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Home Screen Recorder Does Zoom Record Your Screen or Just the Meeting? [Best Answer]

Does Zoom Record Your Screen or Just the Meeting? [Best Answer]

Read this post to get a satisfactory answer about whether the Zoom app records your whole screen or just the meeting without you knowing.
Luca TangenLast Updated: January 10, 2023
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Zoom has been a lifesaver for many companies since it helps a lot for remote working in the Covid era. But there comes a question (based on experience) that has raised privacy concerns. Does Zoom record your screen or just the meeting?

Here, we will discuss two scenarios where people become curious about their screen recordings while using Zoom. You will not only get the best answer to your questions but also get other answers for some collateral yet important queries. So, Let’s Begin!

Part 1. Does Zoom Record Your Whole Screen or Just the Meeting

record zoom meeting without permission

Record Zoom Meeting

Zoom actually does not record the screen until and unless any participant shares their screen in the meeting with other people. Even if the video camera is on and you switch the application, the screen pauses at the very exact moment when one leaves the window.

Zoom allows the host to choose whether they want to record the session manually or automatically. It does not come with any such feature where the host beholds the authority to control the activities of the participants outside the application.

However, there is a feature in the application known as ‘tracking attention’ where it notifies the host whether the participants are interested in the shared screen or not. It basically portrays the amount of attention everyone is paying to the shared content.

Any such case is rare as the feature is limited for obvious reasons. First of all, the feature doesn’t get enabled until and unless the host wishes to utilize it. Secondly, this feature is only specified for the situation when there is screen-sharing. If the participants are having a random video call, one cannot enable this feature.

And lastly, Zoom doesn’t have the authority to show which application the other participant is using. It only notifies how the other person hasn’t checked on the window for the last 30 seconds. This feature works best in the scenarios of PowerPoint presentations.

So, if you are afraid that Zoom will record your whole screen or just the meeting, you can calm down. It won’t do it until it is authorized to do so.

Part 2. Can You Record on Zoom without Others Knowing

Some screen recorder allows you to record Zoom or Google Meeting. But Zoom doesn’t offer this kind of feature. Therefore, you cannot record without others knowing in Zoom because the application notifies the participants and often asks for their permission to record the session.

Other than that, the host needs to allow the participant whether they can record the meeting or not. If allowed, it sends a pop-up message in the window that a co-host person is now recording the session. So, it is not practically possible to record the meeting without anyone getting to know about it. Even Zoom does not record your screen without you knowing.


1. Can the Zoom host record your screen?

The Zoom host cannot actually record anyone’s screen under any circumstances. They can only record it if the screen has been shared, and that too for the PowerPoint slides or any sort of images.

2. Can Zoom record my screen without my knowledge?

The application beholds no such rights or authority to do any activity where it invades the user’s privacy. Zoom considers the privacy of its users very seriously and allows them to have a safe space.

3. In Zoom recording, what does it record?

Zoom records only the video, audio, and anything that has been shared on the screen after enabling the feature. It does not record any personal activity outside the application.


It is safe to say that this application has always been a reliable communication source, whether personal or professional. This article has clearly answered the query, “Zoom records your screen or just the meeting?” Hence, you can use the Zoom platform without the fear of being recorded by someone or the platform itself unless you have permitted to do so.

This article is originally published on July 22, 2022, and updated on January 10, 2023

Luca Tangen

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HomeScreen Recorder Does Zoom Record Your Screen or Just the Meeting? [Best Answer]

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