This guide will teach you how to use FineVoice.

FineVoice Quota Usage Check and Subscription Upgrade Guide

FineVoice offers various subscription plans to meet different user needs. Users can check their current subscription status and remaining usage quotas at any time, and upgrade their subscription plan as necessary. This guide will detail how to check FineVoice quota usage and upgrade your FineVoice subscription.


Through the following steps, users can view their current subscription status and choose to upgrade their subscription plan: click on the avatar to enter the account center → check remaining quota → upgrade subscription plan.

FineVoice Interface
FineVoice Interface

Follow the steps below to check quota usage and upgrade subscription plan

Step 1: Click on the Avatar to Enter the User Center

Access the Account Center:

In the top right corner of the FineVoice interface, click on your avatar.

From the drop-down menu, click on “Account Center.”

go to account center

Step 2: Check Remaining Quotas

View Remaining Minutes and Quota:

In the user center, you can visually check the quota usage for various services:

  • Quick Voiceover: Displays remaining TTS minutes.
  • AI Voice Changer: Displays remaining voice change duration.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Displays remaining voice clones.
  • Speech-to-Text (STT): Displays remaining STT minutes.

This information helps you understand the current quota usage and remaining benefits of your subscription.

check remaining usage quotas

Step 3: Upgrade Subscription Plan

Three Ways to Navigate to the Subscription Page:

Way 1. Upgrade in the User Center: Click the “Upgrade Now” button on the banner in the user center.

click upgrade now

Way 2. Upgrade via the Avatar Menu: Click on your avatar in the top right corner, then select “Upgrade Plan” from the drop-down menu.

click the upgrade plan

Way 3. Visit the Purchase Page: You can also directly visit the purchase page [] to view detailed plans of different packages.

visit the purchase page

Choose a Suitable Subscription Plan: On the purchase page, review and select the subscription plan that suits your needs, and upgrade your subscription accordingly.

Practical Applications

FineVoice’s subscription viewing and upgrade feature is suitable for various user needs, such as:

  • Frequent Users: Regularly check remaining usage quotas to ensure the subscription plan meets their needs, and upgrade promptly to gain more usage rights.
  • New Users: When first using FineVoice, choose a suitable subscription plan to fully utilize its multiple features.
  • Advanced Users: Users needing more advanced features and larger usage quotas can choose advanced subscription plans based on their actual needs.


FineVoice provides quota usage checks and subscription upgrade features, helping users keep track of their quota usage and upgrade their subscription plans according to their needs. Through this guide, you can easily check remaining quotas and select the appropriate subscription plan to ensure FineVoice meets all your usage requirements.

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