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Vimeo vs YouTube: Key Differences You Should Know

This post shows the differences between Vimeo and YouTube.
VashLast Updated: February 24, 2024
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Viewers are likely to remember most content that they see in the videos, and that makes videos deliver information faster and more efficiently than any other medium. In that case, online video platforms that usually be used for entertainment could be handy tools for sales, marketing, and communication too.

YouTube and Vimeo, the two most popular online video platforms on today’s Internet have been compared a lot. If you want to know which one is the best platform where you can gain growth and success for an individual or a business, you better know their differences before making a decision.

And in this article, we will make a comparison between Vimeo vs YouTube, and show you the best screen recorder for making videos.

Key Differences Between Vimeo and YouTube


This one is no doubt the biggest difference between Vimeo and YouTube. As the number one online video platform worldwide, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, and half of the netizens around the world are using YouTube. It allows anyone to upload videos and share them with the whole world for free.

Meanwhile, Vimeo has about 230 million monthly users plus 1.9 million paid subscribers. These aren’t small numbers but still feel a little insignificant when compared with YouTube. If you want your videos to get as many viewers as possible, choosing YouTube is a better choice since it provides more potential exposure for your videos.

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As mentioned above, uploading videos on YouTube doesn’t cost money, even if you are uploading videos for your business. YouTube has its premium subscription to remove ads in the videos, but uploading videos doesn’t require payment.

If you don’t want to spend budgets on Vimeo, it provides a free trial or you can choose the free plan which is completely free to use. However, the free trial will expire in 30 days, and the free plan is feature-limited in many aspects, you even can’t store videos of more than 500MB per week. In this part about cost, YouTube is obviously better than Vimeo.

Vimeo pricing
Vimeo pricing


When Vimeo vs YouTube for business purposes, metric analytics is an inevitable topic. Both video platforms offer a wide array of analytics for your videos. The metrics provided by them would be very helpful for you to understand the video and channel performance better, and decide the future plan.

All the analytics from basic statistics and other advanced options are totally free on YouTube, but you have to pay to access similar features on Vimeo. In summary, YouTube does better than Vimeo in providing analytics services.

Privacy Options

Privacy options are common for video platforms. Such options on YouTube are quite simple, YouTubers are given the option to set any video of yours to private or public, and the default setting is public.

In the meantime, Vimeo provides a lot of more specific privacy options. You can add password protection to videos, hide any video from the whole Vimeo community, or only allow viewers who are following your account to see the videos. When Vimeo vs YouTube for private videos, Vimeo is the better choice.

Vimeo privacy options
Vimeo privacy options

Video Quality

Due to various reasons, Videos on YouTube are usually of lower definition than their original quality. Sometimes you will find that a video is blurry and hard to watch on YouTube, but the same video is way clearer on another platform.

Situations are different on Vimeo, all the videos are kept without quality loss. And not only the definitions are better on Vimeo, but also the audio quality, it supports 320Kbps to ensure viewers have the best auditory experiences while watching videos. In one word, Vimeo is better if you wish the viewers can enjoy HD videos.

Live Streaming

Same to uploading videos, live streaming on YouTube is also completely free, you can start your streams at any time.

On the other hand, live streaming is a feature that requires you to subscribe to unlock. There are four types of Vimeo subscriptions, and you need to pay for Advanced level or Enterprise level subscriptions to use live stream. These two types cost higher, and they aren’t suitable for individuals. There’s no doubt that the free live stream feature makes YouTube win this round.

Technical Support

The technical support on video platforms can help you with most questions you may encounter when running a video channel. YouTube offers a huge collection of free help documentation and a Help Community where you can meet other YouTubers and share experiences with each other.

As for Vimeo, it offers several levels of technical support according to your subscription level, and it’s highly personalized and more professional. Such great support could be very helpful if you have little video-related expertise. Despite it requires payment, Vimeo provides better technical support than YouTube.

YouTube Help Community
YouTube Help Community

Tips: The Best Screen Recorder for Making Videos

To make good videos, you will need handy tools, and FineShare FineCam is a great choice for screen recording.

FineCam is an AI-powered virtual camera software that makes your video production faster and easier. With FineCam, you can turn your iPhone into an HD webcam, and stream your videos or webcam content to other platforms like YouTube, Zoom, and Discord.

As for the screen recording function, FineCam supports using various things as your webcam backgrounds, such as an app window, web page, or a local video file. Plus other functions like multi-scenes, video filters, and personal branding, you can make videos more conveniently and more efficiently.

FineCam is currently available on both Windows systems and MacOS, download now and have a try for free. Its 30-day refund guarantee also makes sure you won’t have any loss if you aren’t satisfied with the paid version.

Free Download For Windows 8 or later
Free Download For macOS 11 or later

If you are interested in such video recording software, check out this article for more information: 11 Best Video Recording Software in 2023 [Free & Paid]


Choosing the most suitable online video platform is very important if you wish to run your video channel well. We hope the listed key differences between Vimeo and YouTube can help you make the final decision.

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This article is originally published on April 25, 2023, and updated on February 24, 2024


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HomeVideo Tips Vimeo vs YouTube: Key Differences You Should Know

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