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How to transcribe a Teams recording with AI?

Only 3 easy steps to transcribe MS Teams meetings accurately online.

Upload Your File Upload the Microsoft Teams recordings you would like to transcribe to FineVoice, which supports files in popular audio and video formats.

Set Up Transcription Choose the original language of your MS Teams recordings and the text format you want to export (VTT, TXT, SRT, JSON, etc). Then click Convert.

Obtain Transcripts Check the transcript and download it. You can also find all your transcription history conversions in FineVoice whenever you want to use them.

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Unlocking MS Teams Transcript Possibilities


Enhance productivity by quickly summarizing MS Teams meetings with accurate transcriptions. Easily capture key points, decisions, and action items.

Expedite post-meeting workflows with transcriptions. Review and share detailed insights, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Make your MS Teams content accessible to everyone. Transcribe audio and video content for a comprehensive and inclusive communication experience.

Streamline training sessions and onboarding processes by transcribing MS Teams discussions. Facilitate learning and ensure crucial information is readily available.

Create accurate documentation for legal and compliance purposes. Transcribe MS Teams discussions to maintain a detailed record of important conversations.

Leverage transcriptions for content creation. Transform MS Teams discussions into blog posts, articles, or other written content, enhancing your online presence.

Aid language learners by transcribing MS Teams content. Provide written transcripts to enhance understanding and language acquisition.

Facilitate collaboration across languages and time zones. Use FineVoice to transcribe MS Teams conversations in multiple languages for a truly global experience.


Why Choose FineVoice Teams Transcription

Unlock a new level of efficiency, precision, and accessibility in your Teams interactions. Choose FineVoice for seamless online transcriptions.

Efficiency Unleashed

Streamline your workflows by converting MS Teams discussions into accessible and editable text effortlessly.

Precision in Every Word

Our advanced AI ensures accurate transcriptions, capturing nuances and details from your MS Teams interactions.

Budget-Friendly Excellence

Enjoy top-notch transcription without breaking the bank. FineVoice offers affordability without compromising on quality.

Swift Turnaround Times

Need your MS Teams transcriptions in a hurry? FineVoice delivers fast, ensuring you get what you need precisely when you need it.

Multilingual Support

Communicate seamlessly in multiple languages. FineVoice caters to diverse linguistic needs, adapting to your global MS Teams collaborations.

Collaborative Editing Made Easy

Store and access your MS Teams transcripts effortlessly in the cloud, enhancing collaboration and accessibility.

Secure and Compliant

Rest easy knowing that your Microsoft Teams transcriptions adhere to security standards and compliance requirements.

Versatile File Formats

FineVoice supports a range of file formats, offering flexibility to work with your MS Teams transcripts in various applications.

See What Our Users Say

Kiera S. from Seattle, WA, USA

Streamlined Collaboration!

FineVoice has truly transformed the way we collaborate on MS Teams. As a project manager, having our discussions transcribed into editable text seamlessly is a game-changer. It's become an indispensable tool for our project management processes. The accuracy is remarkable, and the user-friendly interface makes the entire experience smooth and efficient. FineVoice has undoubtedly elevated our team collaboration on MS Teams.

Marjorie Copeland

Multilingual Magic!

FineVoice has added a touch of magic to my language classes on MS Teams. One of its standout features is the impeccable multilingual support. Whether it's English, Spanish, or any other language, FineVoice captures nuances effortlessly. The transcriptions are accurate, aiding in language learning and creating a more inclusive learning environment. It's become an invaluable tool in my virtual classroom.

Jacqueline Ingram

Secure and Compliant!

In the legal profession, security and compliance are non-negotiable. FineVoice has been our go-to solution for transcribing our MS Teams discussions securely and in compliance with industry standards. The platform's commitment to maintaining confidentiality and adhering to legal requirements sets it apart. We trust FineVoice for its accuracy, security features, and its ability to deliver transcriptions that meet our stringent standards.

Flynn Morgan

Cloud-Saving Convenience!

FineVoice has brought a new level of convenience to our MS Teams projects with its cloud-saving feature. Being in IT, accessibility is crucial, and FineVoice delivers just that. The ability to access transcripts on the go, share them seamlessly with the team, and collaborate effortlessly has made our workflow significantly smoother. It's a testament to the platform's commitment to providing practical solutions for professionals.

Ali Skinner

Swift Turnarounds!

As an educator conducting MS Teams webinars, FineVoice has been a lifesaver. The platform's swift turnaround in delivering accurate transcriptions has significantly enhanced the educational content I provide. It allows me to focus more on engaging with my audience and less on manual transcribing. FineVoice's efficiency has made a positive impact on my virtual teaching experience, and I highly recommend it to fellow educators.

Howard Kaufman

Budget-Friendly Brilliance!

FineVoice strikes the perfect balance between top-notch quality and budget-friendly brilliance. As a financial analyst, our MS Teams meetings and discussions are transcribed with exceptional accuracy, meeting our professional standards. The cost-effective nature of FineVoice makes it a go-to solution for our transcription needs. It's a brilliant tool that doesn't compromise on quality, and we continue to rely on it for our financial analyses and discussions.

FAQs about Teams Transcription

1. Does Microsoft Teams do transcription?

Yes, Microsoft Teams offers a built-in transcription feature for meetings. Also, you can use online transcription services like FineVoice for all your MS Teams recordings.

2. How to transcribe Microsoft Teams meetings?

You can enable Teams meeting transcription during a meeting by clicking More actions > Record and transcribe > Start transcription. Or, you can upload your MS Teams meetings to FineVoice. This online AI speech-to-text tool will automatically transcribe the meetings, making the process seamless and efficient.

3. What does a Teams transcript look like?

A Teams transcript is a written record of the meeting or interaction. It includes a verbatim representation of the spoken content, allowing for easy reference and review.

4. Where to find the Teams Transcript?

FineVoice provides a user-friendly platform where you can access and manage your Teams transcripts. The transcriptions are securely stored in the cloud, and you can retrieve them conveniently in your history.

5. How quickly can I expect my Teams video transcripts with FineVoice?

FineVoice offers a swift turnaround time for Teams video transcripts. The exact time may vary depending on the length of the meeting, but FineVoice prioritizes efficiency without compromising on the quality of the transcriptions.

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