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Who Voices Cartman in South Park: Everything You Need to Know

This post provides info about the voice actor of Cartman in South Park.
VashLast Updated: April 29, 2024
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South Park is a well-known American animated sitcom that has continued for 26 seasons by now, and the 27th season has been renewed through 2027. The stories of South Park revolve around the four boys and their exploits in a fictional Colorado town. South Park is famous for its satirical and often controversial humor, which covers a wide range of topics such as politics, religion, pop culture, and current events.

Like other similar shows Peter Griffin from Family Guy, there are also a lot of memorable characters in this show, such as one of the four boys, Eric Cartman, who has left a long-lasting impression on fans with his unique voice.

In this article, we will reveal who voices Cartman in South Park, and more info you might want to know about this character and his voice actor. Let’s start it.

Who’s Eric Cartman from South Park?

The full name of this character is Eric Theodore Cartman, and he’s usually referred to as just Cartman in the show. He’s one of the main characters in South Park, the other three boys are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick.

Cartman is portrayed as an overweight child who wears a distinctive red jacket all the time. His personality is often described as vicious, selfish, lazy, insane, sarcastic, and angry. And Cartman has a mouth that offers most of the foul words in the whole South Park series. All these may sound like an antagonist, but remember that Cartman’s personality is designed for comedic purposes and often serves as a satirical commentary on various aspects of society.

Eric Cartman in South Park
Eric Cartman in South Park

Who Voices Eric Cartman in South Park?

Trey Parker, the person who voices Eric Cartman in South Park is also the voice actor of many other characters in the same show, what’s more. In the meantime, he’s the co-creator of the South Park series, and also a screenwriter, producer, musician, and actor. Many famous fictional characters are voiced by actors, like Woody, Cave Johnson, and Maui.

Along with the other co-creator Matt Stone, Trey Parker created South Park in 1997, and since then it has become highly successful. The two co-creators took most of the voice acting works on their own, it is estimated that Trey Parker has provided the voices for over 100 different characters in the South Park series, including Eric Cartman and another main character Stan Marsh. They started to cast voices for characters in the first season, and over twenty years later, they are still contributing voices in South Park now.

If you wonder what accent Cartman has, the answers could be different in everyone’s opinion, some say he has a Louisiana accent, while others might agree that he has a Nebraska accent. Another possible reason is that Eric Cartman just being lazy with his pronunciation, he doesn’t want to pronounce words clearly and correctly. No matter what, Trey Parker indeed did well in voice acting Cartman which makes this boy an impressive character.

Trey Parker and Eric Cartman
Trey Parker and Eric Cartman

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We hope this article can answer your doubts about who voices Cartman in South Park. Eric Cartman is one of the most impressive characters in the South Park series. Now, you can easily get his iconic voice by using an AI voice generator like FineVoice, and try out this new way of bringing the fictional character to life.


Who’s the Eric Cartman voice actor in South Park?

One of the South Park co-creators, Trey Parker is the one who voices Cartman in South Park, he also voiced a lot of other characters in the whole series.

What South Park episode does Cartman say the F word?

Considering the style of South Park, it’s usual that characters say F words, but such words are censored when it airs on TV. And in the 12th episode of South Park’s thirteen season, “The F Word”, as the name suggests, Eric Cartman and other characters say F words a lot in this episode.

This article is originally published on June 7, 2023, and updated on April 29, 2024


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HomeText to Speech Tips Who Voices Cartman in South Park: Everything You Need to Know

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