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How to Use Multi-Cam Feature in Finecam

FineCam allows you to add multiple camera devices to shoot professional videos from multiple angles and scenes. In this guide, I will tell you how to set up and record a multi-camera video.

How to Set Up Multi-Camera in FineCam 

Step 1. Add multi-cameras.Launch the FineCam desktop application on your computer. Click the grey + button on the bottom bar. You will see the two options on the main screen, click to connect your iPhones/iPads or other camera devices to FineCam via USB/WiFi.

add multi cameras

add multi cameras

Step 2. Adjust the cameras.You can see all the cameras you added on the bottom bar as a thumbnail.

Change the position of a scene.

Click and hold the thumbnail of a scene, you can switch the position to wherever you want to display it.

change the position of a scene

change the position of a scene

Rename a camera.

Under a camera, you could see its name. Click the name you can edit it.

rename a camera

rename a camera

Delete a camera.

Hover over the thumbnail, you can see the blue three dots icon. Click it you can delete the camera chosen.

rename a camera

rename a camera

Step 3. Save multi-camera settings. 

Every time you exit FineCam, the software automatically saves the latest changes you made for multiple cameras. This way you don’t have to adjust multi cameras again every time you want to use FineCam for meetings, video recording, or live streaming.

How to Record Multi-Camera in FineCam

You may want to record a class or presentation with multi-cameras. Please follow the guide below.

Step 1. Start recording multi-cameras.

Find the Record button in the top right corner of your video. Click it and FineCam will record what is shot by the selected camera.

You will see the recording control bar took Record’s place. You can switch the audio capture device by clicking the Microphone icon.

You can click the thumbnail of other cameras to let FineCam record whatever you want to record. Unless you stop recording, the different content shot by various cameras will be recorded in the same file.

Step 2. Stop recording.

Whenever you want to stop recording a video, click the red Stop Recording button in the recording toolbar. The video will be stored in the FineCam media library. Find the hamburger icon on the top right of the interface. Click My Library to view your video.

find the My Library icon

find the My Library icon

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