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White & Black Modern Office Room

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White & Black Modern Office Room

This big office is decorated in dark red, and grey colors. It contains work elements like wooden tables, and black chairs, which is perfect for a meeting occasion. You can download this free image as an office background for your Zoom Meeting or other video apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, OBS Studio, etc.

Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px | Photo by Christian Mackie


How to Add Background to Your Zoom Meetings

After downloading Zoom backgrounds, you can follow the steps below to add or change the your Zoom virtual background.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Step 1

Download the image of your choice. Zoom supports images and videos as virtual backgrounds. If you want to get the high quality video in Zoom, you can give FineCam a try.

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Step 2

On the desktop application, click the Settings button. Then click on Background & Filters.

Check the step-by-step guide >

Step 3

Now, you can click the plus (+) icon to upload the image you just downloaded. Or choose the image or video background you like.

Step 1

Download the image you want. Launch the Zoom app and start a new meeting on the Zoom app.

Step 2

Click the More icon in the bottom right corner. Select Backgrounds & Effects.

Step 3

Then click the plus (+) icon to upload your own virtual background.

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