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Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech: 4 Best Ways to Get the Voice

This post introduces the 4 best ways to get Bonzi Buddy text to speech voice.
SylviaLast Updated: December 28, 2022
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Do you know Bonzi Buddy? Have you ever used it? Do you miss the Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech? This article is going to give you the 3 websites.

And you can create a Bonzi Buddy voice in a voice changer – FineVoice. Download this real-time voice changer to stream on Discord and Twitch with Bonzi Buddy’s voice.

What Is Bonzi Buddy?

Back in 1999, Bonzi Buddy (BonziBUDDY) was designed by Joe and Jay Bonzi. It was a freeware desktop virtual assistant. It sings and chats and tells jokes, and does other things as user instructions.

In 2000, Bonzi Buddy featured it as a purple gorilla.

Bonzi Buddy has a text-to-speech feature, too. The voice is called Sydney and the voice is from an old Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package released in 1998.

Unfortunately, because it was described as malware, spyware, and adware, Bonzi Software Inc. discontinued it in 2004 and shut down Bonzi’s website.

3 Best Websites for Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech

Although you cannot access Bonzi Buddy, there are online solutions for Bonzi Buddy text to speech. Read on, we will introduce the 3 best websites separately.

#1. Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

Microsoft Sam TTS Generator is an online interface part of Microsoft Speech API 4.0, which means it can generate speech with the official Bonzi Buddy voice.

Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator

BonziBUDDY voice is actually “Adult Male#2, American English (TruVoice)”.

How to use this online Bonzi Buddy voice generator?

Visit https://www.tetyys.com/SAPI4/ and select the voice and with the preset pitch and speed, you can get Bonzi Buddy voice text to speech. Click the Say it button and the generated audio will appears in the audio player instantly.

Besides playing the audio, you can download the unpressed audio file (WAV) by clicking the three-dots icon.

#2. FakeYou

FakeYou is a website specializing in text-to-speech. There are 2700+ voices from movies, TV shows, and game characters.

And if you are looking for language text-to-speech tools like Spanish and German, it’s a great online solution.



How to get Bonzi Buddy voice text to speech online with FakeYou?

Open FakeYou (https://fakeyou.com/) and scroll down to the Create TTS section. Type BonziBUDDY in the Search box. Input text and press Speak to start converting.

That’s how to do Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech on fakeyou.com.

If you’re not sure how to do this, click to check FakeYou Text to Speech: The Best How to Use Guide and Alternatives

#3. Uberduck

The last Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech online solution we want to introduce is Uberduck. You can find a more comprehensive and diverse range of voices on the website.

There are dozens of meme voices on Uberduck. SpongeBob’s voice and our protagonist today is in the Memes category as well.



How to use Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech voice on Uberduck?

Visit the Uberduck website (https://app.uberduck.ai/speak#mode=tts-basic). Type Bonzi Buddy in the right box under Choose a voice. And you can enter text to Synthesize audio with Bonzi Buddy’s voice.

Best Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech Alternative – FineVoice

In the last part, we introduced the 3 best online Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech solutions to you. And maybe you want an easy-to-use software to get Bonzi Buddy text-to-speech.

FineVoice is a one-stop digital voice solution for content creators. The software works great on Windows PC. It provides a powerful voice toolbox. You can find a voice generator, audio extractor, audio file voice changer, and a speech-to-text tool.

You can generate speech with Bonzi Buddy’s voice in the text-to-speech tool. It enables you to choose from 40 languages and accents. And for each accent, you can select the voice gender and the speed of the audio.

Use FineVoice to generate voiceovers for your videos and audiobooks.

FineVoice Text to Speech

FineVoice Text to Speech

Let’s take a close look at how to use FineVoice to generate speech with Bonzi Buddy’s voice.

Step 1: Install FineVoice.

Step 2: Open FineVoice the text-to-speech.

Launch the FineVoice desktop program and click the Text to Speech tab in the main interface.

Step 3: Input text and set up the tool.

Enter text and choose English (US) as the language. Choose the male voice and set the speed at 1.5 to make it sound like Bonzi Buddy.

Step 4: Generate audio.

Click Convert Now to generate the audio. Once the conversion finishes, you can preview it or check the generated audio file in the local fine.


Although due to its notoriety, Bonjibdi said goodbye to customers very early, you can get Bonzi Buddy text to speech in 4 ways. We hope this article can help you. Have fun with his voice.

This article is originally published on December 28, 2022, and updated on December 28, 2022


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

HomeText to Speech Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech: 4 Best Ways to Get the Voice

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