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10 Best ElevenLabs Alternatives for Your TTS Needs

Read this article to find the 10 best ElevenLabs alternatives for your voice generation.
SylviaLast Updated: July 16, 2024
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ElevenLabs is a well-known AI voice technology provider, celebrated for its advanced text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities and realistic AI-generated speech. This tool is popular among content creators, educators, and businesses for creating high-quality voiceovers for videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

Why You May Need ElevenLabs Alternatives

However, ElevenLabs has its limitations. Its pricing can be a barrier for individual users and small businesses. The platform also requires a stable internet connection, which may not be feasible for everyone. Additionally, while ElevenLabs offers a range of voices, its customization options are somewhat limited.

These challenges highlight the need for alternative TTS solutions that offer greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Exploring other options can help users find tools better suited to their specific needs and preferences.

I wrote this article to help you make an informed decision. From free to paid services, this page features the 10 best ElevenLabs alternatives and competitors, so you can find and explore the products that appeal to you most.

Now let’s learn the top 10 alternatives to ElevenLabs one by one.

ProductNumber of voicesLanguages & AccentsVoice stylesAI voice designAI voice cloning
Murf AI120+20+10+
Replica Studios100+English Accents20+
WellSaid Labs120+Primarily English80+

1.  FineVoice

FineVoice revolutionizes voiceover creation with its versatile AI voice studio. Whether you’re producing professional-grade video voiceovers or adding unique character voices to your content, FineVoice offers an extensive array of tools and customization options to elevate your creative projects. Try this free online AI voice studio now!

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Key Features

Personalized AI Voices

Access 1000+ AI voices across 149+ languages and 30+ styles, including custom voice creation and precise voice cloning options.

Enhanced Voiceover Modes

Choose from three specialized modes for various content needs, from short videos to complex narratives, ensuring natural and engaging voice outputs.

Comprehensive Audio Tools

Utilize AI voice changer for dynamic voice alterations and transcription tools for seamless workflow integration.

Global Accessibility

Web-based platform accessible anywhere, facilitating easy collaboration and content creation across diverse audiences.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $5.99/month

2.  FakeYou

FakeYou is a fun ElevenLabs alternative that harnesses deepfake technology to generate lifelike text-to-speech (TTS) audio and videos. This versatile toolset is perfect for crafting personalized voiceovers, animating faces, and creating unique AI voices, making it an invaluable resource for both professional and personal creative projects.

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Key Features

Text to Speech (TTS)

Leverages sophisticated natural language processing to turn written text into realistic and captivating speech.

Voice Transformation

Allows users to convert their voice into another, offering 3800 AI voices of celebrities and characters.

Voice Designer (BETA)

Enables the creation and customization of AI voices, allowing users to develop unique vocal identities tailored to their projects.

Face Animator

Syncs facial movements with audio, creating convincing talking avatars for various applications.

Video Style Transfer

Adds distinctive artistic styles and effects to videos, enhancing their visual impact and appeal.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $7/month

3.  Murf AI

Murf AI empowers users with advanced AI voice capabilities, specializing in creating lifelike Text-to-Speech voiceovers effortlessly. With over 120 voices in 20+ languages and accents, Murf AI caters to diverse content needs. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced creator, Murf AI’s intuitive online studio and collaborative features streamline voiceover projects with precision and creativity.

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Murf AI
Murf AI

Key Features

Customizable Voice Details

Tailor every aspect of your voiceover, from speed and pitch to emotions and pronunciation, ensuring each line resonates perfectly with your content.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the intuitive AI voiceover studio effortlessly, utilizing detailed customization panels and project monitoring tools.

Versatile Templates

Jumpstart your projects with purpose-built templates for promotional videos, training modules, and more, catering to diverse content needs.

Flexible Multimedia Integration

Easily incorporate videos, music, and other media elements into your voiceovers, enriching the audiovisual experience.


