Why You Need to Cut Audio Online

Our Online Audio Cutter makes it easy for you to cut songs and recordings, helping you get the desired portions of your audio files with precision and simplicity.

Remove Unwanted Parts of Audio Files

Enhance the professionalism of your audio content by eliminating disruptive or excessive sections, ensuring a cleaner and more polished result.

Create Personalized Ringtones from Audio

Create unique ringtones from your favorite songs or audio clips with ease using Fineshare online audio trimmer.

Save Specific Sections of Audio File

Use our free audio cutter to create highlights or samples, keeping your audio focused and concise.

Reduce Audio File Size

Effortlessly shrink the size of your audio files without compromising quality using this audio shortener, optimizing storage and playback efficiency.

How to cut audio online for free?

3 steps to cut and trim your audio with Fineshare Online Extractor for free.

1. Upload Your File

Click on Choose File to select the audio file that you want to trim. We support all audio formats.

2. Cut Out Unnecessary Parts

Drag the edges to get the desired part of the audio file. To cut audio at the specific time, you can enter the time into the box.

3. Download

Choose MP3 or WAV as the output format and click the Save button.

Cut Audio for Free

Why Choose Fineshare Audio Cutter

Enhance your audio editing with Fineshare Audio Cutter, the ideal solution for precision trimming. Choose Fineshare for easy, efficient, and creative audio customization.

Easy to Operate

With its intuitive design, you can navigate and use it without effort even your have no audio editing experience.

Multiple Formats Support

Compatibilble with various uploading audio files. And you can export your trimmed audio file as you like.


It's web-based and accessible on any device, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Precise Trimming

Our tool enables you to precisely cut or trim audio files at the exact second.

Fade In & Fade Out

Fade-in and fade-out effects help to soften abrupt beginnings and endings and create smoother transitions between section of the audio, bringing a seamless listening experience.

Security and Privacy

Rest assured, your files are kept secure throughout the process. We guarantee no access to uploaded files and ensure they are deleted from our servers after just a few hours.

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Find the right online audio cutter tool that suit you best.


See What Our Users Say

Harley Leach

"Graceful and Simple"
Fineshare audiocutter makes audio editing a breeze. The interface is graceful and simple, allowing me to trim my audio effortlessly. It's the go-to tool for anyone who wants precision without the complexity.

Moshe Pugh

"Format Freedom"
Format flexibility is a game-changer! Fineshare Audio Cutter not only supports various audio formats on upload but also lets me export my trimmed audio in the format of my choice. It's versatile and user-friendly.

Cindy R.

"Edit Anywhere, Anytime"
The cross-device accessibility of Fineshare Audio Cutter is a lifesaver. I can do audio clipping online from any device, ensuring I'm not tied to a specific location. Perfect for refining my creations on the go!

Herbert Sosa

"User-Friendly Bliss"
This audio trimmer app's intuitive interface is a bliss for users at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned editor or a beginner, the easy navigation ensures a smooth editing process. Highly recommended!

Dennis Cabrera

"Peace of Mind with Privacy"
Security and privacy matter to me, and Fineshare Audio Cutter delivers. My files are secure, and I can focus on my creativity with confidence, knowing that uploaded files are deleted from servers after a few hours.
Fineshare Online Tools Quality Rating:
4.8 (11357 Votes)

FAQs about Online Audio Cutter

1. What is an online audio cutter?

An online audio cutter is a web-based tool that allows users to trim audio files without the need for downloading any audio trimmer software. It provides a convenient and efficient way to modify audio content.

2. How does an online audio cutter work?

Online audio cutters typically operate through a user-friendly interface on a website. Users upload their audio files, select specific segments using sliders or enter the time into the box, and then the tool processes the file. Once done, users can download the trimmed audio file.

3. How to clip audio files on PC?

To clip an audio file on PC, you can use an online audio clipper like Fineshare's Audio Extractor or desktop audio trimmer like Audactiy. Just import your audio file, trim the part you want to remove, and export the file.

4. Can I export my edited audio file in different formats?

Yes, after trimming your audio file, you can export it in various formats according to your needs.

5. Will trimming my audio file reduce its quality?

No, our Online Audio Cutter ensures that the quality of your audio file remains intact even after trimming.