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How to Use iPhone as Webcam for Mac, iMac and Macbook for Free

Not satisfied with your Mac's built-in camera? Read this article to learn how to use your iPhone as a flexible Webcam for your Mac to capture video even on move. Support iPhone iPad and iPod touch. (iOS 13 and above)
Marc FosterLast Updated: October 21, 2022
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Apple announced its coming macOS Ventura on WWDC 2022. With Ventura, Apple is bringing a new feature named Continuity Camera, which enables you to use your iPhone as a powerful webcam for your Mac wirelessly, to capture your face and your desktop simultaneously on a facetime call.

However, this revolutionary feature won’t be released publicly until this September, and it only supports iPhone XR and above. To use your iPhone as an HD webcam for your Mac, actually, there are some free 3rd-party webcam apps you can use.

Part 1: How to Use iPhone as HD Webcam on Mac (iOS 13/macOS 11 and Above)

To get the feature of using your iPhone as an HD webcam in advance, you can use one iPhone webcam app. This application enables you to take advantage of almost all top-notch iPhone camera techniques so that you can capture up to 1080p video even on the move.

Here are detailed steps on how to use FineCam to use your iPhone as an HD webcam on your Mac.

Step 1. Install FineCam iOS app on iPhone App Store – Search ‘FineCam Webcam’ to download and install it.

Download FineCam Webcam

Download FineCam Webcam

Step 2. Install FineCam Desktop Client for Mac.

Download forWindows Download forMacOS

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to your Mac through Wi-Fi or a USB cable. (You will send a connection request from your iPhone or your Mac, and on another device to accept it)

Choose One Computer to Connect Your iPhone Camera - FineCam

Choose One Computer to Connect Your iPhone Camera

Step 4. On your Mac, you are able to preview and edit the video that you captured from your iPhone after successfully connecting. If you want to use iPhone as a webcam for another video app, just enable Virtual Camera on FineCam for Mac which allows you to use FineCam as a camera source.

Enable Virtual Camera to Use FineCam in Another App

Enable Virtual Camera to Use FineCam in Another App

If you want to connect your iPhone to your Mac using Wi-Fi, make sure both of your devices are connected to the same network. After successfully connected, your iPhone webcam can be adjusted using some advanced options like zoom in & out, mirror, flip, rotate, color change, background removal, etc. Get FineCam for Mac free trial edition >.

Part 2: How to Use iPhone as Webcam (iOS 16 & macOS Ventura)

With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, you can use your iPhone as a Mac webcam to capture high-quality videos wirelessly for your online chatting and meeting. This works on FaceTime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more.

How Does It Work?

When you keep your iPhone close to your Mac, your computer will detect your iPhone camera and use it as a camera source when you are using video chat apps like FaceTime and Microsoft Teams.

About FaceTime Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera is one feature of FaceTime on macOS Ventura and it offers 4 techniques to capture decent videos using your iPhone camera.

  • Studio Light – Light up your face and dim the background. (It is available for iPhone 12 and later in iOS 16.)
  • Center Stage – Follow your face and keep you in the center of the webcam even when you move around. ( for iPhone 11 and later in iOS 16.)
  • Portrait Mode – Blur your messy background and keep the focus on you.
  • Desk View – Show your face and your desk from an overhead view. ( for iPhone 11 and later with Ultra-Wide camera)

Continuity Camera requires you to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and two-factor authentication and log into the same Apple ID on both your iPhone and Mac.

macOS Ventura‌ is currently only available to developers for beta testing and public beta testers. To use this feature, you will have to wait for some months until the public release of macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

Part 3: Best iPhone Webcam Apps for Mac

No matter whether you use Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, there is not an option that allows using your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. The good thing is, with a third-party iPhone webcam app, you can easily turn your old iPhone camera into an HD webcam so as to replace the native FaceTime camera on your Mac. (This is available for devices in iOS 13 and above)

You have several ways to use an iPhone as a webcam on Mac. Here are a few options that we like most,

  • FineCamFineCam is one easy-to-use virtual webcam software that helps you set up an iPhone webcam for your Mac and Windows computer. It works with most video callings apps like Zoom, Meet, Teams, Skype, Spike Video, Slack, Google Chrome, Cisco WebEx Teams, and much more.
  • EpocCamEpocCam is a traditional webcam app that includes hardware and software controls to add lighting, colors, zoom, crop, focus, and other webcam settings and effects. On Mac, EpocCam works whether you plug in via USB or if you use wifi.
  • IriunIriun is the classic Webcam app that works on Mac and PC. Apart from using iPhone as a webcam on your Mac, Iriun also supports Android devices. This application supports iOS 13 and above devices.


Now, do you know how to use your iPhone as an HD camera on your Mac and MacBook computer? If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly for asking help.

At last, don’t forget to download FineCam – the best-in-class iPhone Webcam app that helps use your iPhone as a webcam to make perfect video callings in Zoom, Google Meets, Discord, and more.

This article is originally published on April 24, 2022, and updated on October 21, 2022

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HomeResource Phone Webcam How to Use iPhone as Webcam for Mac, iMac and Macbook for Free

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