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Top 10 FakeYou Alternatives: Best TTS Tools in 2024

Explore the best 10 FakeYou alternatives in 2024 to convert text to speech.
SylviaLast Updated: July 16, 2024
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FakeYou is a cutting-edge platform that utilizes deepfake technology to create realistic text-to-speech (TTS) audio and videos. It’s widely used for generating personalized voiceovers, animating faces, and crafting custom AI voices. With its extensive feature set, FakeYou caters to a diverse range of creative needs, from professional content creation to personal projects.

Why You May Want Alternatives to FakeYou

Despite its advanced capabilities, FakeYou has some drawbacks. Its voice customization options are limited, and users cannot adjust speed, pitch, or volume to tailor the speech output. Additionally, the quality of generated voices can vary, with some still sounding robotic. The platform’s reliance on an internet connection and relatively high pricing for commercial features may also deter some users.

These limitations suggest that exploring alternatives could be beneficial. Users may find other TTS tools that offer more robust customization, consistent quality, offline functionality, or more affordable pricing plans.

To assist in this search, we have compiled a list of the top alternatives to FakeYou. This comparison will help you identify the most suitable TTS solutions based on your specific requirements and preferences.

ProductNumber of voicesLanguages & AccentsVoice stylesAI voice designAI voice cloning
Listnr AI1000+142

Let’s find which one is the best FakeYou alternative for you.

1.  FineVoice

FineVoice is a top-tier online AI voice studio known for its versatile features, making it an excellent FakeYou free alternative. Ideal for content creators, FineVoice excels at providing personalized, unique, and natural AI voiceovers, enhancing creative projects. This comprehensive tool is one of the best AI voice studios available, offering a range of functionalities to meet diverse needs.

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Key Features

AI Voiceover Modes

FineVoice offers three AI voiceover modes: Advanced Voiceover for detailed customization, Multiple Voiceover for creating complex conversations, and Quick Voiceover for generating high-quality voiceovers swiftly.

Extensive Voice Library

With over 1000 AI voices in 149+ languages and 30+ styles, FineVoice ensures you can find the perfect voice for any project. The library is regularly updated to provide fresh and diverse options.

Personalized AI Voice Design

Create custom AI voices with full control over voice style, intensity, and effects. This feature allows you to craft unique voices, enhancing your brand’s identity and appeal.

User-Friendly Interface

FineVoice’s intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate. As an online tool, it’s accessible from any web browser, enabling you to start your projects anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Suite of Tools

In addition to voice generation, FineVoice includes an AI voice changer and other tools to modify audio files, making your content more engaging and dynamic.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $5.99/month

2.  VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is a powerful AI voice generation and cloning tool, offering a comprehensive solution for creating realistic and dynamic voiceovers. As a versatile platform, it serves as a great FakeYou alternative, empowering creators with professional-grade audio production capabilities without the need for expensive voice recording equipment.

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Key Features

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Convert text into 3500+ AI fictional voices from movies, TV shows, cartoons, and anime, ideal for video voiceovers.

Voice Cloning

Create custom AI voices that closely resemble real human voices. It allows you to adjust tone and emotion while retaining accents and speaking habits.

Voice Customization

Adjust voice parameters like pronunciation, emphasis, emotions, speed, pitch, and volume, and add background music to enhance your audio projects.

Voice Changer

Modify recordings with various vocal styles to add humor, disguise identity, or experiment with different voices.

Speech-to-Text (STT)

Transcribe spoken content into accurate written text, perfect for creating captions, notes, and transcripts.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $ 15.95/month

3.  Listnr AI

Listnr AI is a TTS platform designed for creating high-quality AI generated audio. With over 1000 voices in 142 languages, it offers a robust solution for podcasters, educators, and marketers. Its versatile features cater to a global audience, making it an excellent FakeYou alternative for those seeking customizable and natural-sounding voiceovers.

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Listnr AI
Listnr AI

Key Features

Advanced Text-to-Speech Technology

Listnr AI boasts over 1000 lifelike voices, supporting multiple languages and accents, making it ideal for diverse applications like podcasts, audiobooks, and e-learning content.