🆓14-day free trial    💰Start at $29 per user/month

4.  Typecast

Typecast stands out as an AI voice generator specializing in emotive AI voiceovers. It offers two distinct versions: the classic, designed for seamless integration of voiceovers with multimedia content, and the new, tailored for character casting and multilingual dubbing. Ideal for a wide array of content creators, Typecast’s web-based platform enhances projects with expressive voices and intuitive features.

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Key Features

Emotive AI Voices

Customize emotions in AI voices for nuanced and emotive performances, enhancing storytelling capabilities.

Multimedia Integration

Easily integrate voiceovers with videos, images, and music to create compelling multimedia content across platforms.

Versatile Templates and Tutorials

Access a range of templates and comprehensive tutorials to streamline project initiation and execution.

Multilingual Dubbing

Automate dubbing for MP4 or WEBM files in four languages, facilitating multilingual content creation efficiently.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $ 8.99/month

5.  LOVO

LOVO AI stands at the forefront of voice generation and text-to-speech software, renowned for its expansive features and cutting-edge technology. With over 500 voices available in 100 languages, LOVO ensures seamless integration for diverse projects and brands. It also offers additional AI tools like an art generator, a writer assistant, and a transcription tool.

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Key Features

Hyper-Realistic Voices

State-of-the-art technology produces voices indistinguishable from human speech.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Convert text into lifelike voiceovers with precise synchronization.

Automated Subtitle Generation

Add subtitles in over 20 languages to enhance viewer engagement.

Voice Cloning

Create custom voices using minimal audio input to establish unique brand voices.

Developer-Friendly API

Integrate advanced AI voices into applications and services effortlessly.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $24/month

6.  Replica Studios

Replica Studios stands out as an innovative platform offering AI-generated voiceovers tailored for creative professionals. Utilizing fully licensed AI models, Replica provides robust text-to-speech and speech-to-speech solutions across multiple languages. Whether you’re producing animations, audiobooks, films, or social media content, Replica’s advanced AI voices bring natural and expressive qualities to your projects.

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Replica Studios
Replica Studios

Key Features

Voice Customization

Tailor voices to match character personalities and scenarios, enhancing immersion in animations and storytelling.

Voice Design

Blend Replica voices to create unique, customized voices with specific accents, prosody, and other vocal attributes.

Script Integration

Easily import scripts from video games, advertisements, books, and more, whether as full documents or line-by-line entries in a spreadsheet.

API Support

Integrate Replica’s API smoothly into workflows for voice-enabled applications, platforms, and conversational solutions, featuring flexible and scalable pricing options to meet diverse needs.


🆓No free trial    💰Start at $10/month

7.  PlayHT

PlayHT is an advanced online AI voice generator tailored for creators in audio production, offering over 800 AI voices across more than 100 languages and accents. Its robust platform is particularly favored by enterprise users, boasting seamless API support and compatibility with various platforms.

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Key Features

Diverse AI Voice Selection

Explore a vast array of over 800 AI voices spanning numerous languages and accents, although primarily featuring standard options and excluding cartoon characters or celebrity voices.

Emotional Enhancement

Elevate voiceovers with 6 adjustable emotions directly from the online studio interface, infusing human-like nuances into your audio creations.

Cloud-Based Convenience Access

PlayHT’s comprehensive suite of tools and services directly through any web browser, eliminating the need for additional software installations.

Flexible API Integration

Effortlessly generate API keys and access detailed documentation for straightforward integration into custom applications.

Versatile Platform Integration

Integrate seamlessly with popular podcast platforms like iTunes and Spotify, supporting multi-speaker scenarios within a single voiceover session.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $39/month

8.  Revoicer

Revoicer is an advanced online AI voice generator that excels in conveying authentic human emotions, enhancing the emotional depth of AI-generated voiceovers for creators in audio content production.

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Key Features

Extensive AI Voice Selection

Explore a diverse collection of over 250 AI voices spanning more than 50 languages and accents, catering to various age groups and language nuances.

