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4 Best GLaDOS Text-to-Speech Tools Bring Her to Life

This post gives you the 4 best GLaDOS text to speech tools for both desktop, online, and mobile use.
SylviaLast Updated: September 15, 2023
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Have you ever played the Portal games and wondered how cool it would be to make GLaDOS say anything you want?

GLaDOS text-to-speech is the process of converting text into speech that sounds like GLaDOS.

In this post, we will show you how to make GLaDOS say anything you want with 4 best GLaDOS text-to-speech tools and voice changers. Let’s get started!

Who Is GLaDOS?

GLaDOS is a fictional AI character from the Portal video game series. She is the main antagonist and narrator of the games. She has a distinctive robotic voice that is generated by text-to-speech synthesis and then distorted with various effects. 

She guides, tests, and taunts the player throughout the games, often with sarcastic and passive-aggressive remarks. She also reveals her backstory and motives as the games progress.

GLaDOS in Portal 2
GLaDOS in Portal 2

4 Best GLaDOS Text-to-Speech Tools for Desktop and Mobile

#1. FineShare FineVoice

FineShare FineVoice is a desktop-based tool that can create realistic and customizable GLaDOS voice clips from text input.

Besides the GLaDOS text-to-speech tool, you can also access its other voice tools like an audio transcriber, voice recorder, audio extractor, and voice changer for real-time use and audio files.                  

FineShare FineVoice
FineShare FineVoice

Feature Highlights:Key Features:

  • 220+ realistic voices in 40 languages and accents
  • 100+ funny celebrity and character TTS voices
  • Real-time voice changer for voice chatting
  • Custom voice effects creation for voice-changing and recording

Pros Pros:

  • All-In-One AI Digital Voice Solution
  • Free to Download
  • Easy to Use User Interface
  • Large Library of Voices
  • Fast Generation Speed
  • Auto Saving to Local File


  • Only Works on Windows
  • Premium Features Require a Subscription

#2. GLaDOS Voice Generator

GLaDOS Voice Generator is a website that can generate voice clips that sound like GLaDOS. You can enter any text you want and the website will synthesize a GLaDOS-like voice audio clip for free. It’s a fun and creative tool that lets you make GLaDOS say anything.

GLaDOS Voice Generator
GLaDOS Voice Generator

Pros Pros:

  • Easy to Use Web Page
  • No Installation and Registration Required
  • Offers Generated GLaDOS Voice Samples
  • GLaDOS TTS Download as WAV Format
  • AutoPlay of Sample TTS Audio Clips


  • Long Processing Time
  • Maximum Text Input Limit of 256 Characters

#3. GLaDOS AI Voice Generator

Nerdaxic.com offers a GLaDOS voice assistant. GLaDOS AI Voice Generator is part of it with a TTS feature. It has a decent-quality GLaDOS voice that sounds somewhat similar to the original one.

GLaDOS AI Voice Generator
GLaDOS AI Voice Generator

Pros Pros:

  • A Simple Interface
  • A Fast Processing Speed
  • Preview Via The Playback Function
  • Support WAV File Download


  • Cannot Find Your GLaDOS TTS History
  • Back End is Still A Bit Temperamental

#4. FakeYou

FakeYou is a fun and creative tool that uses deep fake technology to generate realistic and natural GLaDOS voice from text input. It also allows you to make character voices from audio files and have fun with lip-sync videos.

FakeYou- GLaDOS Voice Generator
FakeYou- GLaDOS Voice Generator

Pros Pros:

  • Intuitive Interface and Free to Use
  • Funny Deep Fake Voice Creation
  • Flexible on Different Devices
  • Custom Voice Model Upload Supported


  • Need to Wait in Line to Generate
  • Subscribe for Full Access

Best GLaDOS Voice Changer: FineShare Online Voice Changer

A GLaDOS voice changer is a software or device that can modify a person’s voice to sound like GLaDOS. If you want to modify the voice of your recording or audio files, you can try FineShare Online Voice Changer.

This online service offers AI voice cloning 100+ voice effects from David Attenborough to SpongeBob. Explore the realistic voices of characters and celebrities. Or use it to change your voice from male to female.

FineShare Online Voice Changer
FineShare Online Voice Changer

Pros Pros:

  • High-Quality Voice Filters
  • Free to Use and Fast Generation Speed
  • High Compatibility with Devices without Software Installation
  • Large Library of Celebrity and Character Voices


  • Not for Real-Time Use
  • May Not Have the Voices You Want

Don’t you want to make AI cover songs and earn money on YouTube? Try FineShare Singify! It’s a free AI singing voice generator to make AI song and rap covers of your favorite singers’ songs.

Classic GLaDOS Quotes and Voice Lines

GLaDOS’s quotes and voice lines are some of the most memorable and iconic parts of the Portal games. They showcase her personality, style, and humor. They also provide clues, hints, and twists for the game’s story and puzzles.

Check the following links to find and play the classic GLaDOS voice lines from Portal and Portal 2.

  • https://theportalwiki.com/wiki/GLaDOS_voice_lines_(Portal)
  • https://theportalwiki.com/wiki/GLaDOS_voice_lines_(Portal_2)
  • https://combineoverwiki.net/wiki/GLaDOS/Quotes/Portal
  • https://combineoverwiki.net/wiki/GLaDOS/Quotes/Portal_2_single-player


In this post, we have shown you how to make GLaDOS say anything you want with the best GLaDOS text-to-speech tools and voice changers. We hope you have enjoyed this post and learned something new about GLaDOS text-to-speech.


#1. Who Voice GLaDOS in Portal?

GLaDOS was voiced by Ellen McLain, an American voice actress and singer. She also voiced other characters in the Portal games, such as the turrets, the announcer, and Caroline.

#2. How do you download GLaDOS text-to-speech?

You can download GLaDOS text to speech by using one of the tools or voice changers mentioned in this post. Most of them allow you to download the audio file in MP3 or WAV format for free.

#3. What is the best GLaDOS text-to-speech app?

FineShare FineVoice is the best GLaDOS text-to-speech app for Windows. For mobile devices, you can use the online services we recommend in the post.

This article is originally published on September 11, 2023, and updated on September 15, 2023


Sylvia enjoys writing and in her spare time, she likes to watch sci-fi movies and novels.

HomeText to Speech 4 Best GLaDOS Text-to-Speech Tools Bring Her to Life

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