Customizable Voice Options

Users can fine-tune voices by adjusting speed, pitch, and volume, ensuring the output matches their desired tone and style for various projects.

Multilingual Support

Supporting 142 languages, Listnr AI is perfect for global content creation, allowing users to reach a wider audience with localized audio.

API Access

Listnr AI offers API integration, enabling developers to embed TTS functionalities into their applications, enhancing products with high-quality voice synthesis.

Voice Cloning

Create synthetic voices that mimic specific individuals for personalized content and branding, adding a unique and recognizable touch to projects.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $5/month

4.  Voicemaker

Voicemaker is a versatile online Text-to-Speech tool that excels in generating high-quality AI voiceovers in various languages. It offers over 1000 realistic voices across more than 130 languages and accents. Voicemaker’s affordability and ease of use make it an excellent FakeYou alternative for individual users and small teams.

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Key Features

Large Voice Collection

Voicemaker offers a vast selection of AI voices and languages, including many accent variants. The high-quality pre-made voices ensure excellent output for various content needs.

AI Voice Cloning

Create professional-level AI voice clones with Voicemaker by uploading at least two hours of audio. It supports SSML tags and customizable voice styles and effects.

API Platform for Developers

Voicemaker’s paid API service allows developers to integrate its voices into their applications, providing access to all default and pro voices for commercial and personal projects.

Easy and Convenient Access

Accessible via any web browser, Voicemaker features an intuitive interface. Paid users benefit from up to 10GB of cloud storage for AI voiceovers, ideal for audiobooks and podcasts.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $5/month

5.  PlayHT

PlayHT stands out as an advanced AI voice generator tailored for audio creators aiming for lifelike voiceovers. With a vast library of 800+ AI voices in over 100 languages and accents, PlayHT provides a versatile platform ensuring high-quality voice production. Its strong API support and compatibility across multiple platforms make it an ideal choice for enterprise users.

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Key Features

Diverse AI Voice Collection

PlayHT offers a vast array of over 800 AI voices in more than 100 languages and accents, ensuring extensive choice for users seeking specific voice characteristics.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access PlayHT’s full suite of tools and services directly from your web browser without the need for additional software downloads, providing convenient and flexible use anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive API Integration

Easily integrate PlayHT into your applications or platforms using its API, with straightforward setup and documentation available to streamline integration processes.

Emotion Setting for Voiceovers

Enhance AI voiceovers with realistic human emotions by selecting from six different emotion types, adding depth and authenticity to your audio projects.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $39/month

6.  Narakeet

Narakeet is an advanced online platform tailored for transforming text into high-quality spoken audio and seamlessly integrating voiceovers into videos. With a vast array of over 700 voices spanning 90 languages, Narakeet caters to diverse users, including content creators, educators, marketers, and businesses.

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Key Features

Text-to-Speech Conversion

Easily convert text into MP3, WAV, or M4A audio formats using AI voices in over 90 languages.

Batch Production

Automate video production across multiple languages using command-line tools, ideal for integrating into continuous delivery pipelines.

Online Recorder

Dictate speech, transcribe it to text, and convert it into audio using AI voices directly on Narakeet’s platform.

Automation & API

Developers can seamlessly integrate video production into workflows using Narakeet’s API or command-line client.

PowerPoint & Markdown to Video

Transform presentations from PowerPoint and Google Slides into MP4 videos with synchronized voiceovers or create dynamic video presentations by adding voice narration to markdown scripts.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $0.20/minute

7.  LOVO

LOVO AI is an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) platform renowned for its hyper-realistic voice generation capabilities and comprehensive suite of creative tools. With over 500 voices available in more than 100 languages, LOVO simplifies content creation across various applications, from marketing videos to educational materials, with its award-winning voice generator.

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Key Features

Hyper-Realistic Voices

LOVO AI utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce voices that are virtually indistinguishable from human speech, ensuring unparalleled realism.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Easily convert text into lifelike voiceovers with precise synchronization, perfect for podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and advertising.

Automated Subtitle Generation

Enhance viewer engagement by adding subtitles in over 20 languages. Customize, animate, and transform your videos effortlessly.

Voice Cloning

Create custom voices with minimal audio input, establishing unique brand identities and maintaining consistency across content.