Emotional Voiceovers

Utilizing its unique Neural-Emotion AI engine, Revoicer produces AI voiceovers imbued with 9 realistic human emotions, elevating the quality and impact of your audio projects.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience a seamless workflow with Revoicer’s intuitive interface, designed for ease of use.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access Revoicer’s powerful features directly through any web browser, eliminating the need for software downloads.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $ 74/month

9.  VoxBox

VoxBox by iMyFone is an advanced AI voice generation and voice cloning tool that empowers creators to craft realistic and dynamic voiceovers across various content genres, revolutionizing audio production without requiring professional recording equipment.

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Key Features

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Convert text into expressive AI voices for voice-overs, podcasts, or educational content.

Voice Cloning

Create custom AI voices resembling real humans, ideal for personalized messages or virtual assistants.

Voice Changer

Modify recordings with various vocal styles, adding humor or disguising identity effortlessly.

AI-Generated Rap

Explore fun AI-generated rap capabilities for music enthusiasts and content creators.

Speech-to-Text (STT)

Transcribe spoken content into accurate written text for captions and notes.


🆓Free version available    💰Start at $ 15.95/month

10. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs pioneers natural-sounding AI voices with advanced machine learning. Empower your projects with customizable voice avatars, 120+ voices, and 80+ styles for dynamic storytelling and engaging content creation.

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WellSaid Labs
WellSaid Labs

Key Features

Natural Voice Generation

Instantly produce high-quality narration by inputting text and selecting from a rich library of 120+ voices.

API Integration

Integrate engaging AI voices into applications seamlessly, enhancing user experiences. Contact sales for tailored API solutions.

Versatile Voice Styles

Explore over 80 voice styles, including regional accents and customizable filters, to find the perfect voice avatar.

Custom Voice Solutions

Collaborate with WellSaid Labs to craft exclusive, custom voices aligned with your brand identity and project requirements.

Efficient Workflow

WellSaid Studio optimizes content creation workflows, facilitating global storytelling with easy project sharing among teams and clients.


🆓Free trial available    💰Start at $49/month

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, exploring alternatives to ElevenLabs unveils a spectrum of innovative tools. Whether seeking an ElevenLabs free alternative, open-source solutions, or superior voice cloning options, there are diverse choices available. Each alternative offers unique strengths, from versatile AI voice generators to comprehensive multimedia integration.

Select the best ElevenLabs alternative that aligns with your project’s needs for enhanced voiceover creation, making your content more impactful and engaging. Embrace the future of AI-driven voice technologies with confidence and creativity.

FAQ about ElevenLabs Alternatives

1. Why look for an alternative to ElevenLabs?

While ElevenLabs offers powerful voice cloning features, users may seek alternatives for reasons such as pricing, feature diversity, or specific project needs not fully met by ElevenLabs.

2. What are some free alternatives to ElevenLabs?

For users seeking ElevenLabs free alternatives, options like FineVoice and Revoicer offer robust features like AI voice generation without requiring a subscription fee.

3. Is there an open-source alternative to ElevenLabs?

Users looking for open-source alternatives can consider projects like Mozilla TTS, which provide customizable text-to-speech solutions under open-source licenses.

4. Which alternative offers voice cloning similar to ElevenLabs? FineVoice stands out as a viable alternative with its ability to generate AI voices with realistic human emotions and a user-friendly interface for voiceover creation.

5. How can I find the best ElevenLabs alternative for my needs?

Consider your specific requirements such as voice variety, language support, integration capabilities, and budget constraints when choosing an alternative to ElevenLabs.

6. Where can I find more information about these ElevenLabs alternatives?

Visit the respective websites of each alternative or refer to comprehensive reviews and comparisons online to make an informed decision based on your preferences and project requirements.

This article is originally published on July 3, 2024, and updated on July 16, 2024


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

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