This guide will teach you how to use FineVoice.

How to Use FineVoice Text to Speech

Have you ever wanted to create a voiceover for your video, podcast, or presentation but didn’t have the time, equipment, or skills? Do you want to turn any text into audio and listen to it anytime, anywhere?

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FineVoice Text to Speech is a tool that uses artificial intelligence techniques to convert text into spoken audio.

With it, you can create natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. with realistic intonation and emotion. You can choose from various voices, languages, and accents to suit your needs and preferences.

Before you start using this tool, let me briefly introduce its functions to you.

FineVoice Text to Speech
FineVoice Text to Speech
  1. Pause: You can control the pause duration between the selected texts to ensure that the text-to-speech voice output is well-paced and engaging.
  2. Emphasis: You can add emphasis on specific words or phrases to convey importance or emotion in the narration, including None, Strong, Moderate, and Reduced.
  3. Say as: You can specify how the selected text is pronounced, providing customization for various elements such as Currency, Telephone, Verbatim, Date, Characters, Cardinal, Ordinal, Fraction, Expletive, Unit, and Time.
  4. Pitch: You can adjust the pitch of the text-to-speech voice for the selected text to make the narration more engaging, including X-low, Low, Medium, High, and X-high.
  5. Volume: You can change the volume level to ensure clarity, including Xslow, Slow, Medium, Fast, and Xfast.
  6. Rate: You can change the pace of the voice, including Xlow, Low, Medium, High, and Xhigh.
  7. Speed: You can slide the slider to change the speed.
  8. Undo: You can reverse the last action taken.
  9. Redo: You can restore an action that was previously undone.
  10. Available characters: Display the total number of characters available that can be used.
  11. Remaining: Display the remaining characters available to manage usage and stay within defined constraints.
  12. Clear Text: You can remove all entered text from the interface, providing a quick and efficient way to start fresh.
  13. Convert: Start to transform the entered text into spoken words.
  14. Conversion results: You can review and access the transformed results.

Next, you need to enter the AI Voice Model library to Select a voice.

AI Voice Model Library
AI Voice Model Library

AI Voice Model Library:

  1. Commercial voices: You can access high-quality, nuanced voices for an elevated and professional text to speech voice experience.
  2. Community voices: You can explore a variety of voices created by the community.
  3. Favorites: You can access your preferred voices easily.
  4. Category: You can discover voices based on specific themes, such as Character, Original, Singer, Rapper, or Public figure, making it easier to find the most suitable option.
  5. Gender: You can choose from options such as Male, Female, and None.
  6. Language: You can choose different languages, including English (US), English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi (India), etc.
  7. Age: You can choose different age groups: Kid, Young-adult, Middle-aged, Old, and Other.
  8. Tag: You can choose from various voice tags, including Anime, Cartoon, Game, Movie, and kpop.
  9. Close: You can close the Select a voice window.

How to Use FineVoice Text to Speech?

This guide will show you how to use the FineVoice Text to Speech feature. We will use Online Text to Speech as an illustrative example, providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Visit the FineVoice Text to Speech in your browser and sign up or log into an account to convert text into any voice model you want.

Step 2: Type or paste any text you want to transcribe in the text box. You can add effects like Pause, Emphasis, and adjust the speaking rate.

Input text
Input text

Step 3: Click on the avatar in the upper right corner and select the voice you want. You can select the voice through Category, Gender, Language, and Age. You can also filter by the Tag we provide.

Choose your favorite voice
Choose your favorite voice

Step 4: Click the Convert button to start the conversion process.

click the Convert button
click the Convert button

Step 5: Listen to the text-to-speech voice. If you are satisfied with the results, click Download to save the audio file.

In conclusion, FineVoice Text to Speech is a great way to create voiceovers for your projects. It can save you time, money, and hassle and give you more creative options and flexibility. You can also use it to improve your pronunciation, learn new languages, or just have some fun with different voices.

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