Developer-Friendly API

Integrate LOVO AI’s advanced AI voices seamlessly into your applications and services using a straightforward API, enhancing project capabilities with high-quality voiceovers.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $24/month.

8.  Typecast

Typecast stands out as an AI voice generator renowned for infusing emotions into voiceovers. This web-based platform offers two distinct versions: a classic edition tailored for integrating voiceovers with multimedia content, and a new edition designed for character casting and multilingual dubbing, catering to diverse content creators.

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Key Features

Emotive AI Voices

Typecast excels in imbuing AI voices with realistic emotions, enhancing expressiveness through specific emotional settings for each voice. However, the range of emotions varies among different voice options.

Multilingual Dubbing Capabilities

The new version supports automatic dubbing of MP4 or WEBM files into four languages within the first minute, facilitating efficient multilingual content creation.

Seamless Integration with Multimedia

The classic version seamlessly integrates voiceovers with videos, images, and music, particularly beneficial for content creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

User-Friendly Templates and Tutorials

Comprehensive tutorials and diverse templates cater to various applications such as training videos and news reports, enabling users to swiftly initiate and complete their projects.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $ 8.99/month.

9.  TTSMaker

TTSMaker is an online FakeYou alternative that transforms text into realistic speech, supporting various languages and voice styles. It’s ideal for creating audiobooks, learning languages, and dubbing videos. Users retain full copyright ownership of the generated audio files, allowing legal commercial use. TTSMaker also offers email and API support for any issues encountered.

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Key Features

Multilingual Support

TTSMaker offers over 300 voices in more than 50 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Diverse Voice Styles

The platform provides various voice styles for different applications. Upgrading to Pro unlocks around 20 voices with emotional tones, such as sad, happy, and angry.

Customizable Pauses

You can insert pauses to create silent segments within the speech.

Background Music

Add background music to your speech to enhance its versatility.

Unlimited Downloads

Download your text-to-speech conversions in formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC, OPUS, or WAV without any limitations.


🆓 Free version available   💰 Start at $12.99/month

10. NaturalReader

NaturalReader provides a robust alternative to FakeYou, serving both personal and commercial needs with its versatile text-to-speech capabilities. This software seamlessly transforms written text into natural-sounding speech, catering to a wide array of applications such as e-learning and personal reading.

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Key Features

Efficient Text-to-Speech Conversion

NaturalReader offers over 200 natural-sounding voices to convert text into speech, ensuring clarity and naturalness in every audio output.

Customization Flexibility

You can customize word pronunciations for accuracy and add emotions and effects to enhance speech expressiveness, providing tailored audio experiences.

OCR and Document Import Capabilities

Convert printed text from images or PDFs into speech, supporting various document formats like PDF, DOCX, and TXT for comprehensive accessibility.

Cloud Storage Integration

Save audio files in formats like MP3 or WAV for offline use, and seamlessly sync documents and settings across multiple devices via cloud storage, ensuring accessibility from anywhere.


🆓 Free version available    💰 Start at $4.99/month


Explore the diverse landscape of FakeYou alternatives in 2024 to find the perfect match for your needs. Each alternative offers unique strengths, from advanced AI voice customization to seamless integration with multimedia.

Choosing the right text-to-speech tool can significantly enhance your projects, whether for e-learning, content creation, or personal use. Dive into these options to discover the ideal solution tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about FakeYou Alternatives

1. What are FakeYou alternatives?

FakeYou alternatives are other text-to-speech (TTS) tools that offer similar functionalities to FakeYou, providing options for converting text into natural-sounding speech.

2. Why consider alternatives to FakeYou?

Exploring alternatives to FakeYou allows you to find TTS tools that may better fit specific needs such as voice customization, language support, pricing, or integration capabilities.

3. How do I choose the best FakeYou alternative?

Consider factors like voice quality, language options, customization features, ease of use, pricing plans, and compatibility with your intended use (e.g., podcasting, video production, education).

4. Can I try an alternative to FakeYou before committing?

Most alternatives offer free trials or basic plans with limited features, allowing users to test functionality and determine if it meets their requirements before making a purchase.

This article is originally published on July 3, 2024, and updated on July 16, 2024


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