This guide will teach you how to use FineVoice.

How to Capture and Output Sounds to Your Recording Apps Using FineVoice

FineVoice can capture sounds from the microphone, computer, iPhone, and browser. It supports outputting these sounds to video or audio recorders. Then you can record your video with background music, and any sound you like.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use FineVoice to output all sounds to video/audio recording software to help you create better content.

Step 1. Launch FineVoice.

Download and install FineVoice.

Then click Voice Recorder to open FineVoice voice recorder.

launch FineVoice

Step 2. Add multiple audio sources.

Click + Add audio source and select the source you want to add.

add audio source

Browse audio effects in the right panel. Drag the desired audio effects to each channel. If you want to add voice effects to audio, click the Adjustment icon on the sidebar to choose the wanted voice effect.

add effects to each channel

Step 3. Enable Bridge Recording.

Go back to FineVoice. Click the red record button and select the option Bridge Recording. Then the bridge recording is enabled.

Choose bridge recording

Step 4. Select FineVoice Microphone.

Open the recording app you want to output sounds from FineVoice to.

Go to Settings. Then select FineVoice Microphone. Once done, click Start recording.

set up recording software

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