenLabs Pricing Details

Elevent pricing has been divided into several plans for different levels of usage. Whether you are an experienced audio creator who creates lots of audio content or a casual user who just wants to have a try first, ElevenLabs provides the most suitable option. Check the list below for more information.

$5 per month$22 per month$99 per month$330 per month

Of course, ElevenLabs also offers a free plan that has certain feature limits. If you are enjoying ElevenLabs and want to subscribe for better experiences, its Creator plan has a 50% special discount for the first month.

Pros and Cons of ElevenLabs

?? Pros:

    1. Fast and low latency AI voiceover generation.
    2. Affordable paid subscriptions
    3. Refined high-quality AI voices
    4. User-friendly and intuitive interface

?? Cons:

    1. Not many languages available for AI voices
    2. Doesn’t support customizing details of AI voiceovers
    3. Not good at dealing with long and complicated text
    4. Certain models support fewer languages
    5. The generation result may be random with same settings

How to Generate AI Voiceovers with ElevenLabs

In this part of the ElevenLabs review, I will show you how to generate AI voiceovers online without downloading any software. It only takes a few steps, keep reading and you will find out.

Step 1. Register and login to access the online studio ElevenLabs requires registration before you can use its AI voice generator. On its official site, choose the Sign Up to register or Sign in directly. After you that, the website will jump to ElevenLabs online studio automatically.

Register or login
Register or login

Step 2. Find AI voice generator and input the text

In the left panel of ElevenLabs online studio, choose Speech and by default it shows the Text to Speech tool in the middle. When inputting text, please note that there is a max character limit for a single generation.

Input text in AI voice generator
Input text in AI voice generator

Step 3. Choose AI voices and adjust overall settings

The options of AI voice and settings are next to each other. You can click on the voice icon to preview it first, and in the settings, you can decide to increase or decrease parameters like stability and similarity of the whole AI voice generation.

Voices and settings
Voices and settings

Step 4. Click to generate after finishing the settings.

Click on the Generate speech button to create your AI voiceover. The necessary time for generation mostly depends on the length of input text and the model you use.

Start to convert
Start to convert

Step 5. Change voiceover with Speech to Speech

If you are not satisfied with the generated voiceover, you can select the Speech to Speech function, upload the audio, and convert the voice into another AI voice. The overall settings can also be changed.

Speech to Speech
Speech to Speech

Who Is ElevenLabs Best For

ElevenLabs is no doubt an all-rounder tool that can be useful in many areas. In my opinion, it suits users who prefer to have a quick and convenient experience in generating AI voiceovers. Its resources and options are limited, but have refined quality and it’s simple to operate, which makes ElevenLabs a suitable tool for creators who just started with AI voice generation.

Meanwhile, generating voiceovers with ElevenLabs is simple also means there are not many customizations you can do. Usually you can only adjust three overall parameters in ElevenLabs to control the generation, so it’s not the best tool for creators who seek more in-depth customizations on the content.

User Reviews of ElevenLabs

Great product that seems to be continually improving. really terrific way to study new material on the go. there are bugs that seem to be worked out, for example, audio quality and converting errors. the converting errors were frustrating, because the system (especially on weekends) stops converting out of nowhere and doesn’t return the characters. presently, there’s a 20% error in overcounting.

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/6646440cc879b06bd55b2d24

I’m really enjoying this app – it’s been incredibly helpful in cutting down the time I spend adding voiceovers to my videos. The voice quality is top-notch. Here are a few suggestions for improvement: First, it would be great if we could save the voices directly to photos or videos for easier sharing on social media platforms. Secondly, there are occasional mispronunciations that could be addressed. Lastly, having the option to adjust the speed of the voice would be a valuable addition.

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/662975f17b493e467ddfd622

Many of the voices just can’t be used for voice-to-voice, unexplained. I started recording on the site, kept talking for 2 minutes, went back to the site, it had stopped recording for no reason at 24 seconds. Makes frequent and stupid mistakes. Can’t do emotion, intonation, or emphasis. Many more limitations than you might think – the audio file for your voice-to-voice can’t be more than 50 mb. None of the voices are particularly natural.

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/663ea7ffe3f5bc6231320b54

FAQ about ElevenLabs

Is ElevenLabs free?

ElevenLabs does provide a free plan that has 10k characters and 10 minutes audio limits every month, It also allows you to customize up to 3 AI voices. Some features like Audio Narrative, voice cloning, and AI voice dubbing are not available in the free plan.

Is ElevenLabs accurate?

ElevenLabs can generate a high-quality output mostly, but the accuracy of AI-generated voiceovers may vary according to the length of text, selected language and AI voice, and stability settings. To get the most accurate voiceover, input text in English and set overall stability to a high level could help.

Is ElevenLabs safe?

There are many users who wonder is ElevenLabs safe or not, and in fact, ElevenLabs is believed to be a safe AI voice generator tool. It prioritizes user privacy and will not ask for user personal information. You can also check their privacy terms for more information.

Is ElevenLabs free for commercial use?

Of course, the sound effects on ElevenLabs are royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes. But please notice that ElevenLabs doesn’t allow users to resell or license any of their services, and it’s also not allowed to use the voiceover generated by ElevenLabs to develop competitive products.

Best Alternative to ElevenLabs

While ElevenLabs is a popular choice for generating voiceovers with AI voices, it has some drawbacks that can not be ignored. ElevenLabs doesn’t offer many languages since only 29 languages are supported, and it offers only overall customization options rather than detailed controls on voiceovers. If you’d like to have more variety in your audio content and wish to fully control the voiceover generation, FineVoice could be your top choice for an ElevenLabs alternative.

FineVoice currently supports 59+ different languages and accents, plus it offers 1000+ AI voices of various styles, there are a lot of available choices for your audio creation. Meanwhile, it allows you to control minor details of AI voiceover, accurate to every single word, you can adjust details like speed, pitch, pronunciation, and emotion to craft the ideal AI voiceover for your next project.

Feel interested? FineVoice is now available online, no need to download software, try the more creative way of creating voiceovers right now for free!

FineVoice Text to Speech
FineVoice Text to Speech


To sum everything up in this ElevenLabs review, I would say it’s a handy tool to create AI voiceovers or change audio voice online quickly without sacrificing too much quality. If you prefer a quick creation with quality, it’s a suitable tool for you.

During all the testing I made with ElevenLabs, it rarely disappoints me. This tool has unique highlights that make it stand out from similar AI voice tools, it’s fast, accurate, easy to use, and cost-efficient, the AI voice models indeed do a good job at producing high-quality voiceovers. Though on the other hand, it doesn’t provide enough language and customization options for users to unleash their creativity. What’s more, AI voiceovers of minor languages are not as good as those generated content from English.

Have you ever used ElevenLabs to generate AI voiceovers? If you have any ideas about that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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