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How to Make Your Voice Deeper? 2 Best Ways to Deepen Your Voice

Read this post to know how to make your voice deeper.
SylviaLast Updated: December 19, 2022
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Why Do You Want a Deeper Voice?

Have you ever been attracted to the voices of James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman? Their voices have the power to calm and convince people. Why do people prefer lower voices?

how to make your voice deeper

how to make your voice deeper

Because a low, loud voice will naturally be more likely to appear more reliable, authoritative, and manly.

Maybe you want to have a deeper voice too, especially if you want to be an actor, voice actor, or announcer. Getting a deeper voice can attract more audience and open the door to your career. Read this post to know how to make your voice deeper.

How to Make Your Voice Deeper Naturally?

Here are ways how to have a deeper voice, including tips on neck muscle exercises and routine maintenance, as well as tips on deeper voice exercises. Please do not overdo it when practicing and protect your vocal cords.

1. Drink plenty of water to keep your vocal cords from shrinking due to dehydration. Neck muscle strength training can make the muscles stronger.

Don’t forget to do muscle relaxation and stretching, they can make your vocal cords and throat stay loose. The straw technique can also help you get a louder and more relaxed voice.

2. Swallowing before you speak can deepen your voice. Lift your chin and speak slowly at a slightly lower pitch than your natural speaking voice.

Say each word clearly, keep the speed slow and the pitch low, and do not rise at the end of a sentence if possible.

3. Use diaphragmatic breathing instead of chest breathing. Feel each inhalation draw the air deeply into your stomach, and try to keep your chest and shoulders from lifting and down as you breathe.

4. Avoid nasal sounds. When you speak, cover your hand on the bridge of your nose, nose, and mouth area and feel their vibrations.

Send the air sucked into your diaphragm toward your mouth, and speak through your mouth instead of your nose, which will make your voice deeper.

5. Do some deeper voice exercises.

  • Speak right after you sigh or yawn, and you’ll find your voice will sound deeper.
  • Humming exercises. Start with your chin close to your chest while you start humming in a low tone.

Then gradually raise your head. You may find that as your head rises, the pitch of the humming will become higher. Do your best to stay at the pitch you started humming at.

6. Avoid imitating harsh sounds and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol in the deliberate pursuit of a deep voice. This can result in damage to your vocal cords, which is not worth the cost.

Don’t force yourself to achieve great results in a short time. You need to know that the natural original voice is largely determined by genetics. Do only short vocal exercises every day and avoid changing your voice so hard as to avoid straining your vocal cords.

Use Voice Changer to Get a Deeper Voice

If you want to get a deeper voice in a live stream or online meeting. Then you can try real-time deeper voice changer software.

This kind of software allows you to sound deeper in a short time without changing your original voice.

FineVoice is a popular real-time voice changer on the market. It can also be a voice changer for Discord. FineVoice offers multiple voice changers and you can customize the pitch for each one.

You can also tweak your unique voice sound like that of James Earl Jones to work on your audio in the Voice Labo.

FineVoice voice changer

FineVoice voice changer

Interesting voice changers are updated every week on FineVoice, so you will always find something you like.

Download FineVoice. And try the funny audio features including a voice changer, voice generator, speech-to-text tool, audio extractor, multi-track voice recorder, and audio file voice changer.


You already know how to make your voice deeper to be manly and authoritative.

You can also get a low voice when streaming with the help of a real-time voice changer. I hope this article will help you gain more confidence in your voice.

This article is originally published on October 14, 2022, and updated on December 19, 2022


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

HomeVoice Tips How to Make Your Voice Deeper? 2 Best Ways to Deepen Your Voice